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Reviews ~

During the past 30 years we have received our fair share of cycling honors - top ten in America, Best of Philadelphia's Main Line, numerous top 100 in U.S, etc. But, the most important honors are those unsolicited letters and emails that we receive after a job well done.

If you would like to add your encouragement to our list, please email us:




Jackie M. from Pa, 6/18: The [Dogma 10] bike was even better than I expected! I really appreciate all your help making the process easy. I knew I could trust your recommendations!

Samantha H. from Pa, 5/18: Second ride out on my new bike [Look 765] and it was great! Thank you Kyle for the perfect measurements and guidance in selecting a bike made for me. Thank you also to Alex for all of your work and Nolan as well! I am so excited to keep gaining miles on my new ride. Absolutely fabulous work by the entire Cycles BiKyle staff!!!

Ryun P. from Fl, 2/18: Both the Pegoretti Big Leg Emma and Marcelo arrived safe and sound. They look great. Thanks for chasing all the threads, makes everything easy. And all the water bottles!

Steven P. from Au, 1/18: Thank you for your help. The bike [Pegoretti Responsorium] rides beautifully. If you ever get Down Under give me a buzz!

Eric G. from Tx, 1/18: I gotta admit Iím impressed by the level of customer service, attention to detail, and cordial dialogue you maintain with all of your customers. When I had an issue with my shifter you guys got me sorted so quickly. When I thought I cracked my frame you came up with an easy solution to check on my own along with guidance on handling a possible warranty situation. I work in a career field that has similar challenges and I gotta give kudos where itís due. Keep up the good work!

Bill G. from Pa, 8/17: The time and interest you all placed on the fitting of M's new bike is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Torsten M. from Denmark, 8/17: The [Bianchi] frameset arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you very much for your great support!

Ron R. from Pa, 5/17: I was in for a retrofit in late 2015. I can't say my riding abilities have improved, but the feel on the bike is much better. Thank you.

Steve S. from Pa, 3/17: Picked the bike up today after this morningís race and it [Pinarello Dogma 8 with Campagnolo Record EPS] is awesome! Was able to take it out for a quick recovery ride, and canít wait to get back on it! As usual, the guys at the shop did a great job and canít thank them enough!

Don U. from Pa, 3/17: I just got back from my first ride. I wanted to let you know that I could feel the improvement with the new Vittoria tires. I also love the Garmin 1000 + Varia radar light system. I knew exactly when and how many cars were behind me which reduced the glances over the shoulder (and therefore off the road ahead) dramatically. I will be in the shop soon to pick up the Look 595 but wanted to make sure I didnít forget to let you know how excited I am with the updates to the 795. Thank you for being the best bike shop in Philly, which has a lot to do with the great work you do and the knowledge you have of all the cool gear you sell.   

Chris H. from Pa, 3/17: Took the bike [Pinarello Gan] out today for my first ride - AWESOME! As you advertised, the bike was made for me - the fit, comfort, everything is spot on. I immediately noticed a huge difference with the new ride, extremely nice on some of the rougher roads I ride. I passed a group ride today and several of them commented on how "HOT" the bike looked. I think they were all jealous of the bar tape! Can't thank you all enough, the old Pinarello [Asolo] gave me almost 18 great years, and I'm off to a good start with this one. Looking forward to more riding days ahead. 3 thumbs up on this one (I borrowed one of my wife's)!!! So glad that I made the decision to get a new bike from you and also glad I did it when you were having a sale. You guys ROCK - thank you!

Ron W. from Pa, 3/17: The fit was great and completely comfortable for my Ironman. Just wanted to say thanks for all of it!

Jeff B. from Or, 9/16: Sharon loves her new Felt Z5. She is back in Montana and did a 45 mile with 1000' of climbing.  She was tired, but due to your fit she was comfortable afterwards. That was a huge ride for her with a 6 mile climb included in the middle.

Laura E. from Pa, 9/16: I love the QR PR5. With Kyle's fit my aches and pains are gone!

Mark F. from Pa, 5/16: The Pinarello Gan is wonderful, a real Ferrari, and the wheels are fantastic. I am glad I was able to ride with the stock wheels and then with the upgrade.

Mike B. from Ct, 3/16:  [Torelli Nitro Express] is awesome! Doing a late evening ride by the beach in Ct.  Easily the best riding bike I have ever been on. Thank you to you and your staff!!

Jeff B. from Or, 2/16: Finalmente, ho fatto questa ragazza cattiva [Torelli Zona Cross]! Though old age is creeping up, my back problems are recovering. I am so pleased to be able to return to the saddle. Thank you so much for everything! 

Frank S. from Va, 11/15: [The Pegoretti Duende] turned out to be more than I imagined!! Great job by all. And the orange tape and valve caps adds the finishing touch.  Appreciate all you did to bring it all together.

John A. from Il, 9/15: The [Pegoretti Responsorium] frame arrived in prefect condition. It was a pleasure dealing with your bike shop. A+ all the way!  Might be giving you a call later to order a custom painted Marcelo :-)

Lucas D. from NJ, 8/15: I'm so excited to get started [on Pinarello Razha]. Thank you for everything. The experience yesterday was incredible! 

Steve N. from NY, 8/15: [Pegoretti Duende] still riding beautifully. Did a nice ride today and am very comfortable. 

Matt S. from Singapore, 5/15:  Canít believe it has been a year since I got my [Pinarello] Dogma F8. I love the bike, over 8,000 km later. I have done some great climbs in Australia and Malaysia and I plan to do a race called Peaks Challenge in the Gold Coast in Australia in August. That is a one day race, 235 km and over 4,000 meters of climbing.  I know some of those hills, having ridden there in December and January.  That plus a ride in Cameron Highlands in Malaysia has prompted my message. 

Bruce A. from NC, 12/14: Want you to know that my Pegoretti [Duende] turned out beautiful and is a sweeeet ride!

Evan F. from Pa, 10/14: The Merlin [C110] rides great. Hope I get another 20 years out of it [like my last BiKyle build].

Geoffrey S. from NJ, 9/14: I've been setting some nice compliment with the [Bianchi] Infinito CV. It's really nice and worth the wait. Thanks for everything.

Ed C. from Ma, 8/14: My new Pinarello Dogma F8 is awesome! Thank you.

Dan F. from Ma, 7/14: I cannot put into words how awesome the new bike is [Bianchi Oltre XR.2]. As I've gotten more confident with the tubeless tires the bike has really come alive. Plus, I actually get stopped by pedestrians and people and cars to complement the bike. :>)

Cooper F. from SC, 4/14: I received my [Pegoretti] Responsorium today, and everything turned out far better than I could have imagined! I really appreciate the help, and I'm looking forward to some great rides.

Michael R. from Az, 4/14: I received the [Pegoretti Responsorium] bike today. Kind of blown away by your shop! You guys under promise and over deliver! Putting it together could not have been easier. Thank you very much. 

James P. from Pa, 3/14: The BiKyle staff was great. The [Pegoretti Responsorium] frame is awesome! Thanx.

Nick M. from British Columbia, 3/14: Thanks again for the wonderful service. Purchasing the [Torelli Countach] frame and picking specific parts has been a pleasure. The bike came out extremely well. Exceeded my expectations. First thing I noticed is how well it fits. Finally a road bike that fits!  Makes me wish I would have gone through the fitting process earlier in my life.

David N. from Co, 12/13: Thanks for getting the Bianchi [Zurigo] to me safe and sound. And quickly too! I was impressed to see how carefully and professionally the bike was packaged. Great work, and sincere thanks. 

Heather H. from Ca, 8/13: Just dropping you a note to say that we are still using and enjoying the Bianchi Avenue hybrids you sold us about 12 years ago. They have been very reliable and comfortable. Made the move with us to California. [After 12 years] we continue to appreciate your recommendation for an excellent bike that was very reasonably priced.

Eric H. from Pa, 6/13: Bike [Bianchi Oltre XR] looks beautiful. I have not ridden yet, but it looks right on for sizing, bar height, etc. Very nice work. 

Joe F. from Pa, 6/13: I purchased my first bike from Kyle in 1987 [Bianchi Brava]. I still go to this shop today because of the excellent service and expert advice that I have learned to expect. Thank you for keeping this loyal customer coming back.

Prajna M. from Singapore, 5/13: The [Pegoretti] Responsorium is sublime! Rides as modern as a carbon bike but has a "gentleness" to it that I haven't felt on carbon. I'm going to a club ride tomorrow again on it. Overall, a beautiful bike. Cheers!

Rob G. from Md, 5/13: I rode my new [Pegoretti Responsorium] for 30 miles today and have to congratulate Kyle on the fit!  Right out of the box, the only tweak needed was setting handlebar angle.

Owen S. from Pa, 3/13: I'm going to have this Rocky Mountain and my Bianchi for years and years! Kyle - you, your shop, and the guys are all awesome! Thanks again.

Loren C. from Ca, 2/13: Thank you. You have a customer for life! I am just thinking about how the original shop wouldn't do anything, and well - thank you, thank you, thank you. Can't wait for my [Pegoretti Marcelo] to show up!

Peter G. from Pa, 12/12: Love the bike [Felt B10 Di2].

Rudy R. from Il, 11/12: Thank you so much for all your help in getting my dream bike [Pegoretti Marcelo] built to my personal specifications. The frame is absolutely flawless and so different from all the carbon on the market. I really appreciate the time you took to make it perfect. Love the frame!!

