Aero Bars
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Aero Time Trial Bars  ~



Pinarello Anura Bar




HED Clip Lite Carbon Aero Clip-on Bar ~    Just 295 grams!

This very lightweight clip-on aerobar will transform your everyday road bike into a bike worthy of competing against the clock, beating the wind, or simply adding an extra comfortable position for longer rides. The Clip Lite is made from CNC machined aluminum clamps joined to carbon fiber extenders and carbon arm cups. A very important feature: the arm pads flip up out of the way when you aren't using them. So, you don't lose the handgrip positions on the tops of your regular drop bars. Length is easily adjusted for all riders by cutting the extensions at either end. Available in your choice of 26.0 traditional handlebar clamp size or 31.8 for oversized handlebars. Color is carbon black .... $349.99    Add to CART   

Stocked in 3 bends:

bulletLower "S" bend - straight wrists for stronger hill climbing while seated. Best for time trialing.
bulletLazy "S" bend - more upright position that still allows for aggressive climbing while seated
bulletTraditional "J" bend, also called a "ski" bend - for highest hand position in front. Best for long, comfortable rides. 



Deda Kronos ~         595 grams

Advanced full carbon construction weighs in at just 595 grams complete for bullhorn basebar and integrated extensions. Aero extensions with ski-bend are easily adjusted for custom length. Arm pads are adjustable in both width and front-to-back. Compatible with all standard diameter reverse brake levers. Cables can be routed internally or on sides. Fits 31.7-31.8 OS stems .... $699.99    Add to CART 

bulletInternal or side cable routing
bullet40cm center to center on base bar, 42cm outside to outside
bulletshock absorption pads on bullhorn grips
bulletergonomically cushioned forearm pads
bullet13-15cm adjustable forearm pad width
bullet3cm of front-to-back forearm pad adjustment
bullet25.5-32.5 cm easy-adjust extension length


Devox Carbon Aero ~        595 grams

The Devox Carbon Aero Bar was designed to cut time against the clock by cutting frontal area and decreasing weight. The carbon base bar offers both rise and drop positions while the carbon f-bend extensions give 3 positions for maximum comfort and versatility. No other aero bar is as aerodynamic and light while offering as many fit options. Fits 26.0 stems plus 31.8 with included adapter. Color is black .... $799.99    Add to CART

bulletMade of Ultra Hybrid Carbon (UHC) with Nano technology
bulletWind tunnel-perfected design
bulletInternal cable routing
bullet42cm center to center on base bar, 44cm outside to outside
bullet17-19cm adjustable forearm pad width
bullet16-32cm easy-adjust extension length

Zipp Vuka Stealth ~

ELEGANT-AERO-ADJUSTABLE        820 grams including brake levers

Zippís new Vuka Stealth is sleek, clean, and with a stunning 1,920 fit options it is almost endlessly adjustable. Precisely dial in your position for maximum comfort and efficiency while optimizing your bodyís wind drag. The Vuka Stealth integrates the stem, basebar, and mounting hardware into a single streamlined aero system. The base bar
uses a truncated airfoil shape that maximizes aerodynamic efficiency while maintaining the UCIís 3:1 aspect ratio requirement. The Stealth uses the industry standard 22.2 mm extension clamp diameter, making it compatible with Zippís Vuka Extensions (Race, Straight, Ski-tip or Race Vuka Shift styles) as well as most extensions on the market. Extensions are sold separately (see below) .... $1049.99    Add to CART

bulletMaterial: unidirectional carbon fiber with titanium and aluminum hardware
bullet820grams complete (medium stem length with Zipp Vuka Race carbon extensions).
bulletIntegrated stem and bar (42cm outside-to-outside)
bullet10, 25, 50mm stack risers included to raise both the armrest and extensions
bulletRapid Routing cable exits designed for easy installation


Zipp VukaAero System ~

"The only feature not built in was compromise!"

860 grams including brake levers

The VukaAero's patented biaxial compression sleeve creates extension adjustability with just 2 hidden bolts and almost no additional frontal area to slow you down. The compression sleeve system allows for an industry first of +/- 2.50 of angular adjustability in any direction including vertical so you don't need to angle the entire basebar to tweak your hand position.

The aerodynamic wing section, first developed for sail planes, is equally impressive. It can be angled as much as 5 degrees to further optimize your position  without penalty of drag. The Vuka Aero is the only integrated aerobar on the market that passed EFB's fatigue testing!

Comfort features include hand grips that perfectly replicate the position of the brake hoods on a standard drop bar. The carbon brake levers are shaped for superior comfort and control. Carbon fiber elbow pads offer 3 width options (16, 17, and 18cm) when bolted to the basebar and over 20 when paired with the optional forged adjustment wings. They are covered with an industry 1st dual density EVA foam pad covered in stitched anti-bacterial Lycra for superior comfort and durability.

Zipp VukaAero bar with elbow clips ~

Start your VukaAero system with this carbon base bar. Fully integrated elbow pads and carbon brake levers are included. Fits all 31.8mm stems .... $849.99    Add to CART



Zipp Vuka Carbon Extensions ~      Just 100 grams per pair!

