BiKyle Bags
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BiKyle Custom Bags ~

Our riders travel a lot of miles with their cycling gear. In response to their needs, we've designed a series of very high quality bags to meet all their needs.


Extreme Sport Duffel ~

Very well made large duffel bag with plenty of extra pockets to keep you organized. Available in blue.gray, green.gray, and royal blue.gray.

Qty: BiKyle Extreme Sport Duffel bag                    $69.99

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Ultimate Messenger Bag ~

Our Philly couriers have been using this exact bag and lovin' it! Heavy duty twill construction with interior space for a laptop and plenty of accessories. Snap flap with shoulder strap. Color is black.

Qty: BiKyle Ultimate Messenger bag                                 $79.99

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Deluxe Eco Tote ~

This is the perfect race companion. Fits helmet and shoes! Plus, plenty of extra pockets for small items. Zippered top keeps everything in place. Available in black, burgundy, and olive green.

Qty: BiKyle Deluxe Eco tote bag                         $34.99

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Medium Tote ~

Great for stuff! Throw in your towel, books, shoes, whatever you want to keep in 1 convenient space. Outside pocket is perfect for a water bottle. Available in black, royal blue, and red.

Qty: BiKyle Medium tote bag                                 $29.99

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Deluxe Attaché ~

A deluxe attaché case of heavy duty twill. Includes lots of inner pockets and pen slots. Leather capped hand grips and shoulder strap also included. Color is black.

Qty:   BiKyle Deluxe Attaché bag                                     $39.99

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