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Pegoretti, 2017 ~


Cycles BiKyle stocks the largest inventory of Pegoretti frames in the country



Dario Pegoretti, one of the most respected frame builders in all of Italy, began his apprenticeship in 1975 with legendary builder Luigino Milani of Verona. In those days racing pelotons often had half their racers on Milani bikes, though usually under someone else's decals. Top riders such as Roche, Battaglin, Chiappucci, Indurain, Tafi, Cipollini, Ghiroto, Fondriest, and many others relied on the Milani shop for their race bikes. Dario finished his apprenticeship in 1983 but continued building in the Milani shop until 1999. He then moved to his own shop near Trento where he and his assistant build about 250 frames per year - all by hand. Legendary Italian design, superior craftsmanship, and extraordinarily finish work make each Pegoretti frame a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece. (pictured on left, Dario hand brazing and painting one of his works of art. On right, Dario and Kyle hangin' out.)

                                         "Dario Exposed"                "WJCU Radio Interview"



Delivery Estimates: Currently available Pegoretti frames are listed on our web pages. Typically, these frames will be internally rustproofed, machined, and shipped within 3-6 business days of your order. We make a decided effort to keep our listings up to date but all frames are subject to prior sale. Due to the extremely limited supply of these handmade frames, all except currently available inventory begin life as a special order.  Dario makes about 250 frames a year and he builds frames in model-batches depending on tube supply, etc. A reasonable estimate for TIG-welded frames ordered now (Big Leg Emma, Marcelo, Duende, Love #3) is about 7-9 months, however, this time frame cannot be guaranteed.  And due to very limited supply of stainless steel tubing, Responsoriums usually take approximately 15-20 months. Lugged frames (Days Done and Luigino) are done in batches and generally take considerably longer than any of the TIG frames. Please note: A $500 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required at time of order. This deposit is sent directly to Pegoretti. Balance will not be charged until the day the frame ships to you.


Falz carbon fork and Chris King D-11 headset ~

Except where Pegoretti cromoly fork is noted, all current Pegoretti frames ship with Dario's Falz all-carbon fork. Falz forks are painted in matching or complimentary frame color.

And all current frames except Days Done, Luigino, and Love #3 also include a Pegoretti designed Chris King D11 headset for increased front end stiffness and even greater durability.     

More info:    Pegoretti Forks                Seatpost and front derailleur sizings


USA Stock Colors, as pictured below remain unchanged from 2015 through 2017. Dario only makes about 250 frames a year for the entire world, so grab one while you can as they don't last long.


Responsorium ~

Rider feedback: BiKyle's extensive testing plus feedback from our riders is every bit as positive as Dario suggested. These frames are decidedly more buttery and lively than any other frames we've been on. On rougher surfaces comfort surpasses even a top line titanium frame, yet the ride retains the solid road feel of the finest steel. The Responsorium is an exceptional choice for riders who appreciate superior road feel and manners. Yes, a Responsorium IS worth the wait!

After several years of collaboration and testing with Columbus, the world's most trusted tubing maker, Dario Pegoretti unveiled a revolutionary frame of pure stainless steel. Not only is this the most supple frame Dario has ever make, it won't rust or corrode like other steels. The tubing is Columbus XCr stainless in Dario's exclusive shaping mated to Dario's custom designed Falz full carbon fork (for optional cromoly fork see below). Chris King oversized D-11 headset in Dario's custom design is also included. The tubing diameters are the same as Dario's Marcelo except the chainstays are 2mm less stout. Also, the butted sections are longer and the tubing walls thinner than the Marcelo. The end result is one of the most comfortable frames ever made. Yet like every Pegoretti, it has excellent jump when power is applied. Digitally measured frame weight is 3.7 lbs in size 55cm and Pegoretti's full carbon Falz fork weighs 425 grams.


Responsorium in Ravenna Black ~ 

Available now: 51-52-53-54-55-56-57-58-59-60cm 

Dario's stainless steel Responsorium in Dario's Ravenna pattern on gloss black. Includes frame, matching Falz full-carbon fork, and Chris King D11 headset. Ravenna Black ..... $4949.99    Add to CART   



Responsorium in Conic blue.yellow ~   

Available now: 49-51-52-54-55-56-57-59cm

Dario's stainless steel Responsorium in Dario's latest color scheme, electric blue with contrasting yellow weave. Includes frame, matching Falz full-carbon fork, and Chris King D11 headset. Conic blue with yellow contrast ..... $4949.99    Add to CART 



