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Assos Winter Clothing ~


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Intermediate Evo Jersey ~  

Designed as an outer garment for temperatures between 54 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit, Bicycling Magazine called this the most "revolutionary piece of cycling clothing since the Lycra short (which Assos also invented!)." The sides and back are tightly woven ultra-tech breathable mesh while the tops of the arms and shoulders are double layered to keep the chill off. The front is complete airblock. Full zipper front plus zippered rear pocket and rear reflective stripes. Designed to fit tightly, if you like a looser fit then order a size up. 

This will be your all time favorite garment for spring and fall.

"Pulling the Assos Intermediate Jersey around yourself is like swooning in the embrace of a lover. It's almost wrong that a piece of clothing can make you feel this way. Assos, started in 1976 by Toni Maier-Moussa, invented the Lycra cycling short. After dabbling in frames, rings, pedals, and other hardware, the company focused on becoming the Bruno Magli of bikeware. The Intermediate - with its windblock front, high-ventilated mesh back and stretchy shoulders - is the ultimate 'in-between' jersey; it spans a crazy range of ride conditions. When the temperature spikes from 50 - 70 (and back), or when you face a daylong ride that demands excellent ventilation for ascents plus chest protection for chilly descents, sink into the Intermediate."     - Bicycling Magazine, Sept 2002

In stock now:

bulletred in xl
bulletblue in xl and xxl
bulletyellow in med

Qty:             Assos Intermediate Evo jersey           $229.99

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Assos Jackets ~ 

AirJack 851 ~

This is Assos' all-purpose winter jacket. A rich, warm inner Roubaix fleece liner is protected by a layer of Lugano Airblock (an Assos exclusive material) on the full front and and outer arm areas. The Airblock layer decrease heat loss while fully blocking the wind. It is also water repellent. Assos recommends this jacket for 32-46F, but add an extra layer underneath and most riders can take this jacket down to 25 degrees quite nicely. The back is the same primary color as the front, i.e. blue jackets have a blue back, etc.

In stock now:

bulletblue in lg and xl
bulletgray in xl

Bud S. from Pa, "I had on a long sleeve base layer, long sleeve jersey, and the Airblock jacket today and it was great. 28 degrees at the start, 35 at the finish and I was a bit warm at the end. It's a great jacket. I don't think you'd need the Fuga jacket unless you were in the teens or had some serious windchill."

Qty:         Assos AirJack 851 jacket                                $309.99

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FugaJack ~   

This is the finest cold weather cycling jacket ever made, bar none! In testing for 3 years, the Fuga is anatomically tailored of exclusive Assos AirBlock 851 fabric. The Fuga meets Assos' toughest standards for minimal volume, maximum insulation, auto-regulating body temperature, and total freedom of movement. The special AEPD neck collar is the most comfortable ever while also providing complete wind protection. Made for the most discriminating cyclist.

In stock now: blue in lg and xl

Qty:         Assos FugaJack winter jacket                    $579.99

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 Element Zero Vest ~

This is one of our top selling garments. Made of Assos AirBlock 799 on front with newly developed X-Zero water repellent active breathable sides and back. Anatomically designed for perfect fit on the bike, it includes a full ventilation system, high collar protection, zippered safety pocket, easy-entry front zipper system, and elastic armpit contours. Also includes a flip up or down butt protector (pictured on far right). Wear this under a Roubaix jacket or a jersey to add 15 degrees more warmth. For all outdoor activities, you will love this great garment. (Modeled with a Powerstatic SL undershirt, not included)

In stock now:

bulletmedium in yellow
bulletlg and XL in blue
bulletXL and XXL in black

Qty:              Assos Element Zero vest                  $219.99

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Assos Commander Thermal Body Suit ~  

 Great for any outdoor sport activity!

The ultimate winter wear for cold weather. The Commander is a one-piece body suit of Teflon-coated thermal insulating compound fabric. For complete wind protection, an Assos "Airblock" membrane is the used as the middle layer. The suit is lightweight and elastic for great fit and comfort. Color is black. SRP $699.99

bulletWater repellent Teflon coating on outer layer
bullet2mm Thermal insulation layer next to skin
bullet1mm Airblock membrane in middle layer
bullet1.5mm heavier Airblock on chest area
bulletRoubaix reinforced knee area
bulletanatomic cut fits naturally when upper body bends forward into riding position
bulletcovered front zipper
bullet6 1/2" x 1" reflective stripe in center of the two rear pockets for added safety
bulletLycra foot stirrups hold the fit
bulletventilated spandex hood

Tip: Wear Assos Powerstatic undershirt and bib shorts underneath. When the temperature drops to extremes add Roubaix tights and Roubaix jacket underneath. Most of our riders find this combination warm to subzero Fahrenheit and below!

