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Track Parts ~

For track wheels click here:   Track Wheels


Track Kit ~

Here are all the parts you need to build a track frame into a full bike with the exception of pedals, and if your frameset needs one, a headset.

Parts: All City 612 alloy track crankset with 46t chainring and JIS bottom bracket, Miche rear cog (14t - 18t) with holder and lockring, Sram Nickel 1/8" track chain, ProLogo Kappa Evo saddle, Deda RXS-01 seatpost, Deda-Bianchi track handlebar (40cc), and a light alloy stem by Deda, TTT, or comparable in your choice of length. The stems can all sit at + or -6 degrees for your choice of speed or comfort. Bar tape is Torelli Moda.

Wheels: 2014 Mavic Ellipse clinchers with flip-flop rear hub (fixed on one side and option for single speed freewheel on other)

Tires: Clincher tires are Michelin Lithion 2 in your choice of all black, black. red,, black.yellow, or black.gray. Includes extralight inner tubes. 

We can easily sub other parts, just let us know what you have in mind.

Free Labor - purchase a track frame and parts kit from us at the same time and our expert mechanics will fully install all parts and test ride your bike at no extra charge!

Track kit complete, no headset or pedals .... $999.99


Vittoria Pista CS tubular tires ~

Track-specific training and racing tubular (glue-on) tire from the experts at Vittoria. 220 tpi cotton casing for excellent contour on the banks mated to a Kevlar 3D diamond tread for durability and dependable grip on both concrete and wood. Size is 700 x 22c, pressure range of 115 to 170 psi, weight is 270 grams, color is black .... $48.99 each    Add to CART


Torelli Cromoly track fork ~

Click here: Track Frames



Campagnolo Record Track Crank ~

The legendary Record Track crank - strong, precise, and beautiful. Includes 144 mm chainring with 1/8" traditional track pitch. Available in 165 or 170 mm lengths, the 170mm version weighs 592 grams. Fits 111mm square tapered spindle with Campagnolo taper.

Qty:         Campagnolo Record Track crank            $419.99

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Campagnolo Record Track Bottom Bracket ~

Campagnolo's newest bottom bracket, sealed cartridge bearings with a carbon composite central sleeve, 111 mm forged cromoly spindle. Available in 68mm with English (BSC) threads or 70mm with Italian threads. The weight is 220 grams.

Qty:           Campagnolo Record Track bottom bracket      $149.99
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Campagnolo Record Track Hubs ~

Campagnolo has returned exclusively to their low flange track design. Both hubs are nutted with solid cromoly axles. The rear hub is threaded on one side and includes the reverse threaded lockring. Weight of front hub is 204 grams while the rear is 284 grams. 

Qty:   Campagnolo Record Track hub        $229.99

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*Campagnolo Track seatpost, headset, and pedals = use the standard Campagnolo road components.  Parts - Road


Sugino 75 Pro Track Crankset ~

A high quality clone of Campagnolo's legendary track crankset, the Sugino 75 has been a staple on the professional track circuit for several decades. Cold forged for strength then milled for precision and light weight (672 grams). Available in 165mm and 170mm lengths, includes machined 49t track chainring with 1/8" pitch and 144mm bolt circle. Fits 109mm square tapered spindle with ISO taper. Finish is hand polished silver .... $349.99    Add to CART


FSA Carbon Pro Track Crankset ~

Professional level track crankset that is both beautiful and strong. Made of 1-piece unidirectional carbon fiber with a gloss finish. Included 49 tooth chainring is CNC machined from AL-7075 aluminum alloy. 1/8" pitch fits all standard track chains. Chainring circle is 144mm. Requires 108mm ISIS bottom bracket. Weight is 809 grams. Color is black .... $329.99     Add to CART



Miche Advanced Track Crankset ~

High quality Italian track crankset of 1-piece forged alloy plus laser-etched 49 tooth x 1/8"  chainring of 7075 Ergal alloy. Bolt circle is 144mm so it fits pro track rings from Campy, FSA, Sugino, Shimano, and Miche. Weight is 629 grams. Color is silver with black ring.

Qty: Miche Advanced Track crankset                $229.99

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World Class titanium Bottom Bracket, square taper ~

For Miche track cranks. Titanium spindle with sealed cartridge bearings. Weight is a mere 165 grams! We've used these bottom brackets for close to 10 years and they've worked flawlessly - a nice place to drop nearly a quarter pound! Length is 107mm x 70mm, thread is Italian.

Qty: World Class Titanium bottom bracket, 107mm, Ital                $159.99

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Miche Primato Track Bottom Bracket ~

Sealed cartridge bearing bottom bracket to fit the Miche Advanced Track crankset. 107mm ISO square-tapered cromoly spindle with special zinc plating and aluminum cups. Weight is 275 grams. Available in Italian or English thread.

