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Look S-Track Time Pedals Cleats - Mtn



Mtn Pedals ~

Mountain bike pedals use cleats that recess below the tread of the shoe. Therefore, they are excellent for all kinds of cycling that include regular walking - mountain biking, touring, commuting, or recreational riding. Don't feel limited by their mountain bike heritage; they work equally well on all styles of bikes.

bulletallow for easy walking
bulletfunction very well in muddy or icy conditions
bulletnot quite as light or aero as regular road pedals
bulletdo not transfer power quite as efficiently as road pedals
for information on our selection of road pedals click here:   Pedals - Road

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Decksters ~

Wish your "SPD" pedals were sometimes flat so you could use a non-cycling shoe? Decksters are the perfect answer. Attach a spare pair of Shimano SPD, Torelli Bormio, Ritchey Mtn, Look Quartz, Crank Brother Candy, Time Atac, or similar 2-bolt cleat to bottom of Decksters then snap the platforms into your pedals. It's that easy! You now have a set of high quality platforms for casual riding or more technical riding where cleats are more than you need. Twist to release. Includes 2 thick metal platforms (95x85x10mm) plus mounting hardware. Does not include spare cleats. Does not work with Speedplay cleats and pedals  ..... $34.99 pair   Add to CART

Spare Cleats

Shimano XT Race ~

Overwhelmingly the most used off-road pedal, XT race pedals are equally fine for casual on-road use with mountain bike shoes. Solid engagement from top or bottom of pedal. Cleat recesses below shoe tread for easy walking off the bike. Newest version, M8000, weight is 175 grams per pedal .... $109.99   



Shimano XT Trail ~    

New 3 x 2 3/8 oval shaped body housing protects the binding area while provided a wide and secure platform for entering and exiting. Offset binders clear mud more thoroughly than before. Individual cleat tensioners allow fine tuning of spring pressure. Newest version, M8020, each pedal weighs 202 grams and the pair of cleats with hardware weighs 51 grams. Includes pedals, cleats, and mounting hardware .... $109.99   



Look S-Track  ~

Look S-Track pedal review





Time Atac ~ 

"I ride all sorts of clipless pedals, but I always come back to Time ATAC's. They offer the best mud and extreme condition performance with flawless entry and release despite a slathering of trail goo. Did I mention float? The ATAC's sport 10 degrees of float making them easy on the knees." Bike Magazine    

For ordering and more info on Time Atacs, click here: Time Mtn Pedals


New !Speedplay  SYZR ~

The SYXR's extra large target area guarantees fast, intuitive, no-look entry. Release is effortless and consistent. Plus, the engagement action does an excellent job of clearing mud out of the cleats. It's SPD-style cleat fits all recessed SPD-compatible shoes. Weight is 312 grams per pair with cleats in the stainless version and a mere 275 grams in titanium. (If you weigh more than 185 pounds, we recommend you use the stronger stainless pedals rather than Ti.)

We carry a large inventory of Speedplay pedals.  Please inquire for pricing and convenient ordering: Info - BiKyle

Tip - Regularly lubricate the springs of your road or SPD pedals with a "Dry Lube" for easier entry and longer wear.