Ben S. from Pa, 11/12: Bike looks great [Felt B12]! Felt (no pun intended) good on the trainer. Alex and Ian took great care of me. I really like doing business at your place.

Janus M. from Denmark, 11/12: The [QR CDO.1 Dura Ace] bike arrived overnight at my hotel. We are now well home in Copenhagen and the bike is awesome!!! Thank you for your efforts.

Joe W. from Ca, 10/12: Frameset [Pinarello Pista Alu] arrived and it's beautiful. WOW! I did not know the seat post was included. Thanks for everything.

Bob F. from Ontario, 9/12: Thank you so-so-so much! The [QR CDO.1] bike is awesome. Can't wait to ride it tomorrow.

Bob A. from Pa, 9/12: Thanks again for being the BEST!

David G. from SC, 9/12: I put about 180 miles on my [Bianchi 928 SL] bike since Thursday. Longest ride was yesterday, about 70 miles. I think the fit is spot on. But more importantly, I have never had the experience of knowing that I was riding the best possible bike for me. I am more comfortable, faster and stronger. Way stronger! Thanks again.

Bob A. from Pa, 8/12: Hard to describe how awesome the [Pinarello] KOBH is. Went for a metric century last Sunday and it hardly felt like I was riding!! Appreciate all your expertise and help. Thanks very much.

Sean E. from Md, 8/12: Wanted to let you know, this past weekend I did the Deerfield Dirt Road Randonee on the Pegoretti [Responsorium] with 25mm tires and it was stellar. Really didn't give much up in terms of handling over the guys on full cross bikes with 32mm tires!

Gary K, from Az, 8/12: Great bicycle [Pinarello Rokh]. I love the century geometry. No more rotator cuff pain. Very smooth ride and very responsive.

Sean E. from Md, 8/12: Just wanted to let you know how great the [Pegoretti] Responsorium is. I truly have found the one bike that could replace everything else in my collection (if it came to that!). It simply does everything well. I think the fit is about as good as I can get it right now without going custom. Thank you.

Richard H. from Pa, 8/12: 3 rides so far on the same 21 mile TT course [with Look 576]: 2 in the heat with tired legs and within 18 hours of getting the bike, 2 in the rain. Average speed and heart rate have been very consistent. With Kyle's new position on a new bike I have at the least equaled my times but with a lower and more consistent heart rate. Says a lot!  Same speed, less output=better run. As I get more comfortable with the new position and really start getting ready for IM Lake Placid things will get even better. The goal is to cut another Ĺ hour off my 2010 time, if not more. Thanks for your help!

Tee T. from  Ga, 7/07: Love my Look 464! The support team at Cycles BiKyle has  been wonderful. I appreciate all your help. 

Darren H. from Canada, 6/12: The [Bianchi] Vigorelli arrived at my new house in Edmonton yesterday. The bike was amazingly well packed (very secure) and arrived in really great condition. 30 minutes and it was put together. Thank you again for your expert advice and service. The construction and packing of the bike for shipment was extremely well done. I would be happy to recommend you to other overseas customers from Australia and Canada.

Bear P. from Pa, 6/12: I appreciate you working through the process with me on Saturday. I think we figured out an amazing package [Pinarello Paris with Campagnolo Record] at a great price. I am lucky to have you and your shop so close to me. You guys do a fantastic job and provide great personal service in an era when this is becoming harder to come by. I really appreciate it.

Tim W. from Pa, 6/12: The [Torelli] Countach is working out wonderfully, couldn't be happier! The short version: I'm making better times, enjoying my rides more, and am all-around completely satisfied with my purchase! Here's a long review I wrote for a globally read blog: full review on Landlords Cycling Blog. Cycles BiKyle is the standard I use to judge other stores. And I've never seen one that compares!

Andrew C. from Pa, 6/12: You nailed it! [Look 595] is fast and fun! I did another French Creek Iron century today with my best time yet. The rides during the week are fun and also faster. The bike climbs fast and is unbelievable in the corners. Thanks for the ride, nice job to all involved!

Nick K. from Germany, 5/12: Greetings from Berlin. The frame [Bianchi Super Pista] is very beautiful! I am very happy. Thank you very much.

Suzy G. from Switz, 5/12: Thought you might like to see how one of your hand built bikes is getting on - 21 years after it was made. Since then we (and the bike) have moved from PA to Scotland and are now based in Switzerland. My husband just rode it up the Passo dello Stelvio - the morning of stage 20 of this year's Giro d'Italia. It is his favorite bike - won't ride anything else!! Bike 21 years old - rider 49 years old - both going strong!! Thanks for all the years of great riding.


Americo I. from NY, 4/12: The bike [Torelli Nitro Express] rides absolutely beautiful. Rode 25 miles this morning before work and it's super smooth. Thanks again!

Mike W. from Pa, 3/12: Got a chance to take my new Merckx [EMX-3] out for a good ride over the weekend. It is awesome!! Can't believe how good of a ride it is - smooth, solid, fast. I want to say thanks again for doing such a great job helping me pick out the right bike and getting me sized correctly. The guys at the shop did a great job putting it all put together. I couldn't be more happy with the bike you put together and the extra time you took to make sure everything is right. You guys are the best!

Fred H. from NY, 3/12: Love the Merlin [Cielo]! Light, agile, fast, and great looking. Thank you!

Rudy R. from Il, 3/12: I don't want to give you a big head but you are GOOD! It is like you had a hidden camera spying on my existing set-up. I do ride a 172.5 crankset and you are spot on with my saddle height. The same can be said for the saddle to handlebar drop measurement - spot on. I don't know if I am more shocked that you hit it on the head or that I actually set up my bike correctly, probably the latter!  :>D

Steve C. from Oh, 3/12: Thanks for all the help in getting the Pegoretti ordered. I'm looking forward to the bike with baited breath. Your organization seems top notch; even the mechanic who answered the phone a couple of times was incredibly polite and apologized for asking me to hold.

David O. from Tn, 12/11: The frame [Bianchi Pinella] arrived a few days ago; it is great, exactly what I was hoping it would be!! Thanks for the great service and for working with me.

George C. from Pa, 11/11: Bike [Opera Canova] is beautiful! Sizing is spot on, only a micro adjustment of the seat was necessary after my first ride. The components look really good on the bike too so thank you. I have plenty of gears for all the climbs around here so you were right to steer me toward the 12/25 with the compact crank. I'm out showing off my new bike and of course mentioning where I got it. I think there are many people out there that could use your help with their bike fit. The guys in the shop did an excellent job with everything. Please pass on my thanks.

Marshall P. from Pa, 11/11: The Litespeed C1R your team built has been a dream! Love the bike and have been enjoying the rides in the nicer weather. The bike fits like a glove. Thanks again for a great build. I recommend you to many of my friends.

Jeff M. from Ks, 11/11: First let me say how much I love my new Pegoretti [Marcelo]; the ride is beautiful! I get many, many nice comments about the build and the paint. I have attached two pictures from yesterday's 70 km ride for you to see. Thanks to all of you at Cycles BiKyle for a beautiful bike!!

Bud S. from Pa, 10/11: Just a quick note to let you know that I'm really enjoying the Pegoretti fixed gear. As I'm sure you know, it's one smooth, solid machine and looks like a million bucks. I've received numerous compliments, many from people who have no idea what it is. Thanks again.

Vi H. from Az, 10/11: Received the bike today [Pinarello Paris] and it looks fantastic. I rode it around the block and it is very smooth. I canít go out until this weekend, but I can't wait to do so. You all are truly professional, everything from the service to the fit and to the finished product. I appreciate all you do. I wish you had a store in Arizona!

Don U. from NJ, 10/11: I appreciate and value the great customer service provided by your shop, as well as the cool products. I LOVE riding my Look 595 with the Campy components. It makes me feel like a pro every time I go out.

Rob V. from Pa, 9/11: The bike [Look 586 SL] is ridiculous! Went for a ride today, unbelievably smooth and solid. Thanks.

Ed C. from Ma, 9/11: What a surprise, even for a "BiKyle fit", to hop on and ride away with no tweaking - no hot spots, no sore spots - particularly given the aggressive geometry of this bike [Pinarello Graal Tri bike]. Clearly the geometry emphasizes different leg muscle groups and I was prepared for a real adjustment - not so. All I can say is WOW! I really do appreciate the really, really precise fitting you achieved, and all the component recommendations etc, etc.

Chip S. from Pa, 9/11: Thanks to everyone at the shop. You made this epic ride [206 mile Lotolja Classic] possible for me and I greatly appreciate your help, support, patience, and guidance. Miguel, Alex, and Ian - thanks for all of your help keeping me on the roads. Kyle, thanks for getting me such a wonderful bike [Pinarello Dogma] in such a comfortable fit!

Eric S. from Pa, 8/11: [Pegoretti Marcelo] I would like all of you to know that you are the best!

Jeff M. from Ks, 8/11: Gang, the [Pegoretti Marcelo] frame arrived late yesterday and looks just outstanding!!! The bottle cages and BiKyle bottles were a very nice surprise and will look great on the bike once she is all built up. I'll send some pics when finished. Thanks again for all the help, and maybe a Responsorium down the road sometime!

Yasuomi O. from Japan, 8/11: Today arrives frameset Super Pista. What a beautiful color is this! I'm so happy. Thank you.  大森康臣

Kenrick S. from Pa, 8/11: I want to thank you and your staff again for helping with my decision on the Quintana Roo CDO.1 and putting it together with such short notice. I appreciate you taking the time for me the day after my pickup to make sure the bike was fitted properly and for fielding all my concerns before my race the next day. I had a really good day of racing placing 5th overall and 1st in my age group. I have some big races coming up and I am very confident in my bike and equipment thanks to you guys. Thanks again for all your help. 

