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Water Bottles


Water Bottle Cages ~ 



MOst Wing Carbon ~

Made of 100% 1K carbon fiber and weighing just 25 grams. Suitable for all standard (74mm) water bottles. Color is matte carbon black with Most logo in gloss black .... $69.99



Elite Carbon-Ti ~    Just 28 grams!

This new addition is one of the finest cages we've ever used. Feather-light at just 28 grams yet maintains an extremely secure grip even over rough roads. The cage is made of carbon fiber, but the front loop is titanium to flex and grip in against the bottle. Bottle insertion is marked by a notable pop so you know you are secure. Color is natural carbon with white accent. Includes mounting bolts and washers ....  $109.99    Add to CART


Elite Race ~ 

New water bottle cage from Elite is made of fiberglass with a reinforced nylon shell. Patented adjustable elastomer on the tip of the cage expands and contracts according to the diameter of the bottle to assure a very solid grip regardless of water bottle used. Weight is 40 grams. Available in white with black accents, white with red accents, and white with Italian Tri-color (red and green accents) .... $21.99    Add to CART

Click here for Elite Race cages in Custom Bianchi Colors


Zipp SL Speed Carbon Cage  ~

18 grams

The SL Speed carbon bottle cage features an all-new ultra-light design engineered for flexibility and strength. Optimized for both side and direct bottle entry, the SL Speed cage provides easy access even on smaller frames and those with tight angles. Thin, but strong, arms flex for easy bottle insertion and removal at any angle for worry free hydration when speed matters. Color is gloss black .... $69.99   


Material: Unidirectional carbon fiber


Weight: 18g without bolts


Finish Gloss black


Price: MSRP $75.49


Look Carbon cage ~   In stock now in both black and white!

24 grams

In our testing, this cage is one of the best at holding bottles securely. And, it looks great! Available in black or white. Includes 2 stainless mounting bolts .... $69.99    Add to CART


Torelli Carbon cage ~    19 grams         Back in stock now!

Once again, Torelli gets it way right - a superior product at an exceptional price. Not only does this cage look great, it's incredibly light at just 19 grams! And, it works better too. That's because Torelli designed an excellent rubber retaining tab at the top of the cage that grips the bottle solidly and prevents rattles. "If you want an excellent upgrade for your bike that doesn't break the bank, this is it!" ..... $48.99    Add to CART



Campagnolo Record ~        Yes, in stock now!

18 grams

Incredibly light? Oh yeah! Extravagant? Yes, at least a little! The best bottle cage on the market? Without question!

The Campagnolo Record bottle cage is a carbon fiber monocoque weighing just 18 grams. It's a masterful use of the very latest in composite construction. The brilliant bottle-retention system holds bottles like a lock over the roughest roads yet allows for easy extraction when you need it. The carbon "push spring" holds the bottle in its ideal position. Each cage comes with a classy Campy bottle. All other standard bottles fit just as well. The Record cage is a true work-of-art waiting for its home on the world's finest bikes .... $209.99    Add to CART


Campagnolo Super Record ~         Yes, in stock now!

20 grams

Carbon composite with a patented offset of a few degrees between the support axis and the collar means that when the bottle is inserted the carbon collar acts as a thrust spring that holds the bottle in secure position. Fits all standard sized cycling bottles. Includes carbon cage and Campagnolo logo water bottle .... $99.99

The revolutionary carbon top of the Record cage combined with a more traditional alloy base. Same patented carbon "push spring" as the Record for the most secure grip on the market. Includes the stylin' Campy water bottle yet fits all other standard bottles too .... $99.99




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