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Assembly How Long?



Shipping Information ~

Cycles BiKyle ships worldwide!



Most parts and accessories ship within 24 to 48 hours. Bicycle frames are transferred from the warehouse then fully machined before shipping, please allow apx 3-6 business days. Full bicycles that come in 1 package from the manufacturer are fully assembled and test ridden before being packed. Depending on our back-log, allow apx 4-10 business days for this service. Custom bikes, where we need to obtain all the exact parts then fully build and test ride are usually backed up apx 21 days. Add apx another 3 weeks if we are painting the frame.

Click here for an estimate of delivery time to your door once the shipment leaves here: How Long?

Cycles BiKyle ships our new bikes and frames all over the world via United Parcel Service and DB Schenker (formerly BAX Global). And where available Postal. When you place an order, your shipping costs to a Continental U.S. address via UPS ground will be shown. There is a minimum shipping charge of $6.00 for all continental U.S. orders, but most orders ship at or near that minimum unless they are bulky or heavy. Express Air service is available for extra charge depending on weight and size; that option and price will come up during your checkout process. For more information on international shipping fees see below.

Standard UPS charges for continental U.S.A:

bullet$6.00 for most standard packages except as listed below
bullet$15 for framesets
bullet$15 for wheelsets
bullet$50 for full bicycles


To see your exact shipping charges for Continental USA: Proceed through checkout to the point where the shipping charges show up automatically. You will still be able to cancel the order or backtrack from there. For Express shipping charges (1, 2, or 3 day guaranteed) on oversized packages such as bicycles, framesets, and wheelsets see below*.

Ship-To Prohibitions: Please be advised that your designated ship-to address must reflect the address of the ultimate end-user. Cycles BiKyle cannot process any order which specifies an address of a freight forwarder, warehouse, distribution center, airport, hotel, or PO box.

APO addresses: We are honored to work with our country's military personnel around the world and happy to ship bicycles, frames, wheels, parts, and accessories to APO addresses. Shipping fees are $6.00 for most standard packages except as follows: $15 for framesets, $15 wheelsets, $50 for full bicycles.

**Bicycle shipments: Through the years, we've learned how to ship bikes safely. We use oversized double layered cardboard specifically made for bicycle shipments. Frame tubes are well padded and parts are carefully positioned and secured to prevent damage from movement inside the box.   

On arrival: Full bikes will need only minor assembly: front wheel mounted, pedals screwed in, seatpost reinstalled, stem clamped back down. Complete instructions are included and our mechanics are only a phone call away for any questions: (610) 525-8442. If you wish to bring the bike to a local shop for the minor final assembly or a checkup that usually only costs about $25. However, that service will not be covered by Cycles BiKyle. Framesets are fully machined and aligned before shipping so they are nearly ready to build up. However, jostling during shipping can create minor changes in frame alignment or even machining. Details such as dropout and hanger alignment or bottom bracket threading should be re-gauged before buildup. Minor machining and alignment are not covered by Cycles BiKyle as this is considered a normal part of buildup. More serious shipping damage should be immediately reported to Cycles BiKyle so a claim and resolution with the shipping company can be promptly arranged. If your mechanic is not able to complete a part installation then our mechanics are ready to complete the task, but shipping is not covered in either direction if our mechanics are able to properly finish the task. Any alignment issues must be addressed by your mechanic with actual measured "outs"; eyeball readings and hypotheticals are not covered; pictures will generally be requested.

***Cost to ship a new bike to any location in the continental U.S.A. via UPS Ground is just $50.  

*UPS Air Express rates for large packages:

When you place your order, UPS Ground rates for a standard sized package will be applied automatically. If you would like to upgrade to faster service for an oversized package (all bikes, frames, and wheels) please select below. When you place your order tell us in the "Special Instructions" field what special shipping service you would like. We will promptly email an updated invoice to you.

Full Bicycle Frame & Fork Wheels (pr) in frame box
3 day East $90. $55. $60.
3 day West $145. $85. $120.
2 day East $120. $80. $100.
2 day West $220. $120. $165.
Next day East $230. $155. $185.
Next day West $280. $165. $210.


