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Kreitler History Riding Rollers 30 Min Workout


Rollers ~ 

Roller training is the most effective method to maintain target heart rate while improving spin, balance and form. Plus, it's the most fun!

After an initial period to develop skill, riding rollers demands essentially the same concentration as road riding. Therefore, proper mental skills are constantly improved on rollers, unlike bad habits that can be promoted by stationary trainers. Add the tremendous benefits gained in balance, control, and bike feel while riding rollers, and you can see why we say, "Real riders ride rollers".  

Kreitler Rollers

Roller Belts - replacements


Tacx Antares Parabolic Rollers ~

Due to their tapered design, it's almost impossible to ride off these top quality rollers. The drums are 4" in diameter at the outside and taper to 3" in the center. The 3" centers provide a solid workout without the need for added resistance. Rollers collapse to just 31.5" for easy transport and storage. Ideal for home workouts as well as pre-race warm-ups .... $289.99    Add to CART

Adjustable length to fit all adult road, track, and hybrid bikes.


Kreitler Rollers ~

Individually machined roller drums supported by steel, robotically welded frames.  Our Kreitler rollers include the deluxe "Kompact" folding frame in addition to the 3 lathe turned drums and drive belt.

For a history of Kreitler and his roller business, click here:  Kreitler History


Challenger 3.0: lathe-turned 3" aluminum drums rollers for moderately heavy workout without requiring any external resistance. Includes Kompact folding frame for easy transport and storage. The Kompact frame sits lower to the ground and is lighter than the older "Universal" frame usually sold with these rollers. Features black polyimide end caps for strength and durability. Our #1 selling rollers .... $389.99    Add to CART

Alloy 3.0: same lathed-turned 3" roller drums and Kompact frame as the Challenger 3.0, but with the addition of solid aluminum end caps instead of polyimide resin caps. Doesn't change performance, but they sure look nice! .... $449.99    Add to CART

Caution: do not store your rollers in a high heat area such as next to a heat vent or in a car trunk as this may distort your rollers.


Kreitler Support Stand ~

Convenient support stand specially designed to convert Kreitler's 3" rollers into a stationary trainer when you'd like to just "zone out" and ride. Simply remove bike's front wheel and clamp forks into stand. Makes your world-class rollers into a dual purpose indoor trainer .... $119.99     Add to CART



Roller Belt ~

Roller belts eventually break so it's good to have a spare on hand. For traditionally sized rollers (apx 4 to 4 1/2" in diameter) use the 72" belt. For downsized rollers (3" and under) use the 66" belt. Our belts are made by Kreitler for the highest quality available. They work equally well for all makes.

For Tacx Antares rollers select the 72" belt.  

Qty:         Kreitler roller belt                          $24.99

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