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Road Seatposts ~



Deda Seatpost battery adapter ~   In stock now!

Deda has devised a sleek new adapter to secure a Shimano Di2 internal battery inside a 31.6mm round seatpost. The adapter inserts into bottom of seatpost and battery is then gripped into the adapter .... $14.99    Add to CART



WR Compositi RSN in Pegoretti 30.0  and 30.6 ~            231 grams

A select number of top custom builders such as Dario Pegoretti have custom tubesets made expressly for them. Italian carbon specialists, WR Compositi, make beautiful carbon seatposts by hand to match. The RSN is NOT a molded carbon post. Rather, special blends of high modulus carbon are individually wrapped to maximize strength and dampen vibration. The 2-bolt forged aluminum top permits micro adjustments to the half-thread. Length is 300mm, setback is 2cm, and uncut weight is 231 grams. Currently stocked in sizes 30.0 and 30.6 (sorry, no other sizes available in USA at this time)

2 year manufacturer's warranty against defects ... $239.99    Add to CART

Pegoretti Sizings:


27.2 for Luigino (available in most posts featured below)


29.4 for Pegoretti Big Leg Emma pre-2014 as well as pre-2012 Marcelo and pre-2012 Duende


30.0 for pre-2012 Responsorium


30.6 for Days Done


31.6 for 2012 and later Responsorium, Marcelo, and Duende (available in most posts featured below)


31.6 for all Love #3 and Big Leg Emma after 2013 (available in most posts featured below)



New !Reparto Corse Carbon ~       209 grams

New for 2016, nice extralight seatpost from Bianchi's Reparto Corse design shop. Pillar and head are seamless carbon for maximum strength with lowest weight. 2-bolt alloy rail clamp is micro-adjustable for perfect positioning. 31.6 diameter, 2cm setback, 209 grams .... $179.99    Add to CART


Deda SuperZero ~         229 grams

Beautiful top-pro seatpost made of 1-piece Monocoque carbon plus Nanotech resin for proven durability. Extralight magnesium cradle with 2-bolt adjustment from rear permits finest micro-tuning of saddle position. 335mm long, just 229 grams. both 27.2 and 31.6 diameters. Color is black with white contrast .... $189.99    Add to CART


Deda Ultra ~              327 grams

Dependable carbon wrapped alloy post with CNC machined head, 1-bolt adjustment, 335mm long, 327 grams. Available in both 27.2 and 31.6 diameters. Color is black carbon ....  $79.99      Add to CART   


Campagnolo Chorus Carbon seatpost ~   (Discontinued by Campagnolo but BiKyle has good stock now!)

Formerly in the Record group, the Chorus carbon is light, strong, and beautiful. Featuring the same great head design as Record except the Chorus head is all forged aluminum while Record used a carbon upper clamp. Single bolt micro adjustment. Size is 31.6 and weight is 223 grams .... $169.99    Add to CART


Look Carbon-Ti Ergopost ~         180 grams

This is a beautifully made carbon seatpost that will do justice to the finest of frames. It boasts a very wide fore and aft adjustment of 3 full centimeters so you can dial in a perfect fit. Made of HM carbon matched to a compressed carbon rail clamp, weight is a mere 180 grams. The high modulus carbon helps dampen road vibration. Metric gradations on the side of the post help you maintain your perfect saddle height. Adjustment is easily made via a single titanium bolt. Size is 27.2 .... $229.99    Add to CART



Look E Posts ~

These gorgeous seatposts work only in the current Look aero frames: models 595 and 586. They provide tremendous versatility for these already superior frames. Pictured on the far left is the standard setback post that comes stock with the frames. In the middle is the R5 version which provides Zero setback for riders that want to get more forward on the bike for fit or for use with aero clip-on bars. On the right is the fully forward R32 post designed with triathletes in mind. It allows the rider to use 1 great frame for both road and tri training and racing. All 3 posts are fully isolated from mini-impacts and vibrations by 3 elastomer blocks. These elastomers absorb road vibration through a slight inflection backwards thereby greatly increasing comfort over harsh roads. Saddle adjustment is simple with 1 easily accessed titanium bolt. Each post comes with 3 elastomer blocks of different durometer levels to fine tune the road feel for every rider. Posts available in black or white .... $329.99    Add to CART

bulletE-Post Ti = standard setback
bulletE-Post R5 = Zero setback
bulletE-Post R32 = fully forward triathlon position

