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*All Cycles BiKyle helmets are CSPC certified with no counterfeits!


All helmets at Cycles BiKyle are genuine first run directly from the maker or official USA distributor - no counterfeits! We've narrowed the search to our most highly recommended - based on protection, ventilation, weight, and style. And just like bikes, your security and comfort are directly dependant on fit. Our expert staff will professionally narrow your choices based on your individual fit. Don't trust your head to anything less!

Important tips on Helmet Fit and adjustment


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Cat Helmet Pod ~    "Use a pod, save your noggin'!"   

In STOCK now - after a 2 year absence, this top seller is back in stock now. Transport and protect your valuable helmet with this top quality helmet pod - made of dense shell Rilsan covered with durable stretch nylon. Includes heavy duty 2-direction nylon zipper, elastic upper for automatic and secure custom fit, plus nylon mesh for ventilation through the base. Fits most helmets except those with full face guards. Weight is 48 grams and color is black (helmet not included) .... $48.99    Add to CART



*CPSC Certified - Guaranteed factory firsts ~

All our helmets are CPSC Certified. This means they all comply with U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) standards for bicycle helmet protection.  And all are genuine factory firsts. We guarantee at Cycles BiKyle that every helmet is genuine first quality production directly from the manufacturer or official USA representative - no dangerous counterfeits or seconds here. Don't trust your head to anything less!