Joe F. from Pa, 8/11: I took the Bianchi Infinito for a ride yesterday morning. It is an unreal difference to what I experienced before! I did my usual 40 miles ride and at the end I did not feel fatigued at all. I usually do not have much left in the tank at the end of that ride. Yesterday, I could have comfortably continued!! Thanks for taking the time to get me settled with the new bike. It rides as nice as it looks.

Dylan J. from Ca, 7/11: I wanted to let you know what a great experience getting my frame through your shop has been. A pleasure from day one. A single Torelli frame will not send your profits into the stratosphere, but you sure made it seem like it did. I love the frame and I haven't even ridden it yet. That's a great thing, and a lot of that comes from your shop and the guys working there. Thanks.   

Mike C. from Md, 6/11: Thank you for the fast reply and excellent suggestions. You guys really are the cycling professionals. And thatís why I have relied on you from far away for almost 15 years.

Craig I. from Pa 5/11: You have a great team! And the fit on the new bike is great. I noticed two big improvements in comfort: saddle and shoulders. I no longer feel the need to slide up the saddle towards the nose. And, I no longer hunch my shoulders towards my ears as I increase my speed. Plus, I feel more natural and comfortable in the aero position. Much thanks for a great fit!

Ted W. from Pa, 4/11: I wanted to let you know that I LOVE the [Bianchi] Infinito you guys built for me. I have had a blast with it and your staff has done an excellent job with service. Big kudos to the whole shop!

Jeff B. from Or, 4/11: Buon giorno il mio amico! I got the [Torelli Perla] out for a 100k ride yesterday. Eccellente! Felt great and very fast, very comfortable. After 100k, I still felt fresh and ready to go. With the light wheels [Torelli Bormio UL Ceramic] and overall lightness, the acceleration is just amazing!  Iíd think about closing a gap that someone left, and it would be closed. Iím really happy with her. And man, does she ever get the comments and compliments. Molto grazie!

Greg S. from Az, 3/11: Thank you again for building my 3rd BiKyle masterpiece [Rocky Mountain Element 50 MSL]! I have to say Iím digging this bike. Took it for a hard ride on Hawes trail in Mesa, AZ that beat me up badly on on my previous bike. The Rocky just ate everything up, including some technical, rocky climbs. To boot, with Kyle's fit my back wasnít aching from all the rocky, downhill sections. Mission accomplished! This bike already got noticed on the trail. A group of riders on Specialized bikes took notice. I let them have a quick look, then left them in the dust.  :>D

Tom R. from Ct, 3/11: I've attached a picture of the Merckx Corsa 01 bike which I bought from your shop a few years ago. You sand blasted the factory paint off the frame, chromed the chainstays, obtained the factory stencils from Belgium, and painted the frame so that I got exactly what I wanted. Thanks again for all the extra effort, I couldnít be happier with the bike!

Emil B. from Va, 3/11: The new fit has been excellent. Such a positive difference!

Mike G. from Pa, 3/11: You guys have been really great in helping me decide on my [Eddy Merckx] bike purchase. Thanks so much. 

Ilya D. from Russia, 3/11: Bike arrived safely in St. Petersburg. My compliments on the packing, I didnít expect such attention from a retail shop. It is also nice to see that the bike was assembled and test ridden, thank you. Though I really wish snowdrifts to melt away quicker, I don't think there will be any riding before late April. Спасибо! 

Mathew L. from Il, 2/11: Received Torelli frame and fork today. Awesome! It looks great and is in perfect condition. Thanks for the bottle and cage too! Fantastic service, fantastic frame, fantastic price. Thanks again. You guys truly are the best!

Rich C. from Ca, 1/11: This is the 3rd bike that I have bought from you guys and I am a super satisfied customerÖ You guys are the best!

Sri S. from Ca, 1/11: I received the Pegoretti frame today. It was well packed and looks great! I also appreciate the free bottle cages and the water bottles.

Jeff M. from Ga, 10/10: I'd seen the comments about "top 10 shop" and boy I can see why! I'm blown away by your kind assistance.

Eric W. from Pa, 10/10: I purchased a Pegoretti Love #3 From you back in February of this year. I wanted to let you know that the Love is far and away my favorite bike to ride. It is super stiff while not beating you up, it corners like it is on rails. It is just fantastic bike to ride. My problem now is deciding to whether to sell my other bikes to make room for a Pegoretti Big Leg Emma! Thanks again to you and your staff for providing such great service.

Dennis W. from De, 9/10: I took the Gold Medals in 20k and 40K road race at DE Senior Olympics, Sept 18th, on the Look 586 I bought from you!

Steve M. from NY, 8/10: It was well worth the trip to come down. As a long-term rider but also one who probably knows very little about cycling except to go out and ride, it was really helpful to be able to talk my way through what I was hoping to get out of my purchase [Felt B16]. I really appreciate all of the time Kyle spent with me and what was provided in the store is at least equal to what is described on your website. Thanks again for all of your time and expertise. It was really a unique and worthwhile experience and absolutely worth the trip!

Steve A. from Calif, 8/10: I ordered a [Bianchi] triathlon bicycle and got a rocket ship!  I turned a 23+ mph 40k on the maiden voyage without redlining it. I want to thank you and your staff, especially Miguel.

Eric Phipps from Switz, 7/10: I received the [Pegoretti Love #3] bike in a very timely manner. The packaging was indestructible with all parts meticulously secured and padded. They could have launched it off the Fed-Ex plane unto the front lawn without damage. The build is first class; everything true and snare-tight, not a finger print. I just plugged in the parts and off I went. The fit is nothing less than exceptional. I have a tremendous ergonomic advantage over my previous position. I know now what you mean Kyle, by proper fore-aft balance. I am centered, aligned and I can spin with a perfectly still and balanced upper body. I love those Zipp bars; the width is spot-on. The frame is solid and very efficient. Handling is incisive. On the fast descents of Alpine roads it is a monster. You just have to say forward on it, get off the brakes early to keep the pressure on the front, and boy, will it carve a turn. Equally impressive is how it feels like there is 5-10 psi less in the tubes. Smooth yet lively, I guess. This thing really goes. Thanks again.

Jeff J. from NJ, 7/10: The [Merckx Gara Pista] arrived yesterday in perfect condition. It really looks great. Can't wait to get it moving. Thanks for being so responsive to my messages. It really made a positive difference to me on my end. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Dennis W. from De, 7/10: I did the Philly tri sprint race on Saturday with my new Look 576 TT bike. I was SECOND fastest bike out of 84 relay teams and 8th fastest bike out of 1419 bikers overall. Not bad for 58! The machine is awesome!!!

Douglas V. from Id, 6/10: I  bought a frame with a fit by Kyle about ten years ago when I was back east and have since owned and raced Orbea, Cannondale, and Specialized, plus a Kona for cross. The bike from BiKyle, a Merckx Race, remains my all time favorite, by far! Please have Kyle apply my measurements to a new frame, stem, bar, etc. Thanks in advance.  

Dennis W. from Pa, 6/10: I got to ride the new Look 576 time trial bike last Thursday and Sunday. Can you say "rocket ship"? It will take some riding time to master the aero bar steering but I think I am in love! I will forward my race results.

Elton B. from Al, 6/10: The [Pinarello FP3] bike has been wonderful. The custom set-up and measurements have really added to my riding pleasure - more speed, higher cadence (2-3 mph faster on same rides) and greater acceleration on the climbs. Consistently getting over 40mph on the downhills. My Trek Madone 5.2 would get loose at 40mph and I would brake. This Pinarello goes downhill like it is glued to the road, not squirrelly at all. Very pleased - can you tell! During the Cheaha Challege Century topped 40 seven times on downhills. What a blast to be fast and feel safe!
Chris O. from Md, 6/10: Iíve had a chance to put in about 100 hundred miles on my new Mondonico Airplane and for whatever reason, it is a much better ride than my last bike. The Mondonico has more snap and feels more resilient. It is more stable at higher speeds and just feels more secure. Perhaps it's the fit and geometry, but I find I can climb in about 1 gear higher than normal with the bike.   

Frank P. from Pa, 5/10: Thank you for recommending the Merckx 1XM. The fit is perfect. Iíve never felt so comfortable on any other bike. This may seem surprising but I am even more more comfortable than on my Merlin. I was out for a 40-mile ride with the Merlin on Saturday morning then went right to your shop to get the 1XM.  Consequently, I was able to ride it and make an immediate comparison. What a difference!  Also, the ergo design of the Campy Record levers is really nice. Thanks, again, Kyle. You are truly the ďfitĒ expert.

Ray P. from NY, 5/10: Whoever said there is no one perfect bike was wrong! My Pegoretti Responsorium IS the perfect bike (for me, anyway). When I ride it, itís as though itís a part of me. It seems that while Iím thinking about my next turn or lean-in the bike is one step ahead of me. I still canít believe how absolutely beautifully it handles. I canít explain it, but I have become not only a more powerful rider, but also more competent. Thanks again for everything. You guys ROCK!

Alan S. from NJ, 5/10: The Pinarello Paris Carbon has received many compliments from my biking club. Once again, you have assembled a rolling work of art that is also fast and comfortable. Iím sure I will be enjoying this bike for many years to come.  

