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Saddles ~


In stock now: Selle Italia, Astute, Fizik, Prologo, Torelli, Terry, MOst, and San Marco


BiKyle Saddle Assistant ~

Let's take the guesswork out of saddle selection !

As most of us learn the painful way, saddle selection is very personal. The best way to select a saddle is to sit on it ! To ease this task Cycles BiKyle utilizes a custom saddle assistant that is fast and accurate. At Cycles BiKyle you can quickly select your best option from the largest saddle selection in the mid-Atlantic. Our in-shop expert lets you see and FEEL the saddle you've been searching for.





Astute Italia ~         Our #1 selling road saddle

Unlike most other premier saddle makers that have moved production to the Far East, the Astute is completely handmade in Italy. Nearly 2 years in development and testing, Astute achieves new heights in technology, performance, comfort, and style .... $189.99    Add to CART

Skyline SR/VT ~

bulletCovering of Future Microfiber - ultra-resistant but yet soft, waterproof, breathable, and washable
bulletPadded with new Triple density memory foam for maximum comfort and ergonomics.
bulletDual layer patented ultra-thin and lighter bases molded together. The inside base is made of carbon fiber reinforced nylon while the outer base is made of Nylon with a new soft touch finish
bulletTITAN-V 7mm rails, a new and lighter titanium alloy with graduated load scale
bulletWeight: 200 grams (+/-8%)
bulletSize: 275mm long x 135 mm wide
bulletAvailable with center cutout (VT) or without (SR)
bulletYour choice of black or white


Selle Italia Flite ~ 

The most popular saddle of all time was completely redesigned in 2007. Not only does it look sharp, it's more comfortable than ever. Weight is 200 grams. 23cm long and 13cm wide. Titanium rails, triple density base, moderately firm cover. In black or yellow .... $179.99   Add to CART




#1 for women ~

Nearly as many women ride bikes as men. But for generations, most bicycle designers have been men. The result, unfortunately, is a bunch of fine saddles for men that are torture devices for women. To address this issue, Cycles BiKyle polled our most active female riders to find the most universally pleasing saddle for women road riders. In our interviews, Selle Italia's LDY Gel saddle came out on top more than all other saddles combined! The LDY Gel is moderately soft so it provides extra cushion. Yet, it provides uniform support because it's not squishy. About 60% of our respondents prefer the "Flow" design with hole in the middle. And 40% prefer the traditional "non-hole" design. The Flow design appears to be the safest bet, but most women can't go wrong with either model. Both versions are available in your choice of white or black .... $179.99    Add to CART



#2 for women ~

For casual road riders (less than apx 20 miles per week), the Planet ARS-W gel saddle with cutout has been especially well received. It distributes more pressure to soft tissue instead of the actual sit bones, so It's too soft for mileage hounds. But it's very comfortable from the first ride. Hence, the bike won't sit in the garage. And it's inexpensive so a move to the Selle Italia LDY saddle is easier to absorb once the mileage moves up.