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Lightweight Road Wheels ~

Cycles BiKyle is the mid-Atlantic's fully authorized dealer for Lightweight wheels, frames, and accessories.



Completely handmade in Germany, Lightweight makes the lightest and most coveted wheels on the planet. Continuously refined by feedback from the world's most competitive cyclists, Lightweight's wheels have been a prominent part of every championship race and major cycling tour since 1995.




Completely handmade in Germany including hubs


Hubsets feature carbon shells with aluminum flanges


Available in 3 rim depths plus solid disc


Graphics on all are laser etched “Lightweigt” on sides with small white tag for model name


Quick release skewers, valve extenders, bag, brake pads, and owners manual are included with every wheel

Optional Graphics and Ceramic Bearings ~

Lightweights most popular wheels are offered in 3 different graphic packages. On the standard package the Lightweight name is laser etched on the sidewalls and a small white logo indicates the model. The Weiss (white) edition highlights the wheels with white spokes and white hub bodies. The Schwarz (black) Edition includes black-on-black graphics plus Ceramic Speed bearings for the fastest, most efficient ride available.


28mm Gipfelsturm  Tubulars ~   (1025 grams per pair)

28mm rim depth, tubular only. Originally developed for Jan Ulrich and Marco Pantani for some of the uphill TT's at the Tour. Pantani wanted a wheelset where he wouldn't get blown off the bike and Ulrich wanted lighter weight  .... $5599.99 per pair    Add to CART




48mm Meilenstein Clinchers and Tubulars ~  (1100 grams per pair)

The core Lightweight wheelset. Features 48mm carbon rims. Available in both tubular and clincher versions. Also available with ceramic speed bearing upgrade.

$5599.99 pair in tubulars

$5899.99 pair in clinchers    Add to CART

Now available with new option of black rims with white hubs and white spokes!

*Front Meilenstein wheels are available in your choice of either 16 or 20 spokes. You can base your choice on body weight - 16 spokes for 195 lbs and under and 20 spokes for 196 lbs+. However, your need for lateral stiffness is a more important consideration. Though a pinch heavier and a bit less aero, 20 spoke wheels are stiffer side-to-side. In our experience, 16 spoke fronts work very well for most riders. But if you desire extra stiffness in the corners or like to torque your bike heavily side-to-side, particularly in sprints, then 20 spokes will be a better option. Perhaps a comparison to pro riders will help you in your decision. Cipollini, a powerful sprinter, preferred a 20 spoke front while all-purpose riders such as Contador, Armstrong, and Ulrich rode with 16h fronts. Price is the same for either spoking pattern.


48mm Meilenstein "Obermayer" ExtraLite Tubular Edition (940 grams per pair) ~

A super light tubular wheelset with 48mm carbon rims .... $7299.99/pair

Available options: lazer etched grapics, white spokes and hubs, ceramic bearings. Please inquire .... BiKyle Support


80mm Fernweg ~    (1420 grams per pair)

Features 80mm front and rear deep carbon rims. Available in clincher or glue-on tubulars. Front wheel has 16 spokes, is lighter than the Autobahn -  best for power road races and hillier Tri's.

$6999.99 pair in tubular

$7899.99 pair in clinchers



Autobahn Speed Series ~

Comprised of Autobahn rear disc wheel (tubular only) and 80mm deep carbon front. The Autobahn front wheel has 8 spokes and an extra solid large flange aero hub. Autobahns are specially designed for prologue Time Trials and flatter Tri courses. Once you get up to speed they rock-n-roll!

78mm rear tubular disc .... $4699.99    Add to CART

80mm tubular front  .... $3699.99    Add to CART   



Triathlon Recommendation ~

For Kona and other full distance triathlons Cycles BiKyle recommends an 80mm Fernweg rear wheel. For the front, we suggest an 80mm Fernweg for moderate wind conditions and a 48mm Meilenstein for particularly windy days.