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Road Tires ~

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There is no product on your bike that can change the feel and performance of your ride as dramatically for so little expense as high quality tires. Every year, through the shop and on our professional riders, we test thousands of tires. The following are our thoughtfully considered selections. If you are still riding tires from the Far East, do yourself a big favor and try a set of any of the following high performance tires. You will be amazed at the improvement in your ride - more comfort, better grip, increased control, dramatically improved road feel. 

For tubular (glue-on) tires click here:   Tubular Tires

For the excellent tires from Tufo click here: Tufo Road Tires

For top quality inner tubes click here: Inner tubes


Click here for the finest in tire levers, the King titanium: Tools



Tubeless Road Clinchers ~    Tubeless TECH


Vittoria Corsa Speed tubeless ~

New for 2017 - The Speed is the lightest tubeless road tire available, just 240 grams. It’s also more supple than previous tubeless tires so it rides with greater comfort and more grip. Made with G+ “Graphene Plus” which is 200 times stronger than steel. And “ ITS” Intelligent Tire System automatically stiffens when rolling straight for lowest possible rolling resistance yet softens during cornering, braking, and acceleration for maximum grip when needed. Size is 700x23c, color is all black …. $74.99    Add to CART


Hutchinson Fusion 3 tubeless ~

Hutchinson's 700 x 23c Fusion 3 clincher tire is made specifically for "2-way" wheelsets such as Campagnolo's 2-ways and Shimano's 2-way Dura Ace 7850-SL. 2-way wheelsets allow a rider to use a standard tire and tube, or this Fusion 3 tire on the same wheel. The Fusion 3's bead is made a of a very special high-modulus carbon in a unique square shape to give it the strength and stretch resistance to stay seated and sealed on a tubeless rim. The tires feature a 127-tpi tire casing and a Kevlar belt under the tread for puncture resistance. A triple-compound tread puts a durable formula in the center with two softer outer durometers for cornering grip. At 290 grams per tire, weight is comparable to that of the average clincher and tube. Color is black with gray center lines ... $89.99 each    Add to CART   

Tip: Continue to carry a spare tube with you. If you puncture a tubeless tire simply put a standard tube in and keep on truckin'.

Hutchinson Intensive UST ~

An extra durable version of the Fusion 3 in a wider, 700 x 25c width. Weight is 320 grams, color is all black .... $94.99 each    Add to CART



Specialty Road Clinchers ~

(the "normal" kind with easily replaced tubes)


Zipp Tangente ~

Zipp uses their patented ABLC dimples to increase the ability of the front end of the bike to cut through the air. They spent 14 months and 2 trips to the wind tunnel to dial in the fastest formula. A 21mm Tangente actually saves up to 9 seconds over 40km compared to a traditional file-tread pattern. But the Tangente is not a delicate special event tire. Thanks to Zipp's partnership with Vittoria, Italy's top tire maker, the Tangente is build around a durable yet supple 290 tpi casing. Because the dimpled pattern resists cracking very well, Zipp is able to use an exclusive extralight rubber compound for low rolling resistance and high cornering grip in both wet and dry conditions. 228 grams, 700 x 21c, all black .... Add to CART


Torelli Arezzo ~  In good stock now!

A very fine training and racing tire that surpasses the performance of other tires in this price range as well as many considerably more expensive tires. The 260 threads per inch won't give quite the grip and compliance of a Vittoria Open CX, but it's close enough to truly surprise you. Tread is classic herringbone. Color is all black. Width is 23mm. Outstanding value!

Qty:       Torelli Arezzo road tire               $49.99 each
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Michelin Pro4

Developed in the Moto GP division, the Pro4 Race is Michelin's newest pro-race tire. According to Michelin, this new tread delivers 30% more wet grip than the already excellent Pro3. Cornering grip is also increased via dual compound silica elastomers in the shoulder tread. For added security, the Pro4 casing includes a High Density Puncture Protector (HDPP) nylon belt, yet total weight is still just 200 grams for the 700x23c size. In stock in black as well as .... $64.99    Add to CART


For the limited edition Pro3 in celeste green click here: Bianchi Accessories




Michelin Pro4 Endurance ~ 

Developed in Michelin's Moto GP division, the Pro4 Endurance emphasizes durability with reinforced protection against punctures and cuts. Still, this tire delivers 20% more straight line grip than the already excellent Pro˛ Race and the new shoulder rubber offers a huge 40% improvement in cornering traction. The Endurance compounds more readily deform to surface imperfections to help maintain grip on coarser pavement while reducing rolling resistance. Total weight is just 225 grams for the 700x23c size. In stock in black.gray as well as .... $59.99    Add to CART


Michelin Limited Edition Race ~    

Michelin offered just 15,000 pair of these Tour de France Team tires for cycling enthusiasts around the world. These tires have 40% better wet weather grip than standard Pro2 Race tires, are even more puncture resistant, and weigh just 205 grams! Color is black with light blue sidewalls. Sold in pairs only .... $109.99 pair


Michelin Krylion Carbon ~

An extremely durable all-season training tire!

