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Mavic Road Wheels ~

Without question, Mavic makes some of the finest, most durable and dependable wheelsets on the market. Our riders have nothing but rave reviews for all of these outstanding models. Whether you're a road racer, triathlete, time trialist, or serious recreational rider you can't go wrong with Mavic wheels.


Deep Aero ~

Cosmic Carbone Ultimate ~   1185 grams per pair!

Mavic's professional set of carbon-aero wheels. 40mm deep aero 12K Monobloc 100% woven full-carbon rims with no holes! Unidirectional 100% carbon spokes are directly molded onto the rim for the "ultimate" in strength and efficiency. Front hub is full carbon with aluminum axles and rear is aluminum alloy with titanium axle. Includes Mavic Ultra quick release skewers. Available for tubular (glue-on) tires only and top handmade Yksion tires are included .... $3599.99 pair    Add to CART



Cosmic CXR 80 and CXR 60 ~    

Wind tunnel proven to save up to 1.25 seconds per kilometer over competitors' similar wheels

Woven 3K deep carbon rims for extra low drag. The 27mm wide rim available in depths of 80 and 60mm. Includes straight pull double butted CX01 bladed stainless steel spokes (16 front, 20 rear), carbon hub shells with aluminum flanges and aluminum axles, sealed QRM+ cartridge bearings. Features carbon braking surface on the tubular versions. Clincher version is topped with Maxtal aluminum alloy rims wrapped with a very durable all-weather Exalith 2 braking surface. Includes Mavic Ultra quick release skewers, rim tape, wheel bags, and 2 pair of rim-specific brake pads.

bullet80mm tubular only = 1630 grams per pair. Includes 210 tpi Yksion tubular glue-on tires .... $2899.99 pair
bullet60mm tubular = 1645 grams grams per pair. Includes 210 tpi Yksion tubular glue-on tires .... $2749.99 pair
bullet60mm clincher = 1825 grams per pair. Includes 127 tpi Yksion clincher tires .... $2749.99 pair


Cosmic Carbone SLE ~         1620 grams per pair

Directly inspired by the Carbone Ultimate wheelset, the Carbone SLE wheels are a superb choice for a lightweight carbon-aero wheelset. Features 52mm deep Maxtal alloy outer rims with Exalith treatment and straight pull double butted elliptical spokes, extralight alloy hubs with sealed cartridge bearings, 16h front and 20h rear. Includes Grip Link/Power Link clincher tire set. Color is black with white decals  .... $1999.99 pair    Add to CART



Cosmic Carbone SL ~         1740 grams per pair

An excellent value in a time-tested carbon-aero wheelset. Rims are 52mm deep carbon made of a combination of Maxtal alloy outers with 12K carbon flanges. Bladed spokes front (16) and rear (20). Mavic's proven cassette body in your choice of Campagnolo or Shimano/Sram compatibility. Includes Mavic Ultra quick releases. Made in clincher only (no tires included), black .... $1199.99 pair     Add to CART


All Purpose Road ~

R-Sys SLR (in tubular or clincher) ~    1295 grams per pair

Front = 16 spoke radial, 545 grams

Rear =20 spoke Isopulse, 750 grams

Mates all of the spoke and hub innovations of the R-Sys to Mavic's new ISM3D alloy rims (22mm deep front/25mm asymmetric rear) to build one of the lightest and highest performance wheelsets available. Also includes extralight hub axles and bearings along with TraComp hollow carbon spokes (front plus non-drive rear) to deliver the maximum in lateral stiffness and acceleration. This is an excellent wheel choice for demanding climbers. Select for Shimano/Sram (10 or 11 spd) or Campagnolo (9,10,11 spd) cassettes. Includes Mavic Yksion Pro tire set, Mavic Ultra quick releases, and front wheel computer magnet .... $2199.99 pair   Add to CART