Finish your VukaAero or Vuka Bull system Zipps carbon extensions. Extensions are available in 3 different bends to suit every riding style. The most popular bend, the "Chicane" (on right), successfully blends aerodynamics with comfort. For those ready for an even more aggressive position, the "Straight Grip" allows for improved aerodynamics and more pull on climbs. The high bend "Ski Grip" is for riders that want a more relaxed position for long distance events and touring.  *Cutting instructions: Cut from shifter end only. Leave apx 3 cm of end for the shifter plunger, apx 4-5 of the scored lines on the bar). .... $129.99 pair    Add to CART


Zipp VukaShift Extensions ~

VukaShift extensions combine Zipp's most popular bend, the chicane, with an integrated shifter mount that brings the shift levers as much as 3cm closer to your hands. This decreases the amount of arm movement needed to execute a shift. Less movement saves energy while improving aerodynamics and control. VukaShift extensions work with both the VukaAero and Vuka Bull systems. Available in specific shapes for VukaR2c, Sram, or Shimano shifters. Weight is 120 grams per pair .... $189.99    Add to CART


Zipp Vuka elbow extender wings ~

Need extra elbow room? The VukaAero and Vuka Bull Clips allow 3 adjustments in width. These Vuka wings allow an additional 6 positions for even the widest upper bodies .... $24.99 pair    Add to CART


Zipp Vuka R2C Shifters ~

Bar-end shifters were first mounted on clip-on bars to eliminate the need to move your hand to the downtube for shifting. Zipp has made bar-end shifting even more seamless and aerodynamic by designing a shifter that always returns to the middle position after each shift. No more awkward hand movement, no more elbow lift! Tests show that R2C return-to-center shift levers save approximately 6 seconds over 40km. Available for Sram or Shimano drivetrains, 180 grams per pair .... $329.99 pair    Add to CART


Zipp Vuka Bull Aero System ~

The Vuka Bull aero system is the culmination of numerous material and processing technologies perfected by Zipp, #1 carbon maker in the bicycle industry. With more options than any other, the Vuka Bull is the most adjustable aerobar system available. A revolutionary compression sleeve design allows the extensions to be adjusted without tools for both length and rotation. Plus, the extensions can be cut up to 9cm for an overall length adjustment of nearly 12cm.  

Shot-peened alloy pad holders are covered with the highest quality EVA foam pads. They can be adjusted to 3 different widths either directly on the basebar or 12.5mm behind the bar. The pad wings can be rotated forward or rearward for a total of 42 different fitting positions!


Zipp Vuka Bull base bar ~

Start your Vuka Bull system with the patented carbon Bull base bar. This UCI-legal aero bars perfectly combines aerodynamics and comfort. Made of unidirectional UHM carbon, this 210gram bar is still stiff enough for aggressive climbing and sprinting. Internal cable routing decreases wind turbulence. Center clamp diameter is for 31.8mm stems. Available with zero drop from center to hands or 40mm drop .... $229.99    Add to CART


Vuka Clips ~

Add the Vuka Clip elbow pads. Vuka clips are extremely aero yet maintain all the adjustability of their less aero competitors. Patented compression sleeves control fore-aft, vertical, rotational, and angular adjustment so you can dial in a perfect fit with a minimum of fuss, no tools needed. The replaceable EVA foam pads can be mounted directly above or 12.5mm behind the base bar. Pads can be rotated in 42 different positions for personalized comfort. Adjustable in width to 16, 17, or 18cm. Made of shot-peened AL-2014 aluminum for durability, black anodized to resist corrosion caused by sweat. Vuka Clips fit 26.0 bars of any make and include 31.8mm adapters for all oversized bars - drop and bullhorn. Weight is 390 grams .... $169.99 pair    Add to CART

Vuka Extensions ~

Finish your Vuka Bull System with your choice of carbon extensions (above). Add elbow extenders, shift levers, and/or brake levers as desired.

Zipp Vuka Brake Levers ~

Carbon aero brake levers that perfectly mesh with the Vuka Bull base bar .... $139.99 pair    Add to CART



Vision Alloy Basebar ~

6061/T6 triple butted and smooth welded bullhorn bar. Fits all standard 26.0 clamp stems and accepts all standard 26.0 clamp-on aero bars such as the Vision Tech, Easton, and Profile clip-ons listed below. 

Qty:      Vision Tech Alloy Base Bar                $109.99

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Easton EC70 Carbon Clip-On Aero Bar ~

Full carbon taperwall monocoque construction including the pad supports, bottom mounted clamp for clean looks and easy rotational adjustment. Width adjustment is done by a patented "ARC" system that is easily accessed without removing the pads. Cantilevered support of the arm pads allows them to take up road shock. Weight is just 320 grams!

bulletSmall = 13.5" or less
bulletMedium = 13.5-15"
bulletLarge = 15" or more
Fitting guide: Measure from the end of your elbow to the end of the knuckles of your clenched fist

In stock to fit standard 26.0 handlebars and oversized 31.8 bars!

Qty:          Easton EC70 Carbon clip-on bar            $279.99

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