Helmet Fit
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 Helmet Fitting ~





Measurement Guidelines                   

Giro Head circumference
Small 20 - 21.75"
Medium 21.75 - 23.25"
Large 23.35 - 24.75"
XL (Savant) 24.75 - 25.25"


Mavic Head circumference
Small 20.1 - 22"
Medium 21.3 - 23.2"
Large 22.4 - 24.8"



*** Safety Guidelines and Checks ~


I. Helmets should fit snuggly, though not uncomfortably. Before putting on, release the rear “Rok Lok” so it doesn’t confuse the fit. Test a helmet a size smaller to verify that it actually is too small.

II. Never wear a helmet tipped back to expose your forehead. *The front of the helmet should be positioned to keep the front lower lip of the helmet just above the eyebrows! When correctly positioned, the helmet will be parallel to the ground.

III. The helmet straps should join just below and in front of the ears. If the helmet slips back, then move the clips more forward. This will keep the helmet sitting just above the eyebrows.

IV. Keep the chin strap fastened and the strap pulled moderately snug. Make sure the strap is back against the throat, NOT on the point of the chin.

V. Make sure the loose end of the chin strap passes through the second buckle loop or the rubber "O" ring so that it cannot slide loose.

VI. Adjust rear "lock ring" so that it exerts a firm, but comfortable pressure on the lower back portion of the head. The strapping should rest just below the bump on the back of the head (the occipital lobe) and press slightly against it.

VII. Do a careful final check on fit:

    A. grab the helmet with both hands and twist to the left and right. If the helmet fits correctly the skin on the forehead will move as the helmet moves.

    B.      grab the helmet with both hands and roll it front and backward as far as you can. Make a serious effort. If you can roll the helmet off the head completely in either direction, or forward so that it blocks vision, or backward far enough to expose the forehead, then it does not fit correctly! Take further steps to adjust the helmet or try another model.


VIII. Lastly, never use a helmet that has been in a crash; its protection is now greatly compromised. And, helmet materials break down; replace every 3-5 years as a matter of course. The protective Styrofoam hardens over time. Therefore, it's effectiveness decreases over time. Your brain is not replaceable so replace your helmet regularly!