Sample UPS shipping fees for international shipments:

Country 2 pounds Full Bicycle Frame & Fork Wheels (pr)
Australia $140. $700. $470. $530.
Canada $14. $80. $55. $60.
England $125. $490. $330. $400.
France $125. $490. $330. $400.
Germany $125. $490. $330. $400.
Italy $125. $490. $330. $400.
Puerto Rico $TBD $160. $115. $125.
Singapore $135. $540. $380. $400.
Switzerland $140. $540. $400. $460.
Sweden $140. $540. $400. $460.
Spain $140. $540. $400. $460.
Japan $120. $540. $350. $400.


Sample DBS shipping fees* for international shipments:

*Important - DBS ships to their nearest airport. You will be notified on arrival at the airport you so can arrange pickup.

Country Full Bicycle Frame & Fork Wheels (pr)
Australia $320. $300. $300.
Canada Not available Not available Not available
England $265. $250. $260.
France $270. $260. $265.
Germany $225. $215. $220.
Italy $300. $290. $295.
Puerto Rico $420. $300. $400.
Singapore $360. $330. $340.
Switzerland $285. $275. $270.
Sweden $285. $275. $270.
Spain $260. $250. $255.
Japan $310. $275. $290.


International Flat Rate for small packages - $15.00 !

a)$15.00 ships anywhere for a USPS Supplied Small Box of 8 5/8" x 5 3/8" x 1 5/8" or USPS Supplied Envelope of 9 1/2" x 12 1/2". Maximum weight is 4 pounds and maximum insured value is $400. Though not guaranteed, delivery is usually 6-10 days.


International Postal shipping for larger packages:

Country 2 pounds 5 pounds Full Bicycle Frame & Fork Wheels (pr)
Australia $34 $47 Not available $375. (Global Express only) $80
Canada $22 $27 Not available $48 $80
England $34 $45 Not available $85 $80
Finland $34 $45 Not available $85 $80
France $34 $45 Not available $85 $80
Germany $34 $45 Not available $85 $80
Italy $34 $45 Not available $85 $80
Puerto Rico $27. $36. $140. $110. $80
Singapore $35 $48 Not available Not available $80
Switzerland $34 $45 Not available $85 $80
Sweden $34 $45 Not available $85 $80
Spain $34 $45 Not available $85 $80
Japan $35 $48 Not available $95 $95

Notes on International shipments ~ 

In the address form, use n/a (not applicable) if you do not use a state or yours is not represented  In the field for "special instructions", give us your choice for shipping as well as your full and accurate shipping address. We will email you a complete confirmation before we ship. If you do not enter a shipping option in the "Special Instructions" field then we will ship via the least expensive option that includes insurance, per the above rate charts.

Our shipping fees to an international destination are what we pay to UPS, DBS, or the U.S. Post Office. Depending on the rules of your country and/or province, your purchase may be subject to additional taxes, fees, or duties on arrival. Once the products arrive in your country, you may be required to pay the additional fees at your door or to the freight carrier. For all additional information contact your country's Customs Services or the nearest branch of the above listed shipping companies.


Shipments Via Parcel Post ~

Parcel Post shipments are typically less expensive than UPS, but there are several drawbacks. First, they are slower - often considerably slower. Though Parcel Post shipments frequently take just 5-10 days to arrive, they sometimes take up to 2 months! Also, though they are shipped fully insured except for Flat Rate, if a tracer needs to be run or a claim filed it often must be done by the customer from his/her end. In other words, though you can save quite a bit of money shipping by Parcel Post you must be prepared to wait longer and you must be prepared to handle any insurance or tracking claims by yourself after we give you the tracking number. If these drawbacks are not acceptable then be sure to instruct us to ship via UPS or DB Schenker.


Shipments to Canada ~ 

Our Canadian customers are subject to a variety of Duties and Taxes and these vary from province to province. A Federal "Goods and Services Tax" (GST) of 6% is due on all international shipments into Canada. Additionally, a Federal "Duty Tax" of from 1% to 3% might be applied to your purchase depending on country of origin of the specific products. Products manufactured in Mexico and the US are covered by the NAFTA accord and may be exempt from Duty. Products sold by us that are produced outside of the NATFA countries may be subject to other taxes.

A "Provincial Sales Tax" varies from province to province. Typically it is 8% to 10% (0% for Alberta) but, depending on the province, it may not be applied to an imported shipment.

UPS applies a "Brokerage fee" to Canadian shipments and this can be 10% or more depending on the value of the item(s) being shipped. Canada Post charges a flat fee. At the time of this original posting, 2009, it was $5.00.

To determine exactly what taxes or additional fees may apply to your order specifically we recommend you call Revenue Canada Customs Border Services at 800-461-9999.