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Counterfeit Pinarello frames ~


August 2011


Pinarello has advised us that that counterfeit Pinarello frames are currently being sold in the United States. These frames are coming from businesses or individuals in China and are being sold, perhaps unknowingly, by some bicycle dealers in the U.S. These frames have been branded and painted to look like Pinarellos, but have obviously not been subject to the strict quality control and testing that genuine Pinarello frames must go through. Examples they have uncovered are easily recognized by an experienced Pinarello dealer as they are not made with Torayca® carbon, may not have Italian threaded bottom brackets, and do not use or fit proprietary small parts including Pinarello headsets. For example, imitation Pinarello Dogma frames have been spotted accepting a traditional round seat post rather than the Dogma’s proprietary oval seat post.


In some instances, these frames are being supplied without the necessary small parts such as bottom bracket cable guides, seat post clamps and rear derailleur hangers. Genuine Pinarello parts typically do not fit these frames.


It is important to note that these are not Pinarello frames. They are not made in the Pinarello factory, are not made from the proprietary materials and processes that are only available to Pinarello and are not subject to Pinarello’s stringent quality controls. Therefore, they will in no way perform like a Pinarello bike nor can their safety or suitability for use be determined.


Since the origin of these frames cannot be determined, there is almost certainly no manufacturer's warranty or liability insurance in case of failure. There are already several instances in shops and on the internet of failures of counterfeit frames.


For your protection, make sure your Pinarello purchase is from an officially authorized Pinarello dealer.


Cycles BiKyle is an officially authorized Pinarello dealer and has been since 1995.