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Tech Corner ~


Rocky Mountain - unmatched quality in both design and construction

Rocky Mountain has been hand building industry-leading mountain bikes in Vancouver, Canada since 1981. With cutting-edge innovations like sloping top tubes, powder coat finishes, Ride-Tuned design, custom front and rear suspension valving, Ride-9 geometry, and 27.5" wheels, Rocky Mountain has proven that thoughtful design matched to exquisite craftsmanship truly does make a better bike. 

Experience the difference - Ride a Rocky Mountain

"The frame is the heart and soul of your bicycle. More than any other part, it gives a bicycle it's distinct ride and feel. It is the most important component. Period. Which is why, at Rocky Mountain, we put so much time and effort into each and every frame we make. Our aggressive frame geometries have been engineered to excel in tight, gnarly riding without sacrificing high speed handling. Every tube is mitered to an exact fit. Not close. Exact, making our frames stronger and truer. All this time and care result in a better riding bicycle with a difference you can feel."



Important technical information you should know:


"RTC" Ride Tuned Concept ~

In years past, a single bicycle design made do in all kinds of terrain. But current bicycles are extremely diverse, almost like the assorted clubs in a pro's golf bag. Each riding style demands a different set of frame design principles to successfully optimize ride quality for the intended use. Rocky Mountain is at the forefront in understanding how the various design elements work together to achieve the ultimate Ride Tuned Design Whether it’s a race machine designed for punishing the competition, or simply a bike built for everyday adventures, Rocky's engineers have sweated the details of RTC™ to ensure you Love the Ride.

Custom Valving ~

Rocky Mountain sends each of their Slayer, Altitude, and Element platforms directly to Fox where they are refined in the test lab to come up with the optimum performing rear shock - tuned and valved for each platform. The result is a custom Fox shock that enhances the ride of Rocky Mtn's bikes to a level never achieved before.

RSL and MSL Carbon tubing ~

Every tube thickness, flare, and taper in Rocky Mountain's carbon tubing is designed in-house by Rocky's renowned engineering staff. The carbon layup is precisely tailored to minimize weight and maximize stiffness in each individual application.

True Form Carbon ~

The Element RSL and MSL are as full-carbon as it gets. The only non-carbon pieces are the alloy front derailleur bolt inserts and alloy inserts for then link pivots on the front triangle. Everything else -seatstays, chainstays, dropouts, disc tabs, headset bearing seats, bottom bracket shell, cable guides, and cable stops - are all custom molded carbon. 

SmoothWall Carbon Monocoque construction ~

Both the RSL and MSL carbon frames utilize an industry leading smooth wall carbon layup process that results in perfectly smooth internal tube surfaces. Unlike competitor's frames, what you see on the outside is exactly what you get on the inside. Perfectly smooth internal finishes reduce weight, and more importantly, eliminate the stress risers and other inconsistencies which compromise durability and ride quality.

Three-Part Carbon Layup ~

Rocky Mtn's RSL and MSL carbon layups begin with a road smoothing M30g modulus for extreme strength without brittleness. Toray's J series M40 High Modulus carbon fibers are added additional tensile and compression strengths that are more than twice the strengths of corresponding pitch-based fibers. Lastly, T700s, the highest strength standard modulus fiber available is surface wrapped for the highest impact resistance available, a very important concern with mountain bikes.

Form Alloy Tubing ~

Every tube thickness, flare, and taper in Rocky Mountain's aluminum alloy tubing is designed in-house by Rocky's engineers. Custom hydroform shaping maximizes stiffness without a weight penalty. Pear shaped top and down tubes matched to Rocky's patented head tube region improve handling and steering. The diamond downtube to bottom bracket joint increases efficiency. S-Bend seatstays and Constant Taper wall designs dissipate energy from ground forces to minimize rider fatigue.

Precision Mitering on Solo Jigs ~

Each joint on every Rocky Mountain aluminum frame is precision mitered to .001mm. Each frame is then individually hand welded on its singular jig. Alignment is confirmed to .01 mm before welding begins.


Meticulously Painted In-House ~

Rocky Mountain frames are buffed by hand before applying in-house factory paint jobs that are the sweetest in the business.



Each frame Hand Machined ~

Precision adjustments are only as good as the machining underneath. After paint and alignment, each facing, thread, and pitch on every Rocky Mountain frame is hand machined to the tightest tolerances in the industry. A hand machined frame is tighter, quieter, and retains its adjustments more dependably than an assembly line machine-cut frame.


 Individually Hand Assembled ~

Experienced human mechanics feel their way through a bike assembly in a manner that a machine cannot duplicate. Individual hand assembly is one of the many reasons a Rocky Mountain rides better and lasts longer than any other.



Hand made wheels by Wheeltech ~

After the frame, the wheels are the most important part of a bicycle. Rocky Mountain has a reputation for the finest wheels in the business. That's because every wheel on every Rocky is made by hand. A hand built wheel simply stays truer and lasts longer than a machine built wheel. A sticker of certification and tolerance is attached to every wheelset produced by Rocky Mountain Wheeltech. Don't take our word for it, look for this sticker on every Rocky Mountain wheel.