R-Sys ~     1355 grams per pair

The R-Sys wheelset features 'TraComp" unidirectional hollow carbon fiber spokes reinforced with Zircal to resist deformation even if broken (front plus non-drive rear). Carbon spokes don't stretch as much as steel or aluminum so wheel distortion is minimized. Innovative "TraComp" technology prevents lost of spoke tension to maintain high stiffness under load. The asymmetric rear rim minimizes dish for increased lateral stiffness. Includes 1-piece aluminum alloy hubs with QRM+ sealed cartridge bearings and Mavic extralight quick release skewers. Available in 700c clinchers only and includes Yksion Pro clincher tire set. Color is black with red hubs. Specify cassette body to handle 10 or 11 speed Shimano/Sram cassettes or 9, 10, and 11 speed Campagnolo cassettes .... $1499.99 pair    Add to CART


Ksyrium SLR ~     1410 grams per pair              

The Ksyrium SLR uses TraComp unidirectional hollow carbon spokes on the non-drive side of the rear wheel for instant energy transfer and Zircal alloy spokes on the front and drive side rear for proven reliability in all conditions. Same 22mm deep front and 25mm deep rear Maxtal asymmetric rims with ISM machining as the Ksyrium SL wheels (below). Carbon front hub and alloy rear with oversized flanges. Includes Yksion PowerLink tire set, extralight Mavic quick release skewers. Available with cassette body to fit either Campagnolo (9, 10, 11) or Shimano/Sram (10, 11spd) cassettes. Color is black .... $1799.99 pair      Add to CART


Ksyrium SL S (in tubular or clincher) ~     1395 grams per pair

New in 2013, the Ksyrium SL S uses space age alloys in the rims and spokes as well as Mavic's innovative "Isopulse" spoking pattern to add extra strength to a very light wheelset. Front hub shell is carbon fiber for lighter weight, rear rim is asymmetric for greater spoke strength. At only 1395 grams for a pair of clinchers, the Ksyrium SL S combines cutting edge performance with high tech good looks. 18 front Zicral alloy spokes, 20 rear Zicral alloy spokes. Includes Yksion GripLink/PowerLink tire set, Mavic quick release skewers. Available with cassette body to fit either Campagnolo (9,10,11) or Shimano/Sram (10,11spd) cassettes. Color is black with white hub flanges .... $1149.99 pair   Add to CART



Ksyrium Elite S ~    1520 grams per pair

Now available in all black plus black.white,, and!

The Elite S wheelset uses ISM lightened Maxtal aluminum alloy rims to reduce inertia by a whopping 30% over earlier versions. The front rim is 22mm high while the rear is 25mm. Due to an asymmetric rear rim with Isopulse spoking, wheel dish is reduced and the resulting wider axle spacing increases stiffness. The braking surface is machined for smoothness. Front and rear hubs are aluminum alloy with QRM+ bearings. The spokes are aero shaped double butted stainless steel, straight pull, 18 front and 20 rear. Includes Mavic Yskion Pro clincher tire set and Mavic quick release skewers. Color is black with silver machining. Select for Shimano/Sram (10,11) or Campagnolo (9,10,11 spd) cassettes .... $799.99 pair    Add to CART

Elite Rim color Hub flanges Spoke nipples
Black Black with machined brake track black graphite
White Black with machined brake track white silver
Red Black with machined brake track red red
Blue Black with machined brake track blue blue



Ksyrium Equipe S ~   1690 grams per pair

The Ksyrium Equipe brings top-level wheel technology to an amazingly low price point. The 24mm deep rims are genuine Ksyrium with SUP welding and machined braking surfaces. The spokes are straight-pull with Isopulse rear lacing (20h front and 20h rear) for better response and reduced dish for added strength. The hubs feature replaceable sealed cartridge bearings for thousands of smooth, service-free miles. Mavic Yksion Comp clincher tire set and Mavic quick release skewers are included. Available in black or white. Select cassette body for Shimano/Sram (10,11) or Campagnolo (9,10,11 spd) .... $549.99 per pair    Add to CART


Aksium S ~   1735 grams per pair

The Aksium S guarantees Mavic quality and efficiency at a bargain price. Includes 24mm semi-aero aluminum alloy rims with machined braking surface, straight-pull flat aero spokes and QRM sealed cartridge bearings. 20 radial front spokes and 20 radial/X2 rear. Available in black with white decals or black with red decals and cassette bodies to fit either Shimano/Sram (10,11) or Campagnolo (9, 10, 11spd) cassettes. Includes Mavic Aksion clincher tire set plus Mavic quick release skewers .... $329.99 pair    Add to CART