Still available: xlg (5' 11.5" to 6' 1.5") and tir (6'2" to 6'5")  - fuller body builds should go up 1 size

Qty:           Assos Commander Thermal Body Suit               SALE $549.99!

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Assos Tights ~ 

TightsRoubaix.jpg (18148 bytes) Roubaix RX.LL ~

Made from an Assos exclusive fleecy microfiber, the inner layer retains and distributes body heat while the outer layer absorbs perspiration and resists wind chill. High elasticity with built-in suspenders allows for a tight contoured fit that will stay in place but not restrict movement. We have found these tights work well from about 55 degrees down to about 28F.

In stock now: med, lg, and xl

Qty: Assos Roubaix RX winter tights                $209.99

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FI-13 Knickers with chamois ~

The FI-13 knicker is one of Assos' finest pieces ever. It combines the soft, plush warmth of the Assos Roubaix tight with the world's finest chamois, the FI-13. The chamois is the thicker 1-layer "Mille" version for extra comfort on longer rides. The legs are cut just below the knee for extra freedom of movement. The bib top keeps everything in place. This is a wonderful garment for 40-65 degree days. Color is black.

Still available: med

Qty:         Assos knicker with FI-13 chamois        $219.99

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Assos Winter Accessories ~ 

Powerstatic Plus Long Sleeve Undershirt ~

The newest cold weather underwear from Assos. Extremely soft and absorbent wicking material interwoven with metallic thread. The micro fiber is thinner than silk for maximum transport of perspiration while retaining all body heat. The metallic thread is proven to dramatically cut body odor as well as keep your body energized and more alert.

Always wear as the first layer against your skin, underneath jersey or jacket. Ideal for all outdoor activities, not just cycling. Wear it skiing and to all outdoor sporting events. 

In stock now: white in small and black in medium

Qty:         Assos Powerstatic Plus LS undershirt                    $169.99

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Powerstatic SL Long Sleeve Undershirt ~

Thinner, lighter version of the Powerstatic Plus undershirt. This is a complete new generation of baselayer protection. The Powerstatic actually reduces fatigue by enhancing blood circulation. The Powerstatic insulators feature exceptional wicking properties and are designed to keep your upper body warm, stable, and dry.

bulletflat lock stitching so it's smooth next to the skin
bulletAEPD aero cut so it fits right when you bend forward
bulletfine-weave micronet sidepanels and underarms for maximum ventilation
bulletextremely smooth fabric on the skin

Color is black with gray trim.

In stock now: sm and xl

Qty:        Assos Powerstatic SL undershirt                           $119.99

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Roubaix Arm Warmers, Leg Warmers, and Knee Warmers ~

Made of the same rich and breathable fluffy Roubaix as theirArmWarmer.jpg (15898 bytes) jackets and tights, these three essential accessories allow you to vary your wardrobe as weather conditions change. Though Assos invented these three pieces, lots of other companies now make them. But none make them nearly as nice as Assos! 

Arm Warmers ~

Qty:            Assos Roubaix arm warmers        $54.99

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Knee Warmers ~

Qty:         Assos knee warmers                                     $69.99

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Leg Warmers ~

Qty:           Assos leg warmers                                  $84.99

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Robocap Helmet Liner ~

Fits between helmet and head and covers ears too. Extremely soft and absorbent wicking material interwoven with metallic thread. The micro fiber is thinner than silk for maximum transport of perspiration while retaining all body heat. The metallic thread is proven to dramatically cut body odor as well as keep your body energized and more alert. "This will be one of your favorite cold weather items!" One size fits all. 

In stock: black, red, and gray!

Qty:            Assos Robocap                           $52.99

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StingerHats.jpg (23704 bytes)  Stinger Roubaix Hats ~

Since their introduction 4 years ago, these have been a very big seller. A toasty warm Roubaix cap with double layer ear covering that fits under your helmet. If you need extra room for the fit, remove your foam helmet pads. One size fits all.  All colors in stock now!

Qty:         Assos Stinger winter hat                    $49.99

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