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Service Parts ~

We carry a large inventory of service parts. The following are our most requested items. 


K-Edge Chain Catcher ~

Simple, ultralight solution to chain drop when moving to smallest chainring. Bolts onto front derailleur mount. Fits all braze-on mount road front derailleurs from Campagnolo, Shimano, and Sram. Machined and anodized in Idaho from 6061 T6 aluminum. Used by Pro Tour teams in the Tour de France and Paris-Roubaix. Includes mounting bolts. Weight is a mere 10 grams. In stock in black and gun metal gray .... $38.99    Add to CART


Ceramic ball bearing set for Campagnolo wheels ~

Click here: Campagnolo Wheels


Campagnolo Ergo Cable Set ~

About every 8,000 miles, sooner if they get sticky, you should replace your cable set. A new set will be smoother, more secure, and more comfortable to grip. This kit has all the parts you will need - both gear cables, both brake cables, and all the housing and ferrules to go with them. These are genuine Campagnolo replacement parts for unsurpassed quality. All cables and housings are long enough to fit a large sized road bike from the handlebar mounted Ergo shift levers. In stock in your choice of black, red, or white .... $69.99 (add $5.00 for red or white)   Add to CART


Speedline Sealed Derailleur Cables and Housing Set ~

Zero-compression Kevlar reinforced cable housing that is fully sealed for full protection in all weather conditions. Includes top-quality pre-stretched Teflon-coated inner cables. 1500mm x 2000mm. For all road and mountain bikes.

Qty:     Speedline derailleur cableset                     $38.99

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Slick Brake Sealed Brake Cables and Housing Set ~

Zero-compression Kevlar reinforced cable housing that is fully sealed for full protection in all weather conditions. Includes top-quality pre-stretched Teflon-coated inner cables. 1350mm x 2350mm. For all road and mountain bikes.

Qty: Brake Line brake cable set                          $38.99

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Torelli Derailleur adapters ~

These adapters allow you to attach a braze-on front derailleur to frames that do not have the brazed-on tab. They are light, strong, and stylish. All Shimano, Campagnolo, and Sram braze-on front derailleurs smoothly bolt to these. To determine your needed clamp size carefully measure the outside diameter of your frames' seat tube at the level of your large chainring.

Qty:       Torelli front derailleur clamp                  $12.99

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Campagnolo Seat Post Clamp ~

This is a very nice upgrade for nearly any bike. Available in three different sizes: 31.6-31.9mm, 34.9-35.2mm, 35.5-35.8mm. With a micrometer, carefully measure the outside diameter of the top of your seat tube to determine you size. Especially secure for carbon posts. Legendary Campagnolo quality, of course.

Qty: Campagnolo seat post clamp             $28.99

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Campagnolo Brake Hoods, 2009+ ~    

Now in stock in black, red, and white (add $6.00 for red or white)

These hoods fit the newest Campagnolo Ergo levers available starting in 2009. The dual density material is softer on the top for extra comfort and firmer on the sides for solid control. (These hoods will NOT fit older levers). Brake lever not included .... $38.99 pair     Add to CART


Campagnolo Brake Hoods, 1998-2008 ~

*In 1998 Campy started to produce their new "smaller style" ergo lever bodies for Chorus and Record. The other groups -  Athena, Daytona, Centaur, Veloce, and Mirage - changed in 1999.

Campy Ergo hoods for all 9 and 10 speed models since 1998 or 1999* and through 2008. Older Ergo models feature a larger hand grip that requires a larger hood - see below. Note the rounded top rather than the more pointy top pictured below. All of these hoods have the button holes for accessing Campy computer controls. Priced per pair .... $39.99    Add to CART


Older Ergo hoods ~  

These hoods fit all of the original Campagnolo Ergo levers (pre 1998). These are larger than the current models and have a pointy top as you can see in the picture. Priced per pair.

Qty:     Campagnolo Ergo hoods - older style            $32.99 pair

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Look ZED Chainrings ~

bulletThe ingeniously designed Look iPack crankset fits both standard and compact chainrings on the same arm!
bulletZED chainrings work with both 10 and 11 speed drivetrains
bulletIn stock in both standard gearing (53x39) and compact (50x34)
bulletRemember to add a pair of Look ZED chainrings to your 695 or 596 iPack frame kit order 
bullet$149.99 per pair   Add to CART


Campagnolo Double Chainrings ~

This can get a bit complicated. If you aren't sure what you need please email us with the Model, Year, and current size of your Campagnolo chainrings. We'll let you know what you need to order. Or, sent us a close up picture of your drive side crankset.

Outer rings come in two different designs: 4 arm for Record and post '05 Chorus plus 2007 Centaur, Veloce and Mirage. 5 arm rings are for pre '07 Centaur, Veloce, and Mirage and pre '06 Chorus. The difference is where the anti-suck pin is positioned. Count your externally exposed chainring bolts to verify your needs.

