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To download CicloMaster instruction manuals in all languages click here:

Ciclosport Instruction manuals


Mount and Cadence Kit for Hac 4 ~    In good stock now!

The original mounts for the standard Hac 4 computers did not include a plug-in to attach a cadence sensor. These replacement mounts include the plug-in in addition to the cadence pickup. Kit includes handlebar bracket with battery, cadence wire, crank magnet, attaching bands, and zip ties.  

bulletCiclo number for Hac 4 kit = #505-000-120

You can take the cadence wire off when you don't need it.

Qty: Ciclo mount and cadence kit for Hac-4         $49.99

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Wheel Magnet ~  In good stock now!

A universal wheel magnet that works with all Ciclo computers and virtually all makes as well.

Qty:        CicloMaster wheel magnet                             $6.99

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Pedal Magnet ~   In good stock now!

A spare or replacement magnet to be used with a cadence kit. This is a universal cadence magnet that will work with virtually all computers regardless of manufacturer. Though called a "pedal magnet", it actually straps to the left side of the crank arm, not the pedal.

Qty:       CicloMaster pedal magnet                               $8.99

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