Clicks & Squeaks
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 Bicycle Trouble Shooting ~



Those little clicks and Squeaks:

With so many moving parts used in varied road conditions, weather, and climate even the most refined bicycles sometimes pick up noises such as clicks or squeaks. A loud or regular noise should be promptly examined by a trained bicycle mechanic. Small intermittent clicks or squeaks can usually be overlooked unless they become regular, loud, or just annoying. Our mechanics are specially trained to search out squeaks and clicks in a step-by-step procedure. After identifying the noise by test riding our mechanic will clean, lubricate, and reassemble the most obvious culprits then proceed down the list. Each step is followed by a test ride until the noise is determined to be gone.

Due to their nature, we cannot guarantee the elimination of noises that only show up intermittently. But In the most trying cases, our mechanics will ride alongside you until a noise is recognizable.

Labor charge is $60 for initial diagnosis and $60 per hour for additional time past the first hour. New parts, if needed, are additional unless covered by the manufacturer's warranty. 


Warranty Service for clicks or squeaks:

Though manufacturers do not cover or rebate our labor costs, Cycles BiKyle extends the following courtesies to the original owners of bicycles purchased from us:

bulletFirst 3 months = no charge for a regularly occurring squeak or click
bulletSecond 3 months = 60% discount on labor
bulletRemainder of 1st year of ownership = 30% discount from Cycles BiKyle

Date of ownership is figured from the date of delivery

To schedule a troubleshooting appointment please call or email our shop:                       (610) 525-8442