Spencer B. from Canada, 4/10: Hey guys, got my track frame a couple days ago and its more beautiful than I could have imagined!!! I just wanted to thank you for all your help. It has been a truly pleasant experience dealing with you. I will be buying my next bike from you. Thanks again. 

Andrew V from Ca, 3/10: Love the bike [Merckx EMX-3 with BiKyle fit]. Would happily order from you folks in future.

Graig C. from NJ, 3/10: Hey guys! I purchased a Merlin Cyrene last year, measured right around this time in 2009 in fact and have been loving the weather lately as it gets me out off the trainer/rollers and on the open road. I canít even tell you how fantastic it has been riding my (still) new Merlin. The Campy components have broken in so nicely, they are even better than when the bike was brand new.

Leonard Z. from AZ, 3/10: I really appreciate all the support I received from Cycles BiKyle. I know who I will be looking to first for future equipment!

Lisa M. from Ca, 2/10: You have been wonderful to do business with.

Raymond P. from NY, 2/10: I think everyone, no matter where they live, should purchase their next bike at Cycles BiKyle. I'm sure there are other very good shops, but I cannot imagine a better experience - expertise, caring and (most of all, for a pest like me) patience! On a scale of 1 to 10, I have to give you guys an 11!!!

Steve B. from Australia, 2/10: Frame arrived after some delay clearing customs. Very impressed with level of packaging and many thanks for the BiKyle bottle and cage.

1st LT Brian M. from Iraq, 1/10: You guys are awesome! Thank you.

Rick W. from Pa, 1/10: Thanks for getting a great and fun bike put together for me this winter! [Torelli Selvino] has been speedy and quick and steady on first two rides. I appreciate all the patience and help.

Justin M. from Pa, 12/09: Iíve had the [custom Rocky Mountain Slayer] out 3 times so far and it is amazing!

Eric W. from Pa, 12/09: It is always enjoyable speaking with you and your staff about bikes or cycling in general. You and your staff are consummate professionals. In my experience, your passion and knowledge about bikes is unparalleled. I will only buy my bikes from Cycles BiKyle. 

Keith M. from Mi, 11/09: Got my [Mondonico] bike today and just rode 30 miles. LOVE IT!!!  Thanks for doing a great job.

Mike K. from Pa, 10/09:  The bike [Torelli Selvino] is truly great. I wanted to thank you and your group for being so professional and putting together a wonderful bike. My riding has been so much better than what I did before. A friend of mine is seriously looking at a new bike and I certainly am suggesting he come to you.

Roberto L. from Wa, 9/09: Just a quick note just to thank you for the fantastic and timely costumer service! Both [Bianchi] bikes arrived as expected and we had a blast of a ride with them over the weekend. Thanks again!

Ted C. from Ca, 9/09: The [Guerciotti BYO] frame arrived in great shape. Thank you for packing it so incredibly well! It's fabulous and I'll send you a picture of the built ride in a few days. Well worth the wait and thanks for all the help.

Matt M. from Pa, 9/09: I used the Look [596] for the first time in a triathlon on Sunday in D.C. I finished first in my age-group by three minutes and averaged 24.2 mph on the bike (not too hilly, but 1000' of climbing for the 25 miles). The bike gives me so much confidence in handling it and it fits me perfectly. Thank you for building such an incredible machine!

Adrian N. from Il, 9/09: Received the [Pegoretti Marcelo] frame last friday. Looks even more beautiful than in the picture. I will start saving for the components and call you in a couple of weeks. Thank you!

Gene B. from Ca, 8/09: I've reached the first 1000 km on the [Merckx EMX-5] and Iím very happy with it. The fit is spot on. Of course, since my previous ride was an í82 steel Colnago the improvement was dramatic. It took me a bit of time to get used to the thumb levers on the Ergo shifters. At first they seemed to be in the way; but now I really like them, especially their ability to perform multiple shifts both up and down. The bike accelerates easily and seems to offer a better feel of the road than my old steel frame. The ride is not harsh though, even for my old bones! Thank you again for the great service.

Tim F. from NJ, 8/09: As expected the [Torelli] Montefalco rides nicer than her steel Torelli grandpappy. I noticed the biggest difference when hitting sharper/larger bumps. With the steel bike there is this "shutter" after running over something significant. Not on the Montefalco - this difference was indeed stark. The bump wouldn't be as harsh on the Montefalco and the entire chassis stays completely composed. Sweet! Climbing can best be described as "clean and tight". Going downhill, this thing is rock stable - much more so than the steel bike. Yet, it is still a snappy handler. As expected, the SRAM Force stuff is light years better than the old Ultegra stuff. Quiet, shifts well, brakes are great, the works. I like the double-click shifting; it took me all of 5 seconds to get used to it. This is definitely a great bike!

Graig C. from NJ, 8/09: I picked my new custom made Merlin Cyrene up on June 11, 2009 and let me say it is nothing less than the most fantastic machine I have ever been on. But the formal review starts well before pick-up and wonít end until I stop recommending your shop to my riding friends and pretty much anyone who asks about my beautiful new ride. Right from the initial conversation with Kyle, Justin and Susan about setting up an appointment, I had a good feeling about the shop and what the experience might be like. Like my decision to go with a Merlin, I did my research on shop as well, and this one is top notch throughout the region. Now I know why people drive from hours away to have their bikes built by Kyle. The day of the fitting I was so excited I could barely get any work done before leaving. Kyle was relaxed and informal, but so informative in our initial conversation that I felt I could have picked his brain forever. He made great suggestions but also let me use my previous research to get exactly what I wanted. I would have never gone with the Campy unless Kyle had sold it so well, and I am unbelievably happy with that decision, as well as the decision to upgrade to the Record 11. As the weeks passed and I waffled back and forth with different options and components via email with the shop, everyone was incredibly patient with me and helpful in immediately answering all of my questions.

The day of pick up my new ride was presented on the trainer perfectly and everyone was so kind. Justin was awesome getting me fit with great new shoes (that I love) and doing the meticulous cleat adjustments to ensure that every pedal stroke would be perfect when the time came. Even though my first ride on it was a little wet, Justin continued to pay attention to each detail, even rolling the bike back into the shop for a final brake adjustment so that my first ride would be perfect. 

The experience at the shop just cannot be touched by anything else I have seen before. As a cyclist you tend to think you know what you are walking into when you go into a shop, because you have been in so many. Throw out the rulebook at this place, it is like none other and comes from real cycling stock. Oh to be watching the little flat screen as the Tour coverage peaked in week three! These people absolutely know cycling, they know bikes, how to build them and how to set you up on them. And I truly believe they know it better than anyone else I have ever met. Your passion is their passion in spades!

 NowÖthe ride itself. Never did I think a bike could be so responsive, so powerful and yet feel so supple. The titanium and the carbon fiber components are like a match made in cycling heaven. This bike is able to combine my absolute cycling philosophy, one: that bike frames should be made out of metal (beautiful metal as it turns out), and two: just because it's metal doesnít mean you have to compromise with anything. The best part of it so far is how much faster it has made me, flying through corners with confidence and up (yes up) hills with smoothness that I had never encountered before. The Campy Record 11 should be the standard from which all components are judged. You donít think about shifting or braking, it just happens! I shift more often and more confidently than ever and it feels incredible. This bike wants to be ridden hard every single day. And what I mistook for a little twitchiness up front pays you back at speed by being so smooth and solid in the downhills that you barely even feel the road. I just didnít want to wait too much longer before I wrote about what a great time I am having with the new ride and how grateful I am to Kyle and Justin and Susan for helping create what is truly a dream ride. You guys are the best!

Mike G. from Pa, 7/09: The [Felt F-85] is a great ride. The fit is wonderful, of course. It did not take long to see that I'm putting out more power and am able to spin out more smoothly with the new position. Thanks!

Ron G. from Pa, 07/09: Just came back from the best ride I have ever had. The new machine [Look 585] is so fast and so smooth!! The new wheels [Campagnolo Hyperon] and tires kill. I was able to maintain a faster speed over a greater distance more easily than ever. My Florida team riders will be eating dust. The new Campy gearing [Super Record 11] is everything you said it would be. And, this was only the first ride. Reaching higher cadences was a snap. It must be the new BiKyle jersey doing it!!

Sharon R. from NY, 07/09: My bike [Pinarello FP-2] came early this morning. I LOVE IT!!! It fits perfectly. Took it out for a ride this afternoon and it is just amazing! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love it. Rode a loop with a pretty good hill and still had plenty of gears left. We got to the top and couldn't believe how easy it was - unbelievable! I could ride it all day! It is truly an awesome bike. I can't thank you enough! Thanks again for changing up the gears for me! : ) Did I tell you how much I love it? LOL It was packed great too! We will be sure to order form you again. Thanks again!!!!

L.L. from Pa, 06/09: When I first heard about your shop and about how you custom-fit bicycles to each rider, I thought, "No bicycle is worth that kind of time and money". I vacillated the entire week about whether or not to cancel my fitting appointment. Then I discovered I had a serious medical problem. I remember thinking, "What the hell, life is short, go for it!" So I kept the fitting appointment, and settled on a gorgeous 1885 Bianchi with Campagnolo components for about five times as much as my mass-production Fuji cost. As I waited for my custom-fitted bike, I had plans to do a carefully controlled side-by-side ride test.

