Color Schemes
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Pegoretti Color Schemes ~


Pegoretti frames are special. And so are their paint schemes! And you, of course, are extra special. So why not pick the paint scheme that grabs you the most. We are pleased to offer all models in all of the color schemes pictured below.

Paint schemes: In order for the U.S. distributor to control inventory, all stock Pegorettis are brought into this country in just one standard paint scheme per model. That scheme is the one pictured with each model on the Frame Page.  However, production is so small that the number of frames in stock at any time is always very limited. Therefore, most Pegoretti frames need to be special ordered. For this reason, Dario gives you the option to select any of his other current paint schemes for your custom jewel. An extra charge of $150 covers the added time and paperwork needed to track one-off frames. For a custom paint scheme, place your order for the Pegoretti model you want then select the color scheme that you prefer and we'll make it happen!  ....  Add to CART

Base colors: As you'll note in the following pictures, each design scheme is painted on a particular base color. For example, the "Tommy" design is painted on black. But, you could have that same scheme painted on light blue for truly a one-of-a-kind finish. The charge for this option is just $150. You can select your base color from any of our 260 colors, metallic and non-metallic. But, be sure your base color doesn't hide any colors of the scheme. For example, don't select a yellow base under a "Tommy" design because the yellow parts of the scheme won't show up. Also, allow for some small variation in shades as the color you see in your computer monitor won't be exactly what Dario sees in his. As the "Special Instructions" field comes up during the ordering process tell us what base color you desire .... Add to CART    

If this is all too confusing then send us an email and we'll have Kyle personally call to walk you through it.  Once you've placed your order we'll contact you to clarify everything. We specialize in getting Pegoretti custom frames done right the first time!


Video: Dario painting

Pegoretti Repaints



Ciavete - inspired by the American artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat ~

Dario paints each Ciavete individually by hand, no spraying. The process takes more than a day to complete. Every Ciavete is a genuine one-of-a-kind work of art. For a Ciavete paint job add $750 to any specially ordered Pegoretti frame (any model). The Ciavete paint scheme is regularly painted on a white background, but you can change the base color as you desire. Each Ciavete is individually distinct from all others and depends on Dario's inspiration of the moment. You are welcome to provide a theme for Dario to keep in mind as he paints - for example Spain, Mahler's 5th symphony, trains, or the Grateful Dead. You can even tell us some of the primary colors you prefer on top of the background. As the "Special Instructions" field comes up during the ordering process tell us your special desires. However, the final result will be an exclusive rendering of Dario's unique imagination on the day he actually paints your frame .... Add to CART




Venezia Stucco Panels ~

Each Venezia frame includes two panels (seat and down tube) individually painted by Dario as a one-of-a-kind testament to the timeless beauty of an extraordinary bicycle. Choose a single base color for the main frame plus a primary color for the 2 panels. Leave the rest to Dario's inspiration on the day he paints your individual masterpiece. For two Venezia Stucco panels on one color base add $300 .... Add to CART   











NK Stucco ~

A variation of Dario's Venezia Stucco design, the NK includes a single downtube panel in stucco plus two additional stucco panels on the seat tube. The panels are highlighted by a single color of contrasting "dashes" on all three main tubes. NK Stucco on 1 color base, add $300 .... Add to CART







Mesonperso - New for 2018 ~







Piaza - New for 2018 ~







"HD" Black Pearl ~






Ravenna Black ~







"HD" Blue.Red ~






Masperi ~

Features individually handpainted colors on seat and down tube panels, each frame is one-of-a-kind .... add $300







Trentatre ~







Conn Gray ~






Conn Rust ~





Conn Rust is an especially durable finish used on roadside safety barriers in Italy. If you get a scuff just rub it off with a soft cloth.


Manovella Black.White ~





Somebody White ~




Somebody Brown ~





Somebody Gray ~







Guantanamo White ~






Guantanamo Black ~





Blob ~







Etnico Black and Etnico Red ~





Faema (panels) ~










Goze Black ~

Pictures of the Goze, like most Pegorettis, don't do justice to the richness of the finish. The hundreds of small silver dots on the Goze are not painted onto the frame. Rather, small circular masks are placed all over the frame before it's painted. The silver dots are the polished frame tubing showing through. For extra fun, Dario fills in a few of the dots with bright colors. The frame has a rich clear coat on top for extra gloss.



Conic ~






Spider Green on Blue ~




*The silver streaks on the Spider Responsorium finishes are actually polished sections of the stainless steel tubing showing through


Spider Green on Pearl White ~





*The silver streaks on the Spider Responsorium finishes are actually polished sections of the stainless steel tubing showing through


You Really "Love" red ~ 






Why Not Blue ~









Wow Blue ~


Repainting a Pegoretti frame ~

Unfortunately, itís not practical to return a frame to Dario for a repaint. Italian import laws do not provide an allowance for a temporary importation so you will pay duty both ways (apx 18% x 2). However, Dario has been good about supplying stencils so you can have his designs repainted more quickly and less expensively here in the U.S.  Let us know your frame's serial number (on the bottom of the bottom bracket or on a rear dropout) as well as the design you desire plus the shipping address and phone number of the painter you've selected. We'll contact Dario asap and get the stencils shipped directly to your approved painter:   BiKyle Service