Zipp Seatposts ~

SL Speed Carbon ~            185 grams

Based on the design of the Service Course seatposts, the SL Speed has the same features as its alloy siblings but with the lightweight and stiffness advantages of carbon fiber. As with all Zipp seatposts, the SL Speed Carbon features low-profile clamping hardware that allows you to fine-tune the saddle angle even after itís mounted. Weight is 185 grams. Available in both 27.2 and 31.6 diameters, length is 300mm, setback is 20mm, minimum insertion length is 90mm, weight limit is 300 pounds. Color is black .... $295  $279.99    Add to CART    


Service Course SL Alu ~             220 grams

For high strength, low weight, and efficient use of every gram, the shaft and head of the SC-SL Alu are 3D-forged from a single piece of 7075 aluminum. To further reduce weight, the SC SL seatpost uses titanium bolts and more intricate machining than the regular Service Course seatpost.  The unique clamp design features downward-facing bolt heads that allow micro-adjustment of the saddle even after it is mounted. Weight is 220 grams. Available in both 27.2 and 31.6 diameters and in your choice of length: 275mm or 300mm. Setback is 20mm, minimum insertion length is 90mm, weight limit is 300 pounds. Color is gloss black with white Zipp logo .... $129.99    Add to CART


Service Course Alu ~             285 grams

Same post as the Service Course SL Alu (above), but with stainless fixing bolts rather than titanium and a bit less machining on the clamping sections. The unique clamp design features downward-facing bolt heads that allow micro-adjustment of the saddle even after it is mounted. Weight is 285 grams. Available in both 27.2 and 31.6 diameters and in your choice of length: 275mm or 300mm. Setback is 20mm, minimum insertion length is 90mm, weight limit is 300 pounds. Color is matte black with white Zipp logo .... $99.99  $89.99    Add to CART


FSA K-Force ~                 207 grams

Top quality carbon fiber composite of 1-piece monocoque construction. 2-bolt micro adjusting clamp design. Size is 31.6 x 350mm long with 3.2cm of rear offset. Color is black carbon. Fits all standard seat rails, weight is 207 grams .... $209.99    Add to CART


FSA SL-K Carbon ~             223 grams

New in 2010 with a lighter and stronger carbon shaft. This is a very nice carbon fiber seatpost at an excellent price. The shaft is tubular woven carbon fiber. The clamp is 6061-T6 aluminum alloy with cromoly hardware. Length is 350mm with 2cm of rear offset, weight is 223 grams. Available in 27.2 and 31.6 diameters. The cradle allows for easy one-bolt adjusting of saddle tilt. Color is natural carbon with a high gloss finish .... $109.99    Add to CART 


Selcof 31.0 ~         210 grams

Though popular a few years ago, the size 31.0 is difficult to find these days. For those that need one, Cycles BiKyle has a special CNC version of Selcof's aluminum alloy post available. Selcof was founded in the 1940ís by the Bizzotto family in Italy to manufacture metal parts for saddles on motorcycle and bicycles. Seatpost production was started in 1986. A number of professional teams including Lampre, Tacconi Sport, and Phonak have used Selcof seatposts in recent years. Features: CNC machined 7075 T6 heat treated aluminum with micro-adjust clamp, 330mm long, weight of 210 grams, diameter of 31.0, color is black .... $109.99    Add to CART   



USE Triathlon Carbon Aero ~     140 grams !

The Triathlon Aero Carbon seatpost features a unique forward positioned Alien clamping system that is both super light and super strong. The Tri post increases seat angle an average of 4 degrees. If you currently have a 74 degree seat angle then you will effectively have a 78 degree seat angle, perfect for most triathletes. Weight is just 140 grams! Diameter is 27.2 and length is 350mm .... $219.99    Add to CART