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Pinarello Mountain

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Dogma XM 29er full suspension ~

Stiff as a road bike, suspended only when needed, without any remote control! This is the Onda Curve Asymmetric™!

The dream of every biker? A bike that dampens only if necessary. Until now, this was possible only by remote controls. Pinarello's rear quadrilateral Onda Curve Asymmetric™ changes all that because it is very firm on flat ground and only engages on uneven terrain. Most frames on the market today have about 6 points of rotation with bushings. Rotation almost always takes place near the rear wheel or the bottom bracket. The sixth rotation point is always active, regardless of terrain, and therefore results in an inevitable weak point, a heavy point since there are bushings and screws, a point which requires constant maintenance and cleaning.

All this no longer exists in the Dogma XM. Pinarello has eliminated the weak point! Their rear stay Onda Curve Asymmetric™ has only 5 flex points, an extraordinary 1-piece monocoque innovation. Thanks to its exclusive carbon flexible arm the rear quadrilateral is rigid on even grounds and flexible only on uneven grounds. You can easily imagine the benefits of this: a stiffer and more reactive bike, active and absorbing only if clearly needed. Features: cutting edge technology derived directly from the rocker arms of Formula One cars, special materials, and a particular carbon layup that allows precise and controlled flexion able to rotate the rear Onda Curve quadrilateral with extraordinary and infinite precision... just what you've always wanted! Includes Fox 32 suspension fork .... Price TBA


Pinarello XC 9.9, 29er ~


In design and testing for more than 4 years, Pinarello unveiled their state-of-the-art mountain hardtail in 2013. Built around the new industry standard 29" wheels, the Dogma XC redefines off road performance from the ground up.  

The Dogma XC features a unique seat stay design that Pinarello calls “ONDA XC Asymmetric Twin Arms.” These stays attach to the seat tube above the top tube, at separate points from one another, and they also serve as the seatpost clamp. Pinarello's research shows that this design smoothly and quickly dissipates vibrations across a very large surface area.

The rear brake is mounted on the chain stay to greatly increase stopping power while freeing the seatstays to act as suspension shock absorbers.

Pinarello's patented “ForkStopper” technology permits a lower downtube that is both stronger and more balanced. The patented ForkStopper bumper  protects the down tube from the fork impact common in other designs.

Internal routing protects the shifter and brake cables from mud and dirt. Separate designs for SRAM and Shimano front derailleurs optimize shifting performance for both groups.

The Dogma XC 9.9 is made with 60,000 lb/cm2 HM1K Torayca carbon fiber with Nanoalloy technology. Torayca Nanoalloy technology has nano-particles embedded in the carbon fiber mesh that explode upon impact to preventing the fiber from breaking. Bottom bracket is PressFit 30, frame weight is 1050 grams in size medium. Includes frame, 32mm Fox Float 29er suspension fork with lockout, and headset. Color is flat black .... $3499.99    Add to CART 

Size Seat tube Top tube (eff) Seat angle Head tube
17" - sm 43 57.5 73.5 9.2
18 - md 46.5 59.3 73 9.2
19.5 - lg 50 61.7 72.5 9.7
21 - xl 54 63.7 72 11.5