How To Pack
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How to Pack Your Bike 


Supplies needed -


hex wrenches, usually a 4 and 5 mm required


electrical tape


pedal wrench (typically a correctly sized hex wrench or thin 15mm wrench with long handle for leverage)


pipe insulation (and other padding material as needed)


zip ties or string



Procedure -

  1. Wrap a piece of electrical tape around the base of your seatpost to mark the correct height

  2. Remove the seatpost but keep the seat attached

  3. Create some slack in brake cables by undoing the quick releases on the brake arms or at the levers. Slacken shifter cables by putting the chain in the big ring/big cog combo then, without pedaling, shift down. If possible, take cables out of the frame stops. Loosening the cables gives you room to remove and position the handlebar.

  4. Separate the handlebar from the bike by removing the bolts that clamp it into the stem.  Loop the bar around the fork and secure it with some zip ties. Pack your computer head in a safe spot.

  5.  Remove the pedals - right pedal counter-clockwise, left pedal clockwise.

  6. Take off the front and rear wheels then remove the quick release skewers

  7. Wrap tubes, fork, rear derailleur and crankarms with some protective insulation

  8. Zip tie the right crankarm to the chainstay so it can't rotate.

  9. Zip tie the chain to the chainstay so it doesn't get tangled.

  10. Slip it all into the case. If your case has a mounting bracket, secure it now. Use rags, clothing or cardboard to pad places where metal and equipment might rub together. 

  11. *Very important - take extra care to pad and protect the rear derailleur so the derailleur hanger can't get bent in transport. If you are mechanically inclined then actually unbolt the rear derailleur from the dropout hanger and zip tie the derailleur to the chainstay; this is the safest method to prevent the most common transport problem, a bent hanger.