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Lubricants and Cleaners ~




Frame Saver -

Internal rust protection for steel bicycle frames

Rust eats away and weakens every unprotected steel surface. The outside of your frame is protected by paint. But the inside needs Frame Saver. This is especially true now that steel tubing is thinner than ever. Frame Saver is a spray-on coating with rust-inhibiting agents specially designed to preserve the inside of high quality steel bicycle tubing. Comes in a 4.75 ounce spray can that does not contribute to ozone depletion. In our BiKyle testing, 1 can typically coats 3 frames. All cromoly steel framesets from Cycles BiKyle are internally treated before they leave our shop. We recommend you remove fork, bottom bracket, and seatpost then retreat the insides of your valuable frame every 3 years under normal use, and every 2 years for frames heavily exposed to salt from perspiration or the ocean …. $13.99


Cleaners ~

Finish Line Bike Wash ~

Just spray it on then rinse off on the dirt and grime. Leaves a protective finish that helps repel further dirt build up. 1 liter spray bottle.

Qty:     Finish Line Bike Wash, 1 liter                 $11.99

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Finish Line Citrus Degreaser ~

100% biodegradable and nontoxic degreaser that cuts through the toughest carbonized grit, grease, and grime. Low surface tension for thorough penetration into all areas. Made of soy based extract. Potent enough to dilute with water for less difficult cleaning jobs. 12 ounce spray can .... $10.99



Orontas Cleaner ~

Orontas Cleaner is designed to get you out on your bike quickly and safely – without wasteful aerosols, harmful chemicals, high-volume soapy fluids, or complicated chain-washing-machine-thingies. Simply spray and wipe to remove grime, dirt, and oil from the chain. Highly efficient, there are 1000+ sprays in each 8 ounce bottle – over a year's supply if you clean your chain weekly. Orontas Cleaner is non-toxic, biodegradable and petroleum free. Made In Canada .... $11.99


Park Cyclone CM-5 Chain Scrubber ~

BiKyle recommended tool for deep scrubbing even the grungiest of chains. Leave chain attached to bike, slide tool around chain, rotate pedals to pull chain through the brushes. Includes extra large reservoir for Park Citrus Brite 2 cleaning solvent (see below) plus a grade 5 magnet to draw out metal particles. Use an old rag to wipe chain dry after cleaning .... $25.99    Add to CART


Tacx Cleaning Brush ~

Specially designed to get into the tough nooks and grannies and especially great for scrubbing chains, cogs, chainrings, and derailleurs. Stiff, long lasting bristles are mounted on a rubber coated handle for comfort .... $7.99    Add to CART


Park GSC-1c Cleaning brush ~    Now fits 11-speed cassettes!

Specially designed to get into the tough nooks and grannies and especially great for scrubbing chains, cogs, chainrings, and derailleurs. Stiff, long lasting bristles are mounted on a plastic handle for secure grip .... $5.99    Add to CART



Finish Line Grunge Brush ~

Very useful tool that should be in everyone's tool kit. One end wraps around the chain to easily get into all the nooks and grannies. The other end is an all-purpose brush that works especially well on cassette cogs, chainrings, and derailleurs .... $12.99    Add to CART


Finish Line Ropes ~

20 Microfiber ropes to clean all the difficult areas such as chainrings, cogs, derailleurs. Each rope is 20" long, washable and reusable. Made of Microfiber to capture and remove dirt, grime and grease by trapping particles inside its star shaped grooves. Like an extra wide shoelace, but much more effective .... $7.99    Add to CART


Park Citrus Chain Brite 2 ~

Safe and effective grease-cutting cleaning fluid specifically designed for bicycle chains. Citrus based so it's ecologically sound as well as powerful, 16 ounces .... $11.99    Add to CART


Pedros Bike Lust ~

We think it is more fun to ride a clean and shiny bike than a dirty one. After cleaning your bike, spray on Bike Lust to shine and leave a protective coating. For light cleaning, spray Bike Lust on a clean cloth and simply wipe your bike down for a nearly-new finish.

