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Look Pedals

In the 2018 Tour de France more riders are using Look pedals than all other brands combined!

Every year the competition gets tougher. Nonetheless, we continue to sell more Look pedals than all other brands combined. That's because, in addition to very easy entry and exit,  Look pedals are solid, secure, and dependable. They never hang-up, never cause problems. Look pedals simply work correctly, ride after ride after ride. Check out all the latest models below.

All Look pedalsets come in pairs and include Keo cleats and mounting hardware.



Look Dual Power Pedals ~     In stock now!

Ko Power is the go-to pedalset for advanced cyclists and triathletes that want to analyze their performance with the intention of daily improvement. Look's Dual Power pedals measure power, force, and cadence. Power is an essential piece of information to a cyclist because independent of the environmental conditions and level of fatigue, power provides an unbiased measurement of fitness level and training intensity. Includes pedals, sensor, cleats, and mounting hardware ....  $899.99 .... Add to CART



Look Pro Power Pedals ~   In stock now!

Designed in conjunction with the computer experts at Polar, Look Power pedals revolutionize power training. The pedal bodies are customized Keo Max with spindle inserts that pick up power deflection at 6 separate points in each stroke. A power sensor is zip-tied to each crank arm so each leg is tracked separately! Compatible with various Polar computer heads, the power readings have an expected accuracy rating of +- 1/2 watt. And, the pair of sensors add just 140 grams (1/4 lb) to the weight of the bike. Includes pedalset, cleats, sensors AND Polar CS600x computer head .... $2499.99    Special $1899.99     Add to CART  


Polar CS600x computer ~

Full featured computer for dedicated cyclists who want to take their training to the highest level. Monitors speed, trip miles, and total miles plus interval timing, 99 ride summaries, USB data transfer, altitude and barometer readings, current and average cadence plus heart rate with zone monitoring, calorie counter, low battery warning, backlit watch with training reminders. Advanced power reader monitors instantaneous wattage and displays right/left leg imbalances. The CS600x is water resistant and the battery is user-replaceable. Fully compatible with Polar's free online Personal Training Program to precisely guide you towards your training goals. SRP $379.95. Polar G5 GPS add-on is available separately.


Look Keo Blades ~

We consider the Look Blade the finest road pedal available. With its feather-light rotating weight, you'll notice increased efficiency with every pedal stroke. Added bonuses, the light weight and extra wide platform make this the easiest pedal to clip into. And the carbon spring allows for smooth, consistent dismounting even in cold weather. The Blades are a joy to use.


Look Blade 2 ~         

Carbon spring has been widened and moved from side of pedal to center. Weight has been dropped 10 grams. And, contact area is 6mm wider than before. New axle design with 2 ball bearings and 1 needle bearing per pedal provides lower stack height. Available with your choice of titanium or cromoly axle. Spring pressure is 12Nm for safe, easy release. 

Blade 2 with titanium axle, 180 grams per pair .... $389.99 pair    Add to CART

Blade 2 with cromoly axle, 220 grams per pair .... $299.99  $249.99 pair    Add to CART


Keo Max 2 Blade ~  

236 grams per pair including cleats and hardware

The Keo Max 2 features a composite body mated to a composite resin spring. 6cm wide cleat platform for added support and improved power transfer. Features cromoly axle with 2 sets of ball bearings plus a needle bearing. Available with standard force spring (12Nm) as well as soft-action (8Nm). Includes cleats and mounting hardware. Color is black .... $189.99


Keo Max 2 ~   

Increased efficiency and comfort due to its very large INOX stainless steel contact surface area (12% wider than a standard Keo). Features a composite body with 2 roller and 1 cartridge bearing surrounded by dual seals on an oversized steel axle. 260 grams per pair. Installs with 6mm hex wrench. Cleats and mounting hardware included. Color is black .... $149.99   $119.99    Add to CART



NEW - Keo Classic 3 ~     220 grams per pair

The Keo Classic 3 uses the same platform shaping and lowered cleat of the Keo Max 2. The injection molded dual-density polyamide composite body is not quite as light or durable as the Max, but performance is surprisingly close. Includes cromoly axle with sealed bearing and needle bearing. Spring tension is adjustable from 9 to 15 Nm. Installs with 6mm hex wrench. Color is black ..... $89.99  $79.99 pair  Add to CART




All Look pedalsets come in pairs and include Keo cleats plus all mounting hardware. Each pair of cleats weighs 48 grams including hardware. For full system weights add 48 grams to pedal weights above. For replacements or extra sets for additional shoes click below:


bulletred cleats = 9 degrees of float
bulletgray cleats = 4.5 degrees of float
bulletblack cleats = 0 degrees of float

Look Cleats and Covers