Well, let's just say that when Justin put me on my Bianchi for the first time, there was NO comparison. I didn't have to do a side-by-side test, I didn't have to think about whether I had made the right decision, I didn't have to worry whether the Bianchi was "worth it" - with just a short spin I could tell this bicycle was special. It moved with me, like a part of me, and I did not feel like I was on a bicycle so much as I felt like I was a part of something that managed to translate my legs into pure power and speed. Despite being much lighter than my mass-produced bike, it did not feel squirrelly or unstable, and I've learned over many long rides and many steep hills how truly stable it is. I feel much more confident screaming down hills on my Bianchi than I do on much heavier bicycles. The balance is phenomenal. The responsiveness is superb. And frankly, it is the most beautiful bicycle I have ever seen. I absolutely adore riding it.

While I owe you and your team a thank you for an incredible bicycle, the ongoing service has been even more so. The staff are so nice and so knowledgeable. They've helped me understand my bicycle better and are endlessly patient in explaining things to me. I so much enjoy their knowledge and enthusiasm for biking. They have all helped me become a better rider.

But one of the more touching offers came from Kyle when he called me and offered to adjust my bike in any way needed so that I could keep riding through my treatments. He encouraged me to keep riding even though it might be hard, because riding would help me feel better and make me stronger. I am pleased to say that I was able to ride through my entire course of treatment and completed two sprint triathlons!

It is probably too much to put all the credit and kudos on one bicycle and the great people who stand behind it, but surely you all played a part. I love the fit, I love the support, I love the service, I love the knowledge you all have, I love the custom care and energy you put into everything you do from fitting the bike through making sure the rider is comfortable...but most of all, I LOVE MY BIKE! Thank you so much.

Boris S. from Nv, 06/09: I just wanted to say thanks for the great service I have received from you. It's a shame more shops aren't like yours!

Peter M. from Tx, 06/09: The frame [Pegoretti Marcelo] is wonderful - precise handling and transmission of power. This bike is even better than I imagined!

Guy S. from Oh, 5/09: My new favorite bike [BiKyle tandem]!!! Thank you.

Mikkel P. from Pa, 5/09: This is one fantastic bike [Look 595]! Superfast. Love it. You did a great job building it. Thank you.

Victor W. from Pa, 5/09: I was like a kid on Christmas morning Saturday and it [Felt F95] was worth the wait! First 60 miles have been great! Once again, thank you!

Chris O. from Md, 5/09: You did your usual great job on the [Pegoretti] build-up. Iíll be back!

Dustin M. from NY, 5/09: The [Pinarello FP-2] is awesome! Appreciate everything.

Sorita A. from Pa, 4/09: What a bike!!!! This bike [Felt F55] feels like when I went from a Nissan Pathfinder to my sporty little VW Passat. Boy, does my bike have zip!  Nobody passed me and I passed a lot of guys!!

John H. from Pa, 4/09: I was just out riding my kick a** bike... I love the bike, thank you! You and your staff, Kyle, were great from start to finish - from the fitting with you, to your patience in my picking a bike, to the deliver today.. Thanks again!!

Greg S. from Ga, 4/09: The new Mondonico [Futura Leggero] you put together for me is pure silk on the road! It feels like I am part of the bike it rides so smooth and responsively. A huge thank you from me for all your help. I have already recommended you guys to 2 of my friends who will be getting new bikes. Many thanks again for your help and knowledge with my Mondonico!

Mike C. from Md, 3/09: Kyle, you have done it again! With over 500 miles on my new Merlin Extralight by Kyle, you are unquestionably the crown prince of fit and the king of the road. From its Veloflex tires to its Shamal wheelset and from its Campagnolo components to its Selle San Marco saddle, this titanium rocket looks great, rides like silk and accelerates like a bullet. Thank you for the interest, advice and attention to detail in building this hot rod for me. It is truly a dream machine that I expect will wear me out long before I can wear it out.

John L. from Va, 2/09: Thank you for the excellent service! I will revisit your site whenever I need something again.

Gordon S. from Pa, 2/09: In short, the Pinarello [F4:13] is a laser guided missile! And, it handles much better than my older bike. The front end is quick, but much more stable in cross winds. This was very surprising because the bike is so light. Shifting on the [Campy Record 11 speed] is great. The first time I shifted to the big chainring I didn't hear or feel it so I had to look down to confirm it actually worked!

Dan M. from UK, 2/09: I can't tell you how impressed I am with everything you've done to help me. Awesome!

Craig H. from Pa, 2/09: I've attached a photo of the [Torelli] Corsa Strada frame I recently ordered, now all built up. Just had it out over the nice weekend and it rides like silk. I really didn't want to come home! Thanks for your help and great service (as always).

John H. from Pa, 2/09: I am recommending you and your shop to everyone that I know. Your service is extraordinary and your commitment to find the right product that best fits the rider's needs is incredible.

Thobias A. from Ca, 1/09: I got the [Bianchi Pista Concept] frame today, right on time. Looks even better than the pictures. I'll send a pic when I have built the frame with the components. Again. thank you!

Brandice F. from Ca, 1/09: THANK YOU!!  The HED clip on aeroís are perfect; just as you said they would be!! Light as a feather and swing nicely out of my way on the climbs! They have become an amazing addition to my training. Comfortable in aero Ė whoíd a thunk it? You guys rule!! Thanks for the awesome customer service as they made their way out west Ė Iíll be back for more!!  Youíve got a permanent customer in Los Angeles!!     

Curt W. from Co, 1/09: I received my Merckx frameset and want to thank you all for a wonderful job! I appreciate the detailing of my frameset, even though it was a closeout. I had a very smooth build of it because of your attention to detail, especially on the bottom bracket. Thank you for great telephone support and email updates on the shipping status. I received much better information & support than any local shop! That's why I went with you all! Wishing you all 'tailwinds!'

Sean M. from Wi, 12/08: Very nicely done BiKyle! The Pegoretti Responsorium looks even better in person than it did on your website. I stopped in a little over a year ago to check out your shop. I appreciated your time and attention then and I appreciate it even more this time around!

Ben W. from Co, 12/08: I will continue to be a customer. I've never experienced this level of support from any online bike retailer before! Thank you.

Marco S. from Ont, 11/08: Thank you for your kind and helpful manner on the phone. I'm glad the derailleur was in stock and I'm very happy to order an item from your store. The BiKyle website has been an inspiring site to visit for this long-time road cyclist.

Marcos L. from Ca, 10/08 - Got my Mondonico tonight, WOW! Thanks for taking the time to pack it well. I will take extremely great care of the bike! Thanks.

Frank J. from De, 9/08 - MS Bike to Bay: the forecast was wrong as we didnít get any rain on either day. I did both days for a total of 150 miles. It was a joy to ride my new Merckx [LXM] and retire the Botteccia.

Lesley G. from Pa, 9/08: Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I LOVE THE BIKE [Qroo Chiqila]!!!!  Wow, it is just so much better than the other bike. I am feeling very comfortable on it and went on a couple 20 mile rides and spent a good bit of time in the aero position and it felt good!! I have been working on my positioning and popping my front out. I actually started yoga today so hopefully that will help relax my neck and upper back. I really felt what you said about the bike just "jumping" when you try to accelerate. It really moves!

Dale R. from Pa, 8/09: Took the bike [Bianchi Brava] out for a spin. Or should I say it took me????  WOW !!!!!!!!!  Why did I wait so long????

Ron L. from Pa, 7/08: Each time on the new [custom Torelli Force] bike I feel better and better. No pain or anything like that. Just getting used to how it handles in races. Very quick front end, which is a good thing. Actually it fits more like my custom Mondonico than any of the other Torellis you've built for me.

Dave A. from Pa, 7/08: Thanks again for all of your good work on my retro-fit a few weeks ago.  ÖI feel that I've been making considerable progress in riding efficiency, cardio improvement, and overall training progress. Cadence is way up without having to remind myself and keeping the knees inward has been pretty second-nature as well. My bike computer measures average speed and that has been up. On the few level stretches of road, average has increased from 17.8 to 19 mph. The knee pain on the inside of the left knee has gone. In fact, I'm having sore legs at the end of a ride for the first time in years as I get used to pedaling correctly.

Matt M. from Pa, 6/08: I just want to thank you for the Look 585. To say it is an amazing bike with a perfect fit is an understatement. I went on a 18 mile ride this morning, doing a 5 mile time-trial at the end in 12:00 - on the flattest ground I could find around here. I have not been sore once since riding. I have done a 10 miler, 16 miler, and 18 miler on consecutive days. It speaks to your fitting expertise that doing something completely new to me has not resulted in soreness. Everything about the bike is perfect - the handling, acceleration, and feel are more than I could ask for!

Margie A. from Pa, 6/08: Iíve been telling all the cyclists I know about the great fit and great workmanship I received with my new purchase [Torelli Selvino]. Thanks again.

Teddy P. from NY, 5/08: I just want to let you know that I have biked over 250miles on the Pinarello F4:13 and must say I felt great on it. Took it out to Montauk for a 50 mile ride over the weekend, felt great along the way and without any back pain whatsoever. Thanks again for such a good fit.

Ian V. from Md, 5/08: I would like to thank you and your crew for the bike setup [Isaac Impulse]. It is one amazing ride and amazing looking bike. I took it out for it's inaugural ride (50 miles) yesterday. The setup is perfect. I felt comfortable in every position (drops, etc). Thanks again for the great service!!!

John E. from Va, 4/08: I got my [Pegoretti] Marcelo back from the shop over the weekend (I had to order a new seatpost and decided to get a new chain as well) and took it for a spin both Saturday & Sunday. WOW is about all I can say! The bike handles like a dream and I'm so very happy that I got the fit through Cycles BiKyle. Excellent job!

Fredrik A. from Pa, 4/08: I love my new [Look 486] bike! Thank you all so much!!!