Qty:    Pedros Bike Lust polish, 12 oz                     $9.99

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Road Lubricants ~


Finish Line Ceramic Wet ~

Ceramic particles provide increased durability in wet conditions. 4 ounce squeeze bottle .... $10.99


Finish Line Teflon Plus ~

Long one of our favorites, Teflon-Plus uses synthetic oils that set up fast and dry cleanly while leaving extra-smooth Teflon particles in the lube suspension. 4 ounce squeeze bottle.

Qty:     Finish Line Teflon-Plus lube, 4 oz                 $8.99

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ProLink Pro Gold ~

Pro Gold is one of our best selling lubes. It sheds dirt, mud, and other abrasives while reducing the tacky buildup that attracts the nasties. In stock in 4oz squeeze bottle and 12 ounce aerosol.

Qty:     Pro Gold PTFE lube                   $8.99

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Pedros GO! ~  

1st choice of our BiKyle mechanics for all-purpose road use, GO! is a biodegradable, low viscosity lube based on canola. Designed for clean, dry conditions, GO! is clean, durable and waterproof. 4oz squeeze bottle ..... $9.99    Add to CART


Mountain Bike Lubricants ~


Finish Line Ceramic Wet ~

Ceramic particles provide increased durability in wet conditions. 4 ounce squeeze bottle .... $10.99



Finish Line Cross Country ~

Cross Country is thicker than road lube so it holds on extra-well in wet and muddy conditions.

Qty:   Finish Line Cross Country lube, 4 oz                $7.99

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Pedros ChainJ ~

ChainJ is a fast-setting and long lasting lube particularly well suited for moderate and wet riding conditions. Made from renewable natural resources, ChainJ is an environmentally safe. 4oz squeeze bottle ..... $8.99    Add to CART


Wax Multi Lubricants ~

Equally fine for road and mountain bike applications, wax lubricants clean as well as lubricate. The wax elements stick to the chain then break off during riding so mud and other contaminants are left on the trail.

Finish Line KryTech ~

KryTech is an extra-dry wax lubricant that includes Dupont Krytox additive for the extra-slipperies.

Qty:     Finish Line KryTech lube, 4 oz            $7.99

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Grease ~

NEW! Finish Line Ceramic ~

Finish Line's Ceramic Grease represents Finish Line's most advanced bearing lubrication technology. Formulated with sub-micron ceramic particles, Teflon® fluoropolymer and premium non-toxic synthetic oils. Guaranteed to optimize the performance and efficiency of bottom brackets, hubs and headset bearings. As bearings become coated with Teflon and ceramic particles, friction and heat is dissipated. Bearings last longer and run quieter and smoother. Prevents rusting even when exposed to salt water! Excellent on stems & posts as well as cables and threaded assemblies. 2 ounce tube.

Qty: Finish Line ceramic grease, 2 oz                 $8.99

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Finish Line Extreme Fluoro ~ Finest lube for ceramic bearings as well as S&S couplers

Newly developed by the experts at Finish Line, Extreme Fluoro grease is made with 100% pure DuPont fluorinated ingredients. Recommended for precision parts and especially bearings (including ceramic). Perfect for those seeking a significant drop in friction and maximum protection against extreme pressures and/or extreme rotational heat. Also works great on cable wires, derailleur pivots, stanchions, gaskets, pedal springs and as a 'clean' alternative to conventional anti-seize compounds. Extreme Fluoro often provides 'lubricated for life' protection!

Qty: Finish Line Extreme Flouro grease, 20 gr                     $14.99

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Finish Line Teflon White ~

There are a number of fine greases on the market. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheesy ones too - greases that break down quickly and leave you unprotected against premature wear. Finish Line Teflon White is one of the really good ones. For use on all bearing surfaces as well as aluminum to aluminum, aluminum to steel, and steel to steel contacts.

Qty:   Finish Line Teflon grease, 3.5 oz                              $8.99

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