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Garmin Edge

GPS Computers




Garmin 1030 ~

Extra-large 3.5" full color screen with car-like GPS mapping plus complete performance monitoring. Longest battery life. More sensitive touch screen that works even in rain and with gloves .... $599.99-$699.99





Garmin 820 ~

Provides car-like full color GPS mapping on 2.3" medium sized screen plus complete performance monitoring, the Edge 820 is ideal for touring, commuting, competitive cycling, and mountain biking. Includes bike mount, AC charger, USB cable, and Quick start manual .... $349.99-$449.99 





Garmin 520 Plus ~ 

New for 2018 - same 2.3" medium size screen as the 820, but minus the touch screen control. Features advanced navigation with fully loaded Garmin Cycle Map, turn-by-turn instructions, and new turn alerts .... $279.99-$379.99





Garmin 130 ~

New for 2018 - sleek 1.8" screen with push button controls. Navigation features include turn prompts and breadcrum mpa that shows where ou've ridden, where to ride next, and how to get home. lan out a ride by providing starting location, ending spot, and desired mileage. You will then be provided with various route options. Make your selection and the 520 will give you turn-by-turn trip instructions. And you can view a "bread crumb" screen of your route to gauge where you are .... $199.99-$249.99




New for 2018 - Garmin RTL-510 Safety Radar



Garmin Edge 510 ~

With touch screen control!

During your ride, the Edge 510 measures speed, distance, time, calories burned, altitude, plus climb and descent, and records all of this data for your review. For extra-precise climb and descent data, the Edge 510 also incorporates a barometric altimeter to pinpoint changes in elevation.

Power readings: the Edge 510 also works with all 3rd party ANT+ enabled power meters to display power output in watts as you ride. This valuable data shows you how hard you're working, regardless of conditions affecting your ride, so you can train smarter.

The Course feature allows you to precisely compare successive rides over the same route. Includes Auto Pause, Auto Lap, and temperature readings. The Edge 510 even alerts you if you’re moving but the timer is not running.

Once your ride is completed, connect the Edge 510 to your computer with the included USB cable to analyze your performance. With a simple click, you can join a worldwide network of cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts through Garmin Connect™, a one-stop site for data analysis and sharing.

Step-ups from Edge 200: In addition to touch screen rather then push-button control, the Edge 510 reads all ANT+ power meters, includes altimeter, allows for optional heart rate and cadence monitors, creates custom goal oriented workout, displays calorie consumption, allows customization of menu screen.

Color is black .... $349.99  



Garmin GSC-10 wireless cadence and speed sensor~

Works with all Edge computers. Zip ties to chainstay and sends wireless signal of leg speed to head unit. Includes sensor unit, 2 magnets, and zip-ties. Also measures rear wheel speed for use on an indoor trainer!   .... $69.99    Add to CART


Garmin Edge Mount Kit -

Fits all Edge heads that slide from the side . Includes mount, bar contour pad, 2 zip ties, and friction pad. Each Garmin Edge computer comes with one of these mount kits. This is all you will need to mount your Garmin Edge on a second bike .... $21.99    Add to CART