Scott L. from Pa. 4/08: I purchased a Cervelo P3 from you about 3 years ago. I love it and the fit - no adjustments at all since. Looks like you are done with Cervelo. A shame for them - you guys are great. But, I like my bike and it is such a good fit!

Kenji F. from Japan, 3/08: Thank you for the beautiful bike! The [Bianchi Luna] frameset was delivered today. Everything is okay. I am looking forward to riding it!

Jesse S. from Pa, 2/08: I purchased my Quintana Roo Caliente from you at the end of 2003 after finishing my first triathlon (Eagleman Half Ironman). The following year I did the same race and knocked 14 minutes off (53 places) of my bike split, which put me in the top 10% of my age group for the race! I continued to do well in many races throughout 2004, 2005, and in 2006 I raced the Florida Ironman on my Caliente, finishing 7th overall in my age group and qualifying for the 2007 Hawaii Ironman, which I completed this past October. 

I just wanted to thank you for providing a high quality product and such a comfortable fit. My trusty Caliente has carried me through thousands of training miles and many great race finishes. Iím now in the market for a road bike and hope to be stopping in the store soon to get Kyle's advice. Thanks again.

 Kevin I. from Bahamas, 02/08: Ha BiKyle, I got my bike [Felt TK-2]. It looks soooo good! Thank you so much. The cycling club that I am associated with has 50 riders. I'm recommending your store because 10 of them need bikes.

Craig H. from Pa, 2/08: Just wanted to send along a photo of the built-up Torelli Cortona I purchased from you late last year. Rides great! With a set of open-tubular type tires, it actually feels much quicker than my Giant TCR C2. Thanks for all your help with the fit. Never thought I'd have a custom-fit bike for that kind of money.

Bill H. from Pa, 1/08: Just wanted to send you a quick e-mail and send you my many thanks. I took the new ride [Look 555] out again today and put in an easy 30 miles. Wow - what a ride!  The bike fits great. Once again, thanks. You guys really know what you are doing.

Gerard F. from Australia, 1/08: Just going through some old emails, realized I hadn't replied to let you know the frame [Pinarello F4:13] arrived safely. It arrived in Australia just after Christmas, and was delivered to my home earlier this month after clearing all the customs formalities. Thank you for packing it so well, it was unmarked despite its intercontinental journey. As you can see from the attached picture, it has now been built up. The frame is beautiful and I'm really pleased with the way it rides. Thanks for your help with the order. I'm very happy with the frame and your service.

Tom W. from Belgium, 1/08: My Merckx SXM bicycle arrived in Brussels, Belgium, cleared customs, and was delivered today. My experience in purchasing the bike has been perfect, an exquisite experience!

Eel C. from Singapore, 11/07: I enjoyed dealing with you guys/gals. You are responsive and prompt. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and colleagues. Warm regards.

Dave A. from Pa, 10/07: I put in 35 miles on the Pegoretti 8:30 this past Sunday on a route of varied terrain. I must say I'm mighty impressed. I know the bike is aluminum, but it rides like a steel frame (almost as smooth as my Duende and way nicer than my old lugged steel). How does Pegoretti do it? I guess if he told us, his frames wouldn't be so special anymore! Thanks.

Kyoichi O. from Japan, 10/07: Last week I got the frameset. Really nice! Thanks for doing all the stuff you guys had to do. Sorry for being a little impatient, but ordering overseas from a shop that I had never purchased from kinda got me worried. Thanks again, I'm really enjoying the frame.

Crissy F. from Md, 10/07: You fitted me for my Merlin Extralight at the end of 2003. I've loved my bike and I have done well in triathlons. Now I have completed my first IM in Lake Placid and I am on my way to my 2nd 70.3 world's in FLA, I am doing very well in my age group!

Steven W. from Co, 9/07: I am so pleased with this bike [Bianchi Pista Concept]. It was ridden to a Div.II 3rd place in the points race at collegiate Nats this month. Thanks for the great service.

Rich H. from NJ, 8/07: I wanted to write you a short note to thank you for all the time you gave me yesterday. I really appreciate all the information you provided me about Pegoretti bicycles and the suggestions you had about components. I am really excited about selecting a Pegoretti frame and building it up to my cycling needs. Again, thank you for all your time and knowledge, it was a pleasure being at your shop yesterday.

Richard L. from Pa, 8/07: The Merlin Cyrene is the best ride of My Life! On my first ride, it took 7 minutes off my 10 mile best. And Kyleís fit got rid of the knee pain I had for years. Absolutely awesome. Thank you.

Doug R. from Pa, 7/07: PERFECT! Both bikes [Bianchi 928 CSC and Bianchi Dama Elle] are wonderful and fit is spot-on. Thanks much.

Tom R. from Ct, 6/07: I've had the chance to ride several hundred miles on the new [Merckx Corsa] bike and everything is good. I am very happy with the fit. I've had no problem adjusting to the longer crankarms and I like the gearing with the compact cranks. Plus, I'm getting used to the wider handlebars. I showed the bike to a couple of cycling pals of mine and let them take it for a short spin. They flipped out over it! They are real aficionados (one rides a Merlin and the other a Look). They loved the paint job, including the colors, the stencil detail and the chrome and they marveled over the stiff bottom bracket in combination with the smooth ride and stable handling. Thanks!

Nancy H. from Pa, 6/07: I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping surprise me with the Pinarello [Prince SL]. I have been in a state of awe since receiving it. The ride is like nothing that I've ever experienced before, never before having a bike fit me properly. The experience of riding this perfect fit is pure joy. This is the very very first time that i can actually reach the hoods and sit on the saddle simultaneously. Who would have thought this possible!?! Also, my bum stays centered for the duration of my ride!!!! She loves to go fast, and who am I not to oblige!?! I just wanted to let you know that i will do the Pinarello justice and race her as best I can!!! Thank you.

Todd M. from Pa, 5/07: First, in a word: WOW ! ! ! What a fabulous bike [QRoo Caliente AL].  And the aluminum frame was definitely the right thing. I feel very powerful and natural. Kyle, you sure worked your magic. On the flats this thing just GOES. I settle into the bars and my speed just goes up. Itís amazing. Iím extremely comfortable on any ride.

Diane H. from NY, 05/07: Hi- I just received my order and wanted to thank you for the really quick shipping! Thanks :-)

Mary A. from NY, 4/07: My bike is here! And it's a dream. Fits incredibly, rides even better. It's a whole new world. A work of art. Picasso on wheels, Leonardo DeBianchi. Thanks Kyle, and the BiKyle staff! My Bianchi Virata is a dream.

John H. from Co, 4/07: I received the [Pegoretti Luigino] frame yesterday and it is stunning!

Mary A. from NY, 4/07: You certainly make purchasing a bike from your shop an enjoyable experience! Thanks again.

Bud S. from Pa, 4/07: My most recent visit to your shop had me reminiscing about how far you've come since you fit me for my Basso Gap in 1984. I'm happy to say that bike's still going strong, although I did spiff it up a bit with a Campy upgrade from you in '96 and two repaints by you as well over the years. I'm totally sold on the internal rustproofing you do on all the steel frames; I've yet to have even a hint of rust in 23 years. I'm also totally sold on the Merlin Extralight you did for me in '99. The fit is the same on both bikes - superb! I was struck by you doing a brand new measurement on me in '99, rather than relying on the measurements from '84. You picked up on a right hip problem I had developed over the years that changed my reach to the bars, and tweaked the fit just right. Although I do have a racing wheelset from you, I'm most impressed by the Mavic CXP-33s that were built up by your staff. 7 years later and I think I took a spoke wrench to them twice. Absolutely bombproof! Although my history has me buying a bike from you every 15 years (whether I need one or not!) I may break with tradition and pick up a Pegoretti from you one of these days. Thanks for being there through the years with great product and great support.

Tony R. from Tx, 3/07: At long last the Mondonico is assembled and I can't say enough about its appearance and ride. I always wanted a Ferrari and this is as close as I'll get. The bike is a perfect fit. It rides like steel but is as light as carbon (16.2 lbs) - the best of all possible worlds! Thanks again for guiding me through this project.

Matt G. from Wash DC, 3/07: I wanted to let you know that the bike [Bianchi 1885] has been excellent so far. I have ridden 3 times, for about 5 hours so far this week, and everything seems to be great. Thanks again for your help in getting me set up so nicely.

Blake C. from Wash DC, 3/07: Outstanding! Really looking forward to the new Van Dessel. It has been a real pleasure working with you and your staff.

Greg E. from Pa, 3/07: The Pinarello Angliru exceeded my expectations of the ride quality. I rode it the weekend before last and it just delighted me. It is a real beauty to look at and handles very smoothly. The fit Kyle gave me gets me behind the pedals to get some real leverage. I am very happy that I bought the Angliru and very happy I purchased from you all. I have and will continue to recommend your shop.

Dave A. from Pa, 3/07: I have about 75 miles on the Pegoretti [Duende] so I believe I have a legitimate basis for formulating an opinion of it (other than it looks really nice.) The bike rides like a dream; it seems to do everything well. It is clearly a more than worthy replacement for my late Colnago. My biggest concern with this bike is that I wonder how much exercise I am actually getting when I am riding it since it is simply faster than anything I have owned previously!  Overall I would have to say this bike exceeded my expectations, which were pretty high given what I knew about Pegorettiís reputation. The next time you communicate with Dario, please express my appreciation. (Iíll defer to you here, because your Italian is better than mine!)  