Responsorium in Somebody Gray ~

Dario's stainless steel Responsorium in his highly popular "Somebody" scheme but now done on a gray background. Includes frame, matching Falz full-carbon fork, and Chris King D11 headset

In stock now 51-52-56 .... $4949.99    Add to CART




Responsorium in Venezia Stucco ~

Rider feedback: BiKyle's extensive testing plus feedback from our riders is every bit as positive as Dario suggested. His Responsorium frames are noticeably more buttery and lively than any other frames we've tested. Comfort on rougher surfaces surpasses even a top line titanium frame. Yet, the ride retains the solid road feel of the finest steel. The Responsorium is an exceptional choice for riders who appreciate superior road feel and manners. 

Each Venezia frame features a rich gloss black finish with gorgeous stucco panels on the seat tube and down tube. Each stucco panel is individually hand painted by Dario. And every Venezia panel is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Includes frame, Falz full-carbon fork in matching black, and Chris King D11 headset. .... $5249.99    Add to CART 

Responsorium Stucco framesets available NOW: 

bullet52cm with your choice of orange or green panels
bullet55cm with orange panels
bullet56cm with your choice of orange or green panels
bullet58cm with green panels
bullet59cm with your choice of yellow or green panels
bullet60cm with green panels



Big Leg Emma, 2017 ~   "A Marcelo on steroids!"

The "Big Leg Emma" is Dario's update of one of his favorite frames, the Great Googoolie. The Emma is like a Marcelo on steroids! Dario beefed up both the chainstays and seatstays for an even more solid rear end. And as in the great sprinter bikes of the '60s, he added additional horizontal reinforcing struts inside the tubing for increased acceleration (pictured on right). The tubing is a special heat treated low alloy steel made exclusively for Dario. The included Falz fork is all carbon fiber (for information on optional cromoly fork see below). Steerer tube is 1 1/8" and comes with Chris King D-11 headset. Frame weight is 4.2 lbs in 54cm. Standard color is orange, but as all Big Leg Emma frames are custom order only, all Pegoretti colors are available .... $5199.99    Add to CART

"Named after a Frank Zappa song, this hugely oversized steel rig is built for the larger or more aggressive rider/racer looking for maximum lateral stability without sacrificing vertical compliance. Notice the massive oversize chainstays which provide massive rear stability. An internally reinforced downtube provides stability up front. Surprisingly, this bike built with Record 10-speed weighed-in at only 17 pounds!"  - Leonard Zinn, Velonews, Oct 2003



Marcelo in HD Black.White ~

In stock now: 51-53-56-57-58-59-60-61-62

A spectacular frame for all kinds of riding, the Marcelo MxxxxO is built from a custom tubeset of heat treated Columbus "Spirit" tubing. Oversized 38 and 31.7 mm main tubes, this frame is stout enough for the most aggressive rider. Yet, it absorbs road shock like a magic carpet. The hand cut stainless steel rear dropouts and oversized stress-directional rear stays add to the beauty and function of this very special frame. Each Marcelo comes with a full carbon Falz fork (for info on optional cromoly fork see below) and a Chris King D-11 threadless headset, 1 1/8".  The standard color is "HD" gloss black with gloss white front. Weight is 3.9 lbs in 55cm. Frame, Falz carbon fork and Chris King D11 headset .... $3949.99    Add to CART



Marcelo in HD Blue.Red ~

A throwback scheme honoring one of Dario's original patterns. Includes frame, matching Falz full-carbon fork, and Chris King D11 headset

In stock now in 57cm Marcelo .... $3949.99    Add to CART



New Marcelo color, Mesonperso, coming for 2017 ~

Order now for first arrivals .... $3949.99    Add to CART




Duende in Faema Champagne ~

In stock now: 48-49-51-54-55-56-57-58-59-60-61-62

Made from Columbus Spirit cromoly, the Duende is essentially a Marcelo front triangle matched to an extra comfortable "Palasanto" rear triangle. The result is a frame not quite as stiff as a Marcelo but even more forgiving. According to Dario, the Duende should be a marvelous frame for everyone who doesn't crave the extra stiffness of the Marcelo. The Duende should be a wonderful frame for century rides - the perfect work of art for those who refuse to give up comfort or efficiency. Tubing is heat treated low alloy "Spirit" cromoly from Columbus, fork is 1 1/8" Falz full carbon (for info on optional cromoly fork see below). Includes new oversized head tube and matching D11 headset by Chris King. Weight is 3.9 lbs for 54cm. 2014 stock color is Dario's new "Somebody" finish on white background, as pictured .... $3349.99 for frame, Falz carbon fork, and D11 headset .... Add to CART   