High density carbon casing that delivers nearly double the mileage of other tires (up to 3800 miles!). Though great for training, this tire is also good for all but the most serious racing. For those willing to give up a bit of high end performance to gain great durability, these are exceptional tires. Weight is just 235 grams! Color is black with gray side strips.  

Qty:      Michelin Krylion Carbon tire            $48.99

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Michelin Lithion 2, 23mm ~

The 23mm Michelin Lithion˛ tire is a very fine choice for cyclists seeking ride quality, durability, and value. Thanks to the Chevron tread pattern the Michelin Lithion 2 takes corners with dependable grip. Made from silica rubber compound for improved comfort, longevity, and overall reliability. In stock in black.gray,, black.yellow, and 230 grams .... $38.99      Add to CART


Michelin Lithion 2, 25mm ~

The 25mm Michelin Lithion˛ tire is a very fine choice for cyclists seeking extra stability and comfort plus durability, and value. Thanks to the Chevron tread pattern the Michelin Lithion 2 takes corners with dependable grip. Made from silica rubber compound for improved comfort, longevity, and overall reliability. Color of the 25mm tire is black with dark gray sidewalls. 245 grams .... $38.99    Add to CART 


VeloFlex Corsa ~

Simply, the finest riding clincher tire in the world. It's not as durable as the Michelin Pro Race3 or the Torelli PGV, but it has a supple ride with stick and feel that no other tire matches. Yet due to it's genuine Kevlar belt under the tread, it's not fragile. Handmade in Italy, this is the tire that defines GREAT ride. The casing is handmade 320 tpi cotton-poly with Kevlar beads. After Kyle rode this tire for 10 miles, he stopped at a pay phone and called back to the shop to rant about how wonderfully these ride. We think you will agree. Size = 700 x 22-23c. Weight = 180 grams. Inflate to 100-155 psi.  

Review of the original 300 tpi VeloFlex Pave: "Probably the best tire out there. The buoyant ride of a light tubular without the glue. The Pave smoothes even the most crumble asphalt, knifes through corners wet and dry and accelerates like a wild night in Vegas!" - Bicycling Magazine, Dec 2003

Qty:      Veloflex Corsa tires          $69.99

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Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX ~

"I simply couldn't ignore the graceful ride the Open Corsas served up. Sticking to the pavement in sharp corners with the best of them, they also behaved beautifully on flat open roads." Bicyclist, July 1998

Newest version: an "Open" version of the famed CX tubular tire, 320 tpi of handspun polyester core with a wound cotton covering mated to a tread of Kevlar 3D compound for great grip and excellent durability.  Weight of 700 x 23 = 230 grams.  

Note on Color: The sidewalls and center tread are all black. The side tread is either all-black or red, blue, white, or yellow like pictured in the blue tire on right.

Qty:     Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX clincher tire      $64.99

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Continental Gran Prix 4000 ~    

This is the newest version of Continental's legendary Gran Prix tires. The 4000s are renowned for durability and puncture resistance, yet the ride is still very good. They may not ride quite as well as a Vittoria Corsa or Veloflex Corsa, but they wear like iron. Width is 23mm. Available in all black or ..... $58.99     Add to CART 


Mavic Yksion Pro ~

New from Mavic, the Yksion Pro is specially designed for increased speed and increased control. Extra High density polycotton casing (210 tpi) and folding Aramid bead plus high density Kevlar layer for added flat protection. Features optimized rubber compound and tread pattern for high performance use. Weight is 190 grams. The Yksion pro comes in 2 versions: GripLink - extra grippy tread for front tire and PowerLink - harder tread compound for lower rolling resistance and increased longevity for rear tire. Size is 700 x 23c, color is black .... $59.99    Add to CART       


Mavic Yksion Comp ~

New from Mavic, the Yksion Comp is a very good everyday tire for all ride conditions. High density polyester casing (120 tpi) and folding Aramid bead plus high density nylon layer for added flat protection. Features optimized rubber compound and tread pattern for all-purpose use. Weight is 210 grams. Size is 700 x 23c, color is black .... $49.99    Add to CART