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  Spinervals ~

Enjoy your indoor training with Spinervals ~  

The Spinervals series of indoor training DVDs was created in 1992 by top cycling and triathlon coach, Troy Jacobson. These high quality programs bring excitement to your indoor training with carefully paced exercise routines. Excellent graphics and stimulating music tracks to make your training time "spin" by.

bulletBuild endurance
bulletImprove your efficiency
bulletStrengthen your technique
bulletMaximize training time so you ride faster

Virtual Reality Rides     Fitness Series     Competition Series     Audio CDs


New titles ~   In stock now!

The Knee ~

From Coach Troy Jacobson's Home Rehabilitation Series. Stymied by an ailing knee yet too busy to go to physical therapy? Rehab your knee anywhere you can watch a DVD. All you need is 25 minutes, 3-4 times a week. Developed by certified orthopedic surgeons from Manhattan Orthopedic and Sports Medicine in conjunction with a certified physical therapist  .... $39.99    Add to CART


The Back ~

From Coach Troy Jacobson's Home Rehabilitation Series. Removes the hurdles to rehabbing your back. Increase back strength and improve range of motion Rehab your back anywhere you can watch a DVD. All you need is 20 minutes, 3-4 times a week. Developed by certified orthopedic surgeons from Manhattan Orthopedic and Sports Medicine in conjunction with a certified physical therapist  .... $39.99    Add to CART       


Endurance Booster ~

1 hour and 45 minute workout to build your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Designed for intermediate and advanced riders focusing on longer distance cycling events. Effectively combines the two keys to effective endurance training - moderate overloading of the system while allowing for adequate recovery .... $29.99    Add to CART   



Fitness Amplifier with Iron Girl ~

This 75 minute workout with Team Iron Girl that combines aerobic fat burning with high intensity power training. Build your own custom workout to meet your personal needs: technique, aero base builder, aerobic endurance, threshold training, and sprinting. Filmed on location at the Loews Las Vegas Resort .... $29.99    Add to CART



Extreme Threshold Training ~

A 65 minute workout to boost your anaerobic threshold. By boosting your anaerobic threshold you'll be more efficient and be able to generate more watts for a longer period of time before fatigue sets in. Incorporate this workout into your training schedule for faster bike splits! .... $29.99    Add to CART



Virtual Reality ~

Autumn Country Training Ride ~

In this relaxing DVD you ride with Coach Troy on location in some of the most beautiful terrain in the U.S. In a Virtual Reality format, you'll feel as if you are actually riding on the road as the scenery whisks by. The variety of terrain develops your aerobic capacity in a very effective 50 minute session.

Qty:      DVD - Spinervals Autumn Country Ride                                       $29.99

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Tucson ~

In this virtual reality cycling DVD, you'll enjoy the incredible desert scenery of Tucson Arizona as you ride on Troy's wheel, listening to his coaching advice along the way. This DVD contains two workout sessions plus a bonus feature.

Workout A - Mt. Lemmon Climb: Workout 'A' will take you from the base of Mt. Lemmon to over 5000 ft above sea level as you climb towards scenic Windy Point at around mile 14. Get ready for a tough 'threshold building' workout as you ride tempo up the mountain for over one hour! Then do the bonus chapter up to Summerhaven or turn around and join Troy for a quick and breathtaking descent down the mountain as you cool down.

Workout B - Gates Pass Ride: Workout 'B' is a varied workout for aerobic development and power building and will have you ride up the front side of famous Gates Pass Road into the breathtaking beauty of the Saguaro National Forest where you'll buzz around McCain Loop Road. Then, the suffering really happens as you climb up the backside of Gates Pass which kicks up to over a 14% grade!

Qty: Spinervals DVD - Tucson                                                               $34.99

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Lake Placid ~

Enjoy incredible scenery on Troy's wheel as he coaches you on proper technique, gear selection, and intensity during this high aerobic endurance training ride of about three hours duration. As this ride covers much of the race course for the famous Iron distance event in Lake Placid, you'll hear tips and suggestions on race day nutrition, pacing strategy, and more! 2 hours, 50 minutes

Qty: Spinervals DVD - Lake Placid                                                         $34.99

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Fitness Series  ~

The Spinervals Fitness videos and DVDs are great for cyclists who want a great workout that won't leave them too tired to enjoy the rest of the day! Train with Coach Troy and his guest athletes during these challenging but moderate intensity interval sessions. We also recommend these videos for more advanced cyclists during lower intensity and recovery oriented training days.

Time Saver I ~

Join Coach Troy Jacobson and 200 athletes from the Minnesota cycling community for a 30 minute 'Time Saver' workout, each designed to focus on a specific area of your fitness while saving TIME.


bulletWorkout 'A' - Technique: This 30 minute technique session includes one-legged drill work and high cadence pedaling to maximize your leg speed and create better efficiency on the bike.
bulletWorkout 'B' - Tempo/Time Trial (TT): Challenge yourself to maintain your maximum output above your anaerobic threshold during a set of leg burning 90 second reps.
bulletWorkout 'C' - Sprint/Power: Develop explosive power output and sprinting speed with short bursts of maximum intensity.

SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE - This disk includes a short interview with 3-Time Tour De France Winner and cycling legend, Greg LeMond, and an overview of Bicycle Maintenance with top bicycle mechanic, Kevin O'Connor.

Qty: Spinervals DVD - Time Saver I                                                     $34.99

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Aerobic Base V, Compilation ~

Aero Base Builder V by Coach Troy is an aerobic base training session combining some of the best sets from the first four Aero Base Builders in the Spinervals Series in a 2 hour workout. Athletes will find this workout to be ideal for longer aerobic training sessions and will enjoy the variety this workout has to offer. 120 minutes.

Qty:   Spinervals DVD - Aero Base V, a compilation                                   $29.99

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Competition Series ~

Workouts designed to make you a stronger and faster rider. While these are hard workouts, beginners are welcome too - just back off on the intensity.

Threshold Test & Suffer Fest ~

Discover your HEART RATE and POWER TRAINING ZONES while boosting your threshold!

This Threshold DVD serves two purposes: It's a great threshold building workout designed to boost your anaerobic threshold and sustainable power output for time trialing events including triathlons. And, it also functions as a repeatable 'field test' used by many prominent coaches and exercise physiologists to determine an athletes 'Functional Threshold', or that output of work (power) one can sustain on average over a 20 minute period.

By learning one's functional threshold and retesting it every 6-8 weeks, an athlete can accurately determine the proper training zones as well as assess their training progress over time. This form of performance testing is critical for anyone interested in getting faster on the bike and achieving optimal results through a structured training program.

Qty:   Spinervals DVD - Threshold Test                                            $29.99

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Hardcore 100 ~  Training for Century rides and Ironman distances

This workout comes on 3 disks and includes over 5 hours of progressively challenging interval sets. If done at a speed of around 18 mph, experienced cyclists can ride over 100 miles while simulating an actual Century training ride! Incorporated into a smartly designed training program, ultra long distance training has been shown to burn large amounts of stored fat, improve fatty acid metabolism, improve muscle endurance and boost aerobic capacity. This workout is highly recommended for athletes preparing for Century cycling events and Iron Distance Triathlons and will challenge even the most experienced and hard core cyclist!  

Qty:   Spinervals DVD - Hardcore 100                                                $39.99

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Mental Toughness ~
Mental toughness is about learning to tolerate discomfort. It is about training your mind to take your body to a new level. Spinervals 5.0 - Mental Toughness, is a 90 minute workout with the emphasis on steady state intervals. In the middle of the workout you will actually hop off the bike and participate in a set of isometric squats, the ultimate 'mental toughness' developing drill. This is the ideal workout for those longer sessions necessary to develop high-end aerobic conditioning. A great addition to your Spinerval Video collection!    

Qty:             Spinervals video - Mental Toughness                         $29.99

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Recovery and Technique ~
After the hard "hammer sessions" with your buddies, do this 45 minute workout for maximum technique and cycling skill development. Coach Troy takes you through several technique building sets including one-leg spinning drills and high cadence super spins.

Qty:            Spinervals - Recovery & Technique                              $29.99

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The Sprinting Machine ~

A 50 minute workout to increase your sprinting speed and power. Coach Troy guides you and 25 accomplished athletes from the Fort Wayne, Indiana cycling and triathlon community through this extremely intense training session. In it, you'll do sprints on a 5:1 rest to work ratio - ideal for improving fast twitch muscle fiber response and your ATP-CP energy system. Combined with a tough set of Plyometric jumps, this workout will take you to your limits as you become known to your training partners as the 'Sprinting Machine'!

Qty:      DVD - The Sprinting Machine                                                        $29.99

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Bending Crank Arms ~

50 minutes of on-and-off the bike training designed for maximum strength development. Includes work with dumbbells plus on the bike strengthening with big, big gears.

Qty:      DVD - Bending Crank Arms                                                          $29.99

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Recharge ~

For your easy days! Highly recommended!

Recharge keeps your leg muscles supple and relaxed between hard workouts. This lower intensity training session is designed to promote technique development and faster recovery. It's the perfect workout for your easy days .... $29.99    Add to CART


Totally Time Trial ~

90 minutes of tough interval sessions to really make you suffer! Coach Troy Jacobson takes you through very strenuous 15 minute efforts designed to improve your focus, pedal stronger, and last longer. Available in DVD only.

Qty:      Spinervals DVD - Totally Time Trial                                             $29.99

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Audio CD ~

This is an excellent Audio-Only workout, great indoors as well as on your bike. Just make sure that while riding outdoors you can still easily hear traffic around you.  For riding-specific earphones click here:  Earphones

MegaWatts ~ Highly recommended!

To develop maximum power on the bike you need to do explosive repetitions and allow for almost complete recovery between efforts. Coach Troy coaches you through a highly effective power-building routine of short, high-intensity sprints to make you 1st over the line in the next bunch sprint .... $18.99    Add to CART