New Duende color, Piaza, coming for 2017 ~

Order now for first arrivals .... $3349.99   Add to CART   





Custom Order Pegoretti Framesets, 2017 ~

Each special order frameset includes BiKyle custom fit at no extra charge*. Also included: Dario's Falz full-carbon fork and a Chris King headset in Dario's extra strong D11 design (your choice of black or silver).  **Paint finish is your choice of any of Dario's Current Color Schemes


*For a completely custom fit, select "BiKyle Fit" as you order. And include Kyle's Full Measurements Form with your order. There is no additional charge for this invaluable extra! 


Custom order Big Leg Emma, 2017 .... $5199.99


Custom order Responsorium, 2017 .... $5199.99


Custom order Marcelo, 2017 .... $4149.99


Custom order Duende, 2017 .... $3499.99

Note your color choice in the "Special Instructions" field during the order process. We will confirm your choice before finalizing your order.


Kyle's personal custom fitting = included at no extra charge!


upgrade for Venetian Stucco, NK Stucco, or Masperi finish  .... add $300


upgrade for hand painted Ciavete on white background .... add $750


change to your custom choice of background color .... add $100


change to Dario's handmade cromoly fork from Falz carbon..... add $350


upgrade prices are cumulative


Add to CART



Days Done and Luigino


Days Done ~   

The Days Done frame is a visually stunning combination of contemporary oversized cromoly tubing and classic lugs.

Click here for full info and current stock




Luigino SE ~

Pegoretti builds a very limited number of these stunning lugged frames by special order only. For these special frames, Dario uses Columbus heat treated Nivacrom EL-OS cromoly tubing for both frame and fork with hand cut investment cast lugs and fork crown reminiscent of the legendary steel frames of the '50s and '60s. Beautifully finished in your choice of numerous classic 2 color paneled works of art (add your color choices in the "Special Instructions" field during the ordering process). Steerer tube on the fork is 1" threadless. Frame weight is 4.2 lbs for a 52cm. Available in Dario's time tested geometries or custom designed exclusively for your perfect fit .... $   




Pegoretti forks ~


Falz V2 carbon fork ~      New for 2016 and in stock now with 4.5cm rake

For 2016, Dario has modifed his highly acclaimed Falz carbon fork so it now fits a wider selection of tires including most 28mm. Falz forks are specially made to match Dario's perfectly balanced geometry. They can also provide a significant upgrade in handling and comfort for other frame makes designed for 1 1/8" threadless headsets. Falz forks feature longer fork blades and a classically styled crown for extra road comfort while maintaining the side stiffness that marks top carbon forks. The flat crown fits wider tires (nearly all 25mm and some 28mm) and features an aluminum cap to allow precise machining for the crown race. Fork tips are carbon fiber. They weigh 425 grams with 320mm uncut carbon steerer and come with a patented 29 gram expander plug. Fits frames with 1 1/8" threadless headsets. Available in your choice of 4.5 or 5.0 cm rake (still waiting for 1st delivery of 5.0, but 4.5 is in stock now for immediate ship). Color is gloss black.  For expert advice on selecting the best rake for your frame and ride style please send us an email  .... $429.99    Add to CART



Pegoretti Handmade Cromoly Forks ~   

Completely handmade by Dario, these are state-of-the-art heat treated cromoly steel forks for that classic ride. The steerer tubes are 1 1/8" x 330mm threadless and rake is 4.5cm to fit all Pegoretti frames with the exception of the Luigino. Because the forks are oversized 1 1/8", the tubes and crowns have to be custom made in very small quantities. That explains the relatively high price. But if you want that great classic ride this is the way to get it. Weight is 1.98 lbs (902 grams) with uncut steerer. In black or white .... $699.99    Add to CART

 *White is available now!  Black is currently sold out; we will update this page as black returns to stock.




Seatpost sizings, 2015+:      SEATPOSTS

bullet31.6 for Responsorium, Big Leg Emma, Marcelo, and Duende
bullet30.6 for Days Done
bullet27.2 for Luigino

Front derailleur clamp sizings, 2015+:

bulletBraze-on via custom sized clamp adapter. Adapter included with each 2015+ Responsorium, Big Leg Emma, Marcelo, and Duende
bullet32mm for Days Done
bullet28.6 for Luigino