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Get a BiKyle Fit!


An exclusive service provided with every frame or bicycle purchased from Cycles BiKyle! *


-> Nearly 30 years custom fitting experience for top pros and dedicated amateurs around the world

-> Over 9,000 custom fits already on the road!

->10 years experience as Director of Professional Cycling Teams


If you would like Kyle to personally calculate your frame sizing, saddle positioning, stem and bar sizing, and crank length to maximize your riding development, comfort, and pleasure, carefully fill out and submit our custom forms along with your order for a frame or bike. After calculating your optimum positioning, Kyle will promptly contact you with his frame recommendations. Please allow 48 hours for his response.  

To submit complete body measurements click here: Measure Yourself

To help you select the right kind of frame or bike click here: Describe Yourself


*A non-refundable, non-transferable $300 fitting fee is charged at time of frame or bike fitting session. This fee is completely applied to the bike or frame purchase as long as the transaction is completed within six months of the fitting. Kyle uses his exclusive, proprietary fitting system developed after more than 30 years of experience and nearly 10,000 custom fits.

As you may know, each frame or bicycle maker measures their frames and posts their geometries in their own individual manner. There is no standard on this. Therefore, as you have likely noticed, it's nearly impossible to compare one set of frame dimensions to another. To make accurate comparisons, each frame and bike that enters Cycles BiKyle is individually measured in Kyle's single system. This allows Kyle to accurately match a rider's physique to power transfer and steering center on each frame, the only true measures of an accurate fit.

Currently, Kyle has the measurements for more than 1,500 frames in his system. Note, these numbers only apply in Kyle's system. They do not translate to other fitting systems or refer to catalog specs and Kyle does not use, refer, or translate to those numbers. However, at time of pickup, Kyle's staff will be happy to measure, in your presence, any frame dimension you would like. Also, Kyle's fits are secured in our database so we can easily duplicate your fit if your positions are moved.

For future fits a new $300 deposit is required. However, as your numbers are already in our computer, we can do the new fits via email, telephone, or personal visit - your preference.


Sorry,  Kyle's fitting service is not available for closeout or discontinued frames or bikes. These bikes and frames are sold "as is".