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Cycling Clothing ~

Over the past 29 years we've probably sold more quality cycling clothing than any other shop in the United States. During that time, we have learned a few things about good clothes. Our selections represent the finest quality, the best fit, the most comfort. 

Treat yourself to quality cycling clothes. You'll never ride in less again.


Why Lycra? Newer cyclists often want to know if they have to wear Lycra while cycling. There are more casual alternatives, but Lycra is the cycling material of choice for many good reasons: 

bulletLycra fits better and stays in place much better than any other material
bulletLycra shorts bolster your thigh muscles against shock waves and actually decrease vibration fatigue
bulletLycra increases blood flow so you flush out lactic acid and other muscle waste more quickly
bulletLycra puts pressure on your skin, muscles, and joints so your mind is more aware of your body's movements. Therefore, you maintain better form, and according to exercise physiologists, are actually more efficient


Sport Wash ~

In addition to looking and smelling better, your sports clothing will last longer with Sport Wash



Shoes ~

Sidi, DMT, Carnac, Vittoria, Mavic

Cycles BiKyle features one of the largest selections of shoes in the country. Plus, we have the tools and expertise to fit your feet.

  1.     Billings foot sizer   
  2.     Aline custom foot beds (20 minutes to perfection)
  3.     Pederson self-molding insoles
  4.     NECA and Danish Industry cleat adjusters for all road and mountain pedals, Look pedals
  5.     Pronation adjusters to accurately adjust for foot angles
  6.     A knowledgeable staff that has fit over 5,000 cycling shoes!


Helmets ~

We stock the finest helmets from Bell and Giro

Check out our related sub pages for much more information.