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Giordana Framesets ~


Exceptional values in classic Italian lugged steel frames 

These are the exact same frames our professional team, the Scott-BiKyle Flyers rode for three consecutive years. Light, lively, and dependable, our riders couldn't praise them enough. The geometries are classic Italian stage racing - more comfortable and stable than most. Yet, fast enough to win over 60 criterium races for our pro squad alone! 

Though made in Italy, Giordana frames utilize Excell steel alloys from France. Used by many pro riders, Excell steels were originally developed for the aerospace industry. Excell uses special alloys that are heat treated and worked mechanically for the highest tensile strengths available. Two types of alloys are used by Giordana: nickel/chromium in the Superleggero and the main frame of the Eco plus a special chrome molybdenum blend for the Strada as well as the rear triangle of the Eco. 

Colors: There are a few single color Giordanas. All the rest are painted in the "backgammon" scheme as pictured below. The available colors are listed for each frame: raspberry red with silver, cobalt blue with white, dark green metallic with silver, Canary yellow with white, fire engine red with yellow, turquoise green with white, or fire engine red with gold.

For frame geometries click here: Giordana's Geometry



 Superleggero ~ 

 Includes Torelli Aspect carbon fork

Silver brazed Excell Podium tubeset - the perfected ride of steel, the 3.6 lb. weight of titanium. Meticulously handbrazed with investment cast lugs and threaded bottom bracket shell plus fully forged dropouts. Team issue for the Scott-BiKyle Flyers pro team. A 1" threadless Torelli Aspect carbon fork is included; sorry, the traditional steel fork is no longer available.    SRP $1299.99   $1149.99  Add to CART  

Still available:

bulletRed.yellow in 56cm and 58cm with 60cm top tube
bulletTurquoise.white in 56cm



 Eco ~ 

 Includes Torelli Aspect carbon fork !

Lighter and stronger than Columbus TSX, 4.1 lbs. Meticulously handbrazed with investment cast lugs, and bottom bracket shell plus fully forged dropouts. Cobalt blue with white or raspberry with silver. Team issue frame for the professional Duckhead squad. A 1" threadless Torelli Aspect carbon fork is included; sorry, the traditional steel fork, as pictured with the red frame, is no longer available.

Ken B. from Az, 10/03: "I have an older Eco coated candy-apple red into which I had S & S couplers installed and it's outfitted with a vintage Dura Ace 7-speed group and those cool Mavic cranks. Of all the bikes that I have ridden it's my favorite -- by far. I like the idea that they have not changed the design in many years. Why should they? It's perfect, I think. Look for me in the Tour de Tucson.

Still available: 55, 56, and 59cm in raspberry.silver  (measured center to center) .... $849.99    Add to CART



GiordanaStrada.jpg (38538 bytes) Strada ~ 

Seamless Excell Cromax cromoly steel with investment cast lugs, bottom bracket, and crown, fully forged dropouts. Frame weight is 4.5 lbs. Raspberry/white or green/silver. This is an excellent sport touring frame as well as a dependable racing frame. Two of our BiKyle staff members ride this very frame. Includes matching cromoly fork, 1" threaded. SRP $899.99   $699.99    Add to CART

Still available: 56cm in green.silver and 57cm in all silver



Giordana Frame Geometries ~

Seat tube (cc) Top tube Seat angle Head angle
51 53.3 73.4 73
53 54.3 73.0 73.3
54 54.8 73.2 73.3
55 55.5 73.0 73.3
56 56.0 72.5 73.3
57 56.8 72.4 73.3
58 57.3 72.3 73.3
59 57.8 72.1 73.0
60 58.3 72.0 73.0


Giordana frame SPECS:

Seatpost sizing = 27.2


Bottom bracket threading = Italian


Headset sizing = 1" threadless


Front derailleur mount = braze-on


Rear wheel spacing = 130mm


Front wheel spacing = 100mm