Irene S. from NJ, 02/07:  This is why I love working with you, Kyle. You listen and decipher where a rider wants to go! Thank you.

Dave F. from Va, 02/07: The Mondonico is a WONDERFUL BICYCLE! Too cold and damp here to ride now but I was able to get in about 350 miles during early January using the Torelli I purchased from you. I'll wait till late April to get back on the Mondonico. The M is really a wonderful, smooth ride. When I first rode it, I jokingly thought to myself, "Gee, I hope I don't fall asleep while riding it!" And, it *FITS REAL WELL.* Bottom line: I would gladly buy the Mondonico again. Rode across USA this past June/July - Portland, OR. to VA. Used the Merlin you built for me because of it's strength. Plan to ride from Vancouver, Buffalo, N.Y. this June/July.

Ted C. from Ca, 12/06: The [Guerciotti] frame got to my house in perfect shape. Thanks for packing it so carefully!!! It looks fabulous. I'll shoot you guys some digital pix after I build it up next week. You guys have been great!

Vicki A. from Tx, 12/06: I rode 25 miles last night Ė [Merckx Team SC] feels amazing. Responsive, I can feel the road, but it doesnít beat me up. Wow. Corners like a champ, sprints like, well, something is on fire SOMEWHERE! And the no-hands stability is good. Ö.I am floating on airÖ. Thanks, Vicki

Peter B. from NY, 11/06:  I received the bike last week and it is awesome. I really appreciate you working with me on this. Thank you.

Bern B. from Australia, 10/06: I got the bike today Ė itís fantastic!!.

Gavin K. from Pa, 9/06: I just wanted to let you know that Ryan loves his bike. He is doing great and rides every chance he gets! We even rode in the LiveStrong Challenge ride last weekend. He raised over $2300 in just 2 weeks and rode the 10 mile ride with just one stop.  Attached is a picture of him on his bike that I thought you might get a kick out of. Thanks for taking such good care of him!

Kim K. from Korea, 8/06: I really appreciate your perfect and skillful job for my Rocky Mtn [ETSX] bike. It works more wonderfully and smoothly than I expected. Nowadays, I am riding it with happiness and with full satisfaction. Thank you for your excellent job and highly sophisticated technique for my bike. Good luck to Cycles BiKyle.

Irene S. from NY, 8/06: When I pulled up to the ride I still had both bikes in my truck but with all intentions of riding the Cannondale since I was used to it. Of course I unloaded the Cervelo and off I went figuring I had 62 miles to "test ride" my new bike. It didn't take long to feel at home on the bike and I had an awesome ride. The bike got a lot of attention and so I did pump your shop! Thank you and your staff. You have a great place and I enjoyed my time there.

Guy H. from Pa, 7/06: The Merlin is great so far! Amazing to me how it can be fit that well without being on the bike before!!

Suzanne R. from De, 7/06:  Bike [Opera Leonardo] is great!! As beautiful as I imagined. Fits like a glove. I can climb the steepest hills I can find in Chester County, no problem. It would be nice if the rider was in better shape!

Gordon C. from NJ, 7/06: Thanks for a great fit and an excellent bike [Cervelo Soloist Carbon]. May the road you ride always be A Great One!

Brian C. from Mi, 5/06: I put 31 miles on [my new custom BiKyle-Franklin] this morning, and even though you are probably thinking that 31 miles is not so much, I could barely get 22 on the old bike and I was dying. I was a little tired and had a little saddle soreness but no neck pain and no numbness in my hands and wrists. I love this bike a little more each time I get out on it! I was nervous before I got the bike that all the expectations would fall short, but actually it is even better than I had thought, and seems to get better the more I ride it - just like you need to break in a good pair of shoes.

Dan B. from Il, 05/06: Just wanted to say that I'm very happy with the Bianchi Axis that I purchased from BiKyle a few months back. The transaction was smooth enough that I'm looking toward you guys for my next purchase [a Rocky Mtn mountain bike].

Bob F. from MD, 5/06: Friday, I picked up my Mondonico Monza from your shop. First, it is beautiful! Second, the ride is better than it looks! Today, I had it out for its maiden ride and it was a pleasure. I must say that the most noticeable difference was the way my back felt after ~ 40 miles. Usually it is a given that I experience lower back discomfort and some numbing of the skin on lower back.  Today, none of that was experienced.  I attribute all of this to your fitting prowess. Thank You.

Andy N. from Tn, 4/06: I bought my Pinarello Prince with Campy Chorus from you 3 or 4 years ago. It has been great...really's a tremendous machine and I have recommended you to many people. Thanks.

Alyssa S. from Va, 4/06: I'm out & riding! What a great bike [Rocky Mountain RC-30]. Fits perfectly & easy to zip around on. .... The bike was beautifully packaged. A young woman stopped me to ask about the bike & the pedals with envy. Thanks!

John R. from NJ, 4/06: A long overdue thanks for the great new Merlin mountain bike you built up for me. While a bit of a wait for the RLT fork, it was well worth it and the bike is exactly what I was looking for Ė a responsive, very nice handling mountain bike at home on trails in the area as well as some of the really rough back roads. Iím really enjoying it and continue to appreciate the great bikes and help Iíve gotten from your great shop over the years. 

Heather M. from Australia, 4/06: Yes, I got the [Bianchi EV-4] frame. It's all set up and now we are just fine tuning to get the perfect riding position. The frame was for my husband and he likes it a lot. 

Tony A. from Australia, 4/06: I had an ordinary Leach triathlon bike before and I was struggling with the guys I ride with regularly. The first time I tried the Bianchi EV2 with the group I won the sprint race we have at the end of the ride. I couldn't even come close before I got this bike!

From Pat S. from Pa, 3/06: A short note to say thanks very much for the "most excellent" experience that I had during the entire bike purchasing process - fitting, setup and delivery of my Cervelo Soloist. Aside from the fact that the bike is great (pretty much a given), the main reason for my note is to let you know how much I enjoyed my overall customer experience; you guys made me feel like a real pro right out of the gate. From the moment I met with Kyle for my initial fitting, to the bike delivery and setup, I immediately realized that you guys get it - you truly understand what it means to get and keep a customer. By doing the small things right, you got me!

Mike T. from Ca, 3/06: I took my first real ride on the [Van Dessel] Country Bob yesterday, riding 42 miles with a 15t track cog. I felt very comfortable cruising along a 20 mph and when wanted to push it higher it was not a problem. Thanks.

John C. from Tn, 2/06: The [Guerciotti] EM2 performed well for the last race of the Knoxicross series. Managed an hour recovery ride today with the cold winds. Thank you again for your help putting this bike together. It is a joy to ride.

Ernie P. from Fl, 2/06: Bike arrived [Merlin XL Mtn XTR] but my legs are aching from riding all! Thanks again for the very nice build.

Eileen B. from NJ, 12/05: Just writing to thank you for being SO helpful! I am very impressed with your attention to detail!

Leigh G. from Australia, 11/05: My Merlin Oreas arrived safely in Australia, due in no small way to the care with which it was packed by your team. It's all assembled now and I've been on a few test rides and wanted to tell you that I couldn't be happier with it. I know it isn't really a cycling term, but its outstanding quality to me is how well balanced the bike seems when riding. And even with its off-road tyres, it tracks and steers very precisely, which must be at least partly due to the care with which it was built. ...Purchasing a bike from BiKyle was a wonderful experience and I wish you and your team all the very best for the future.

Ed C. from NY, 11/05: Wow !!!!! This bike [Pinarello F4:13] is smooth, quiet and quick.... Also, the 20 speeds are a lot more gears than I am used to!

Bob R. from Mo, 11/05: I'm VERY impressed with the fit you did for me on this [Mondonico] frame. The positioning you were trying to coax me into back in June literally falls into place. My knees have never felt such a lack of stress...I am just so pleased that I have a ride that makes my back, knees & other joints actually feel better after riding rather than the reverse. You've managed to do what no chiropractor or orthopedist has been able to do for me! Thanks again.

Jeff B. from Wa, 10/05: Got the [VDO] computer, set it up: no problems whatsoever (except the print in the manual is a little small for my old eyes)! I think it is just great. Thanks for the excellent customer service.

Brian M. from Maine, 10/05: This is the third time that I have ridden the Mondonico and I am very happy with it. It handles the bumps much smoothly than my Dxxx Ti bicycle did. I am very comfortable on the bike which I was very surprised due to the bike being a 62 cm. I am very impressed with the Campy Groupo and the rest of the components.

Steven D. from DC, 9/05: I bought a custom Mondonico frame a while back. It rides super sweet, I love the bike....Tell Kyle the bike is Phenomenal. Love every ride, thanks.

Julius P. from Ca, 9/05: Team Cycles BiKyle: I must say, what I've read in the [bike forums] about your customer service being top-notch is very true. Thanks for the wonderful experience knowing that customer service is alive and well over the worldwide-web at I'll be back to order more stuff later. Meanwhile, keep up the excellent work.

Tom F. from Pa, 9/05: I am following up after my purchase of the Merlin Extralight in the Spring. The bike is fantastic! ...Thanks for a great bike!

Terrance M. from Az, 9/05: Simple questions asked to other shops usually return late with the most bland answers ever. You guys rock over there, keep it up! So, I say, send that [Bianchi] Pista out with love! Thanks, Terrence

Celeste B. from Ca, 8/05: Thanks much - I'm so in love with the Vittoria road shoes I purchased from you guys. I'm definitely going to continue to patronize your website!

