Meet Kyle
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Meet Kyle ~


If you've been active in the sport of cycling over the past 25 years, you have heard about Kyle. Whether it's on the race courses of North America or in the fabled "fitting room" in the front of the shop, Kyle is the fit expert nearly 10,000 pros and amateurs have turned to for more than 35 years. His retrofits are legendary - 1 1/2 hour one-on-one sessions where experienced riders report they've learned more about fit, form, and function in one meeting than they learned in their previous 20 years of cycling. Serious riders travel from all over the world for a session with Kyle.


USA #1 fit expert - for more than 35 years


The guys over 6' 4" and the women under 5' 1", plus riders with bad backs and blown out knees make their way to Kyle for his expertise. But, so should you. There is one thing certain in the sport of cycling - Kyle's fit is king!

Once you get a great fit, you will never go back. There's no substitute for a perfect fit by Kyle.

It is safe to say there aren't five people in the U.S. that can provide a great fit. But, Kyle has done over 9,000 of these! As Kyle is fond of saying, "Even if I didn't know a thing about fit at the start, I've sure learned a lot along the way!" But the truth is, Kyle figured out his exclusive fitting system before he started working on real people. Certainly, the system has been refined along the way. In fact, mountain bikes, tri bikes, and hybrids didn't even exist when he first started. But, the precise rules for his legendary fit have not changed from day one when he figured it out. By now, his principles of fit have been tested to the max. Riders from all over the world come to Kyle for a fit for one reason - his fit works, plain and simple.

More comfort, improved muscle development, increased control and security, these are the goals Kyle attains with each and every rider. With a track record like his, who can argue!


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