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Campagnolo Wheels Are all UCI APPROVED ~

In 2002, the International Cycling Union (UCI) introduced new regulations governing non-standard wheels with the interest of increasing safety in cycling events. Campagnolo sent all its non-standard wheels to UCIís laboratories for testing. All the wheels passed the test with flying colors. Therefore, all Campagnolo wheels may be used in all competitive cycling events.

Note on cassette bodies: all Campagnolo wheelsets come standard with a cassette body to fit Campagnolo 9, 10, and 11 speed cassettes. All include genuine Campagnolo wheel skewers. On special order, a Shimano compatible cassette body is also available (usually ships in about 5 business days)


1. Campagnolo Low Profile Wheels

Campagnolo's low profile wheels have been designed for climbs and long distance rides. The special profile of the rims makes them laterally and torsionally stiff but also vertically elastic. that means they optimize the transmission of rider power while being able to absorb the jolts and bumps of badly surfaced roads. The whole range of low profile wheels has an asymmetrical rear rim that helps improve wheel dish and make the wheels much sturdier.


2. Campagnolo Medium Profile Wheels

Campagnolo's medium profile wheels are multipurpose wheels. As light and responsive as low profile wheels and as aerodynamically fast as high profile (deep-dish) wheels, they are immediately recognizable by the unmistakable "G3" spoking pattern that sets them apart. G3 spoking was created to provide better transmission of driving torque, better lateral stiffness and more balanced spoke tension. Tests conducted at Campagnolo's laboratories have shown that compared with competitor's wheels, the G3 system provides 46% more torsion strength and 34% more resistance to to flection. The results can clearly be felt from the very first pedal stroke!


3. Campagnolo Deep Profile wheels

Campagnolo's deep profile wheels are designed for maximum aerodynamic advantage.