Bolt circle: Standard sized cranks have 135mm bolt circles and fit 53t and 52t large rings. Compact cranks have a bolt circle of 110mm and fit smaller rings such as 50t x 34.

All inner rings fit all models, except you do need to distinguish between 135mm standard bolt circle and 110mm compact (see above). Veloce and Mirage rings are stamped for economy while Record, Chorus, and Centaur rings are individually ground for even more precision and durability. All Campy rings feature a finely tuned 8-pin pickup system for the fastest shifting on the planet.

Campagnolo chainrings are specially designed to work as matched pairs. This aligns the pickup pins for the smoothest and fastest shifting. Therefore, select your outer rings according to the inner ring they'll be used with. For example, if your 53t ring will be used with a 39t inner ring then select a "53t for 39". Don't worry, you won't do any damage if you mismatch pairs; you'll just get a little less refinement in your shifting. Email us with any questions.

Caution - If your crankset came with 53 x 39 then you CANNOT put a 50t, 36t, or 34t ring on it. These rings are designed for 110mm compact cranks only and will not fit the full sized 135mm cranks.

Finish - The newest Campagnolo chainrings feature an anti-friction treatment (AFT) that smoothes shifting while increasing durability. All of our inner chainrings are AFT except for 44t. All outer chainrings for compact plus 53t and 52t for 4-arm cranks are AFT. The rest of the rings are not offered by Campagnolo in AFT: 55t, 54t, 44t, and the 5-arm 53 and 52. Confused yet? If so, just send us an email and we'll let you know what you can get for your crankset.

Inner chainrings ~

Qty:     Campagnolo inner chainring                       $89.99

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Outer chainring for 5 arm cranksets ~

Qty:   Campagnolo outer chainring for 5 arm      $119.99
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Outer chainring for 4 arm cranksets ~

Qty:   Campagnolo outer chainring for 4 arm                     $129.99

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Campagnolo Victory Chainrings ~

Campy's Victory, Triomphe, and Gran Sport double cranksets were very popular on intermediate bikes in the 1980s, especially on Italian brands like Bianchi, Atala, Bottecchia, Bennoto, etc. Many of these bikes are still on the road so we keep a supply of the chainrings in stock for those that need them. The cranks are quite easily identified by the unique squared-off triangle reinforcements leading to each bolt hole. To further check, measure the straight line distance from 1 hole to the next (per picture on right) and you should get 67mm. Actual bolt circle diameter "BCD" (in an arch) is 116mm. Includes 2 rings, 52t and 42t .... $89.99 pair    Add to CART 


Five Star Extralight Chainring bolts ~    2 grams per bolt!

For 5-arm double chainring cranksets including Shimano, Sram, FSA, Race Face, TruVativ, and older Campagnolo.

These featherweight chainring bolts weigh a mere 10 grams for all 5! Made of 7075 T6 alloy, they are designed to resist seizing even after years of use. Torx fittings front and back make them easy to install and very strong.           

Qty:     Five Star chainring bolts                                 $18.99 per set of 5
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Brake Pads ~

Campagnolo brake pads ~

Sold in sets of 4, these brake blocks fit all double pivot Campagnolo brakesets. In 2000, Campy changed the design a little. So if your double pivot brakes are from 1999 or older then purchase the older style. For 2000 through all current Campy brakes, purchase the new style. We keep both versions in stock. (For double pivot brakes only. Will not fit older Super Record, Delta, Victory, etc.)

2000 through current  .... $32.99/4    Add to CART

1999 and older .... $38.99/4    Add to CART


Shimano brake pads, R55C3 ~

Genuine Shimano brakes pads, the R55C3 is designed for secure and controlled grip in both wet and dry conditions. Fits Dura Ace (7900, 7800, & 7700), Ultegra (6600), 105 (5600, 5501, & 5500), and R600 Shimano brakes. Color is black. Packaged and priced per pair .... $11.99 per pair    Add to CART



Zipp Platinum brake pads ~

For all current Shimano, Sram, and Campagnolo road caliper rim brakes. Works on both aluminum and carbon rims. After more than 14 months of research and development in cooperation with Kool Stop, BP-Amoco, and SGL-Hitco (manufacturer of over 90% of the carbon discs used in Formula 1 auto racing), Zipp developed the world's first thermally conductive, low temperature brake pads. These pads used a matrix of high thermal conductive graphite fibers to transfer heat approximately 2 to 3 times better than copper with just 1/5th the weight. Zipp's pads minimize the possibility of tire flats from heat built. And they prolong the life of rim surfaces! Priced per pair ... $42.99    Add to CART


Torelli Brake pads ~

For all current Shimano or Campagnolo road brakes

True to form, Torelli has come up with another excellent product at a great price. These are specially designed brake pads for both Campagnolo and Shimano road brakes. Just pop out your old pads and slide these in. The Campys fit all models from 2000 and on. The Shimanos fit all current Dura-Ace, Ultegra, and 105. Price is per pair, so you'll need two pair to do both front and back brakes.

Qty:       Torelli brake pads                $9.99 per pair

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