Pro Riders
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A great deal of our expertise through the past three decades has been garnered from working with top pro riders from around the world. First as crew mechanics, then years as chief mechanics for many pro teams, followed by three years as director sportif for a major pro team, Kyle and his staff have been there where it counts the most - in the trenches of Texas, Hawaii, Philadelphia, Montreal, Richmond, Chicago, Toronto, etc, etc, etc. Here is partial list of some of the prominent professional racers who have trusted us to serve as their chief mechanics and bike builders:

Team.jpg (91874 bytes)Pictured left to right: Kyle - US, Rip Scott - US, Dan Fox - US, Simon Cope - GB, Shaun Wallace - GB, Graeme Miller - NZ, Jeff Rutter - US.


Pro rider

Country / State

Tilford, Steve Kansas
Marcussen, Jorgen Denmark
Cipollini, Cesare Italy
Southard, Mark Colorado
Carerra, Pascal Denmark
Cope, Simon Great Britain
Rutter, Jeff Pennsylvania
Eaton, Matt Pennsylvania
Lemond, Greg Minnesota
Nothstein, Marty Pennsylvania
Warre, Jaspar Denmark
Gaggioli, Roberto Italy
Eustice, John Pennsylvania
Parkin, Joe Minnesota
Thoreau, Didi Germany
Wozniak, Jerzy Poland
Cubric, Radesa Serbia
Santoro, Pasquale Italy
Fink, Bogdan Slovania
Hlady, Mark Canada
Veggerby, Jens Denmark
Post, Tom Great Britain
Peterson, Jorgan Denmark
Miller, Graeme New Zealand
Wilson, Sean California
Wiatr, Krzystof Poland
Larsen, Stig Denmark
Papez, Sandi Slovania
Paulin, Andy California
Devlin, Jeff Pennsylvania
Brady, John Ireland
Beamon, Ed New Jersey
Giuliano, Guiseppe Canada
Mervar, Bostjan Slovania
Randell, Andrew Canada
Wallace, Shaun Great Britain
Speaks, Steve Colorado
Murn, Vros Slovania
Lukacewics, Czelaw Poland
Glah, Ken Pennsylvania
Jorgenson, Thomas Denmark
Clarke, Brooks Arizona
Krzyostanik, Robert Poland
Fox, Dan Pennsylvania