Qty: Miche Primato Track Bottom Bracket             $32.99

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Miche Advanced Track Chainrings ~

Vary your track gearing by changing the size of your chainring and/or rear cog. These pro quality rings are made in Italy of CNC-machined 7075 aluminum alloy then anodized black and laser etched. Fit is for 1/8" chains. Available in all sizes 46 to 52 tooth. Bolt circle is 144mm to match Campagnolo Record Pista as well as the Miche Advanced crank.

Currently available: 48, 49, and 50 tooth only.

Qty: Miche Advanced Track Chainring                  $89.99

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Miche Primato Track Hubs ~

Made in Italy. High flange track hubs with sealed cartridge bearings and lightweight alloy bodies. The rear hub has left-hand track threading (1.37 "x 24tpi) on one side. Lockring is included (1.32" x 24tpi). Front and rear hubs include chrome plated axle nuts. Color is polished silver. Front = 240 grams and rear = 346 grams. Available in spoke drillings of 28, 32, and 36 hole.

Rear Hub ~

Qty:   Miche rear track hub                                 $74.99

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Front Hub ~

Qty: Miche front track hub                                 $64.99

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Miche Track Cogs ~

Made of special heat treated, nickel-plated steel that uses a unique support holder (see below) that eliminates the wear and tear of continuous threading and unthreading. Fits 1/8" track chains .... $14.99 each    Add to CART   


Miche Track Cog Holder ~

This ingenious ring supports Miche track cogs so you aren't continuously treading and unthreading different sized cogs. It is needed in order to use Miche track cogs, but only 1 holder is needed for any number of Miche cogs. Threading is 1.37' x 24 tpi .... $10.99    Add to CART


FSA Track Chainrings ~

Made of 7075-T6 aluminum and precision ground to accept standard track chains of 1/2 x 1/8" width. The bolt diameter is 144m to fit FSA Vigorelli, Campagnolo Record, Dura Ace, and Sugino 75 track cranks. Your choice of 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, or 52 teeth. Color is black.

Qty:     FSA Track chainring, 144mm                            $74.99

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All-City Cecil Pro track pedals ~

Pro quality track pedals designed after the legendary Campagnolo track pedals. Includes sealed bearings and cut-away cages for extra corner clearance. Drilled and slotted to accept all traditional toe clips and straps. Color is black, weight is 124 grams per pedal. Equally at home on the road .... $48.99 pair    Add to CART 


Deda Elementi Pista bar ~   In good stock!

Classic track handlebar for pursuit, sprint, and aggressive points racing. Made of heat treated and double butted 6061 T6 aluminum alloy, it is both strong and light. Width is 40cm center to center so you can sneak through a tight pack. 17.3cm drop with 10.9cm reach. Fits 31.7-31.8 stems. Weighs 310 grams, color is black .... $89.99    Add to CART


Deda-Bianchi Cromoly Track bar ~   In stock now!

Specially made for Bianchi by Deda, this is a classic track bar for pursuit, sprint, and aggressive points racing. Made of extruded cromoly, it is super strong for even the most powerful sprinter. It's 40cm wide so you can sneak through a tight pack, drop is 17.3cm and reach is 10.9 cm. It fits all standard road stems (26.0). Logo may be Deda (on left) or Bianchi RC (on right) .... $59.99    Add to CART


Cinelli Classic stems ~  

These are the classic Cinelli road stems that many riders use on the track for a less aggressive front positioning. The drop angle is traditional minus 17 degrees. The clamp size is 26.4 so it can only be used with 26.4 Cinelli bars such as the 65-40 above. And, they can only be used with traditional threaded forks, not threadless.

Click here for classic Cinelli stems: Stems


Shimano Dura Ace cogs ~

Stocked in both 3/32" for standard road chains and 1/8" for beefier track chains. 1.37" x 24 tpi, black.

Qty: Shimano Dura Ace track cog         $44.99

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Surly cogs ~

Stocked in both 3/32" for standard road chains and 1/8" for beefier track chains. 1.37" x 24 tpi, silver. Drilled for extra weight savings.

Qty: Surly track cog             $29.99

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Shimano Dura Ace lockring ~

1.29" x 24 tpi, left handed thread. Fits all practically all track hubs except Campagnolo and Miche. Heat treated for extra durability.  

Qty:   Shimano Dura Ace track lockring                            $12.99

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Dimension lockring ~

1.29" x 24 tpi, left handed thread. Fits all practically all track hubs except Campagnolo and Miche.

Qty:   Dimension track lockring                                      $6.99

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Track Chain: Sram PC-1, nickel ~

The newest version of the standard in track chains for years and years. Size is traditional 1/2" x 1/8" to fit all 1/8" track pitch cogs and chainrings. Weight is 322 grams.  Special nickel finish that looks hot and drops 10 grams in weight from the previous model. Includes connector link.

Qty:   Sram PC-1 track chain, nickel                            $14.99

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