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Finding your size ~


Fitting a Quintana Roo wet suit can be a "sticky" proposition. Use the guidelines below to assist you. They are actual recommendations from Quintana Roo. Expect these numbers to provide you with a true "skin tight" fit. If you would like a little looser fit that is easier to get off and on then go up one size. 

Tip: To try on a wetsuit dry (out of the water) put a plastic bag around each foot and hand. Then, slide the wetsuit over. You'll find the suit much easier to get on. 


Use Body Glide. Body Glide is a stick lubricant that should be applied to all primary contact spots under the wetsuit. Knees, elbows, armpits, crotch - these are all good candidates. DO NOT use petroleum jelly. That will break down the materials in your wetsuit and void your warranty. Body Glide, made independently from QRoo, is the only lubricant that QR recommends. 



  Size Weight (lb) Height (ft)   Weight (kg) Height (cm)
Men: XS 123-136 5'6"-5'10" 56-62 168-178
SM 137-150 5'6"-5'11" 62-68 168-180
MS 151-163 5'10"-6'2" 68-74 178-187
MD 164-177 5'10"-6'3" 74-80 178-190
ML 178-193 5'11"-6'4" 81-87 180-198
LG 190-215 5'11"-6'5" 87-98 167-178
XL 205-235 6'0"-6'6" 93-107 185-201
XXL 235-251 6'1"-6'7" 107-114 152-163
Women: XS 95-108 5'0"-5'4" 43-49 157-163
SM 109-122 5'2"-5'7" 49-55 157-170
MD 123-138 5'4"-5'10" 55-62 162-178
LG 139-155 5'5"-5'11" 63-79 165-180
XL 155-168 5'6"-6'0"   70-76 168-183


Shortening the legs or arms:

If the legs or arms on your QR wetsuit are too long you can cut them, no problem. If you cut up to about 2" the suit will still look normal and balanced. Cut more than that and your suit may start to look a little unusual, but it will still function normally. To cut your suit, mark a clear straight line at the correct new length on each arm or leg. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut cleanly along the lines. That's all there is to it!