Lisa V. from Ma, 8/05: I wanted to thank you again for your help with my wonderful new Cervelo [P2-K]. The measuring for a retrofit obviously worked so well, in part, because my LeMond doesn't fit me all that well. I will continue to work on making the recommended changes to it, as I will continue to use that bike for certain riding conditions (e.g. if I go to Italy again with the MLC folks). And as much as I've enjoyed my LeMond (it has been a good bike), I LOVE my new Cervelo. I drove over to Valley Forge Park yesterday to pick up the bike trail and work on my aerobars. As I took my new bike out of my car, even though there was no one around to see me, I was so proud to pull that bike out of my car! It is beautiful, and I am so appreciative of your help in making it happen....Thank you very much, and thanks also to the guys in the "back" who made it happen. I love your shop, and will wear my BiKyle clothing with pride, feeling a connection to your great shop. The bike feels great! Thanks again.

Bill S. from Pa, 8/05: Thanks to everyone at BiKyle for making my purchasing experience an enjoyable one. My [Pinarello] F4:13 is an incredible ride and just as beautiful. Build quality was superb. Look forward to future transactions. Thanks again.

Brent L. from Australia, 8/05: Guys just wanted to say thank you for your speedy and personal service! I will order from you again in the future.

Brandon Z. from Tx, 7/05: I just wanted to thank you for the great setup on the bike [Cervelo R2.5]. The fit is perfect and I am extremely comfortable on the bike. I am already setting personal best times on many of my rides with my new and improved pedal stroke. My wife is looking to start road riding so you could be hearing from me soon on putting something together for her. Thanks again - love the bike!

Mark L. from Fl, 6/05: My Bianchi-Liquigas frame arrived last night in fine shape. It really is an extremely nice looking frame. Can't wait to get it built up and go for a ride!

Harry K from NY, 06/05: Just received the Bianchi Pista Concept and Assos FI-13. Great stuff and excellent packing. Thanks very much!

Laura M. from Vt, 06/05: You really are terrific! Your kindness, ease to deal with, and prompt and courteous customer service will be relayed to my friends and fellow bikers at an upcoming charity ride this weekend. I know they will appreciate learning about a company with practices such as yours. It will be a pleasure to spread a good & happy word!

Joel B. from Pa, 5/05: The [Torelli] Stiletto is great! Had an excellent race weekend last weekend. Really fast machine, great position.

Sam C. from Mo, 5/05: The bike [Bianchi Pista Concept] arrived yesterday and is outstanding. It was a great ride into work this morning. The shipping box ranks as one of the classiest deliveries I've ever had the pleasure to receive. And all of you over at BiKyle were terrific to work with. You can take my money any day!

Dave Y. from Pa, 5/05: Thanks for the great job you did with my Pinarello Galileo back in March. It fits my body amazingly and feels great to ride.

Mark L. from Fl, 5/05: I bought a Bianchi SL-Alloy Lite frame from you a couple of years ago. I finally completed building it up last summer and it rides great!

Andy N. from Tn, 5/05: I bought a Pinarello Prince from you 2 or 3 years ago...that's a great bike, and a great fit. Thanks.

Chris H. from Md, 5/05: Just wanted to let you know that I have received the bike [Kona Caldera]...Thanks again for such an easy transaction and a great product.

Dave P. from NY, 3/05:  I would like to say thank you for getting my bike together by Saturday, so that I could pick it up. I really appreciate the extra mile everyone went for me, especially since I'm new to your shop and not a regular customer...Thanks again for all you guys have done for me.

Lana B. from Ma, 12/04: You guys are amazing! I got the package early this morning. Thanks for everything. 

Mollie F. from Pa, 12/04: Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I'm enjoying this bike [Bianchi 928]!! It fits like a glove -- I especially appreciate the handlebar width - huge improvement over what I was riding before! [My] back-up bike was way too big for me, but this one is quick, responsive, and really comfortable to ride. Thanks for all of your help.

Rol H. from Ma, 11/04: Thanks folks, I received the order at 6pm Monday evening. Great service and customer care.

Cathy W. from Fl, 11/04: A friend helped me put the Jake together and I appreciate the markings with tape for my measurements. As for the ride, I rode it ten miles yesterday and sixteen today. Wow, what a difference from my Schwinn "grandma"! Such a sweet ride, I love it. I am definitely hooked and will be back again I am sure. Plus I have referred your place to some friends... If you ever need reviews, I will definitely be happy to continue to share my happiness with the way you do business and treat your customers. You guys are the greatest.

Matt P. from Ca, 10/04: The Cervelo R2.5 arrived, I opened it, it is amazing! Perfect condition by the way, not a scratch (not that I would have cared much). Anyway, thanks for the help, I will forward a pic when built. Take care.

Chad online, 9/04: I wish I lived near your store. Your prompt and thorough attention and service makes my LBS look pitiful.

Friedrich S. from Austria, 9/04: Now I know why they rate BiKyle one of the ten best bicycle shops in America! Thank you.

Zane M. from Pa, 7/04: Hi Kyle & Co, The Cervelo Dual you recently built up for me is awesome!   ... I know that bad habits die hard and I appreciate the time and effort you have shown in helping me break mine. Thanks Again . 

Suzanne S. from NJ, 7/04: I wanted to drop you an email with some feedback after my retrofit back on June 10. Thanks to your adjustments to my bike I know look forward to my rides as I train for the half-iron! The new seat and adjusted seat height made it feel like I am riding on a cloud compared to the old one.

Tom P. from Pa, 7/04: The Torelli I bought from you is awesome and it fits incredibly. That is why I am buying my next bike and probably all future bikes there!

Frank M. from Ca, 7/04: I just wanted to say thanks and wow, the [custom] Pinarello Dogma looks amazing!

Ted B. from In, 6/04: Wanted to say how pleased I am with the [Pegoretti] CCKMP. A little over 2500 miles on it, so I believe its broken in now. I don't believe there could be a more comfortable ride. If there is I don't want to know!

Fred D. from Ca, 6/04: The Dura Ace bar ends arrived today and in fine shape. I just want to express my thanks for all your help and to Bikyle for having such GREAT employees that care not only about their customers, but representing Bikyle as the right choice in making a biking purchase. Kudos to you guys!! You haven't heard the last from me yet, I still have biking needs and Bikyle will be one of my stops!! Thanks again, it's been my pleasure to have done business with you!! Be well, ride safe!!

Alain C from Ma, 6/04: Dear Bill, I saw on your [Torelli] website that you are now representing Guerciotti. Any idea when you'll have more information on their cyclocross bikes on the website? I recently bought a Mondonico Monza through BiKyle and it is a marvelous bike. Beautiful to look at and rides smooth as silk. Great bike. Best regards - Alain

Jacob H. from Pa, 6/04: I just wanted to send out a thank you to you guys [T3 Triathlon Racing Team] for suggesting Cycles BiKyle for a great bike. I went to numerous bike shops around the area looking for a new bike to fit me good enough that I wouldn't be so fatigued for the runs after a long bike. It seemed that every bike shop only took one measurement, the one to determine the frame size, then it was time to talk about anything and everything to get me to walk out of the store with a bike. Kyle was about getting to know my wife and me for the first 15-20 minutes before talking business. The numerous measurements he took to determine the proper bike and fit made me feel like I was an elite athlete and that he was there to make me the fastest and most comfortable I have ever been on a bike. The thing I liked the most is that Kyle wasn't out there to make the most money, but is there for the athlete. He had two bikes in my price range that he suggested to me, a Cervelo P2K or a Quintana Roo Caliente. He took my measurements and put them into his computer and he determined which bike was the best fitting bike for me. Even though he could  have made about 300-400 dollars more by selling me the Quintana Roo, he sold me the Cervelo which by the way fits like a dream!! I've logged about 8 three hour rides on it and felt great for the run after. My first race is this Sunday, Blackwater Eagleman in Cambridge. I'm so excited about the bike leg of the race because I know I am faster. So once again, Thank You for putting Cycles BiKyle on your website, I never would have found his shop and probably would be riding an expensive improperly fitting bike right now. Respectfully, JH

***such a great experience on Saturday. I am totally excited about the decision to purchase the Cervelo P3 and cannot wait to get it out on the road. Your approach and expertise put me at ease completely and I already know that I made the right choice in coming to your shop! Have a great day. Thanks again.

Terry G. from Wash DC, 1/04: The [Mondonico] bike is incredible!! Tony did his usual exceptional [build] job. Thanks for all your help.

Carrie K. from NC, 1/04: I received and delivered the [Zoot Tri] bag as a gift to
one very happy person! Thanks again for your speedy and personal attention to my order! I will definitely keep you guys bookmarked! Thanks.

Jeff B. from Or, 1/04: I have now been riding and racing my pretty blue Torelli Express Carbon for about 2 years (~10,000 miles) and am extremely happy with it. Really like the steel and carbon fiber combination for comfort. And it is amazing how much better a descender I have become on it. And the Campy 10 speed parts are wonderful. Very smooth. Who would expect any less from Campy? Definitely living up to their reputation. Thanks.

Joe D. from NH, 1/04: I finally had the opportunity to ride the Pinarello Surprise bike last week (the temps finally got above 30). The ride was Awesome!! I have tremendous respect for the Bottecchias that I have Ė however there is no comparison. As you said Ė the bike seems to throw you up the road. It is a very aggressive ride. Iím riding every chance I get. It looks great too!

Rupert S. from NJ, 1/04: I got in an hour and a half on flat roads Saturday. The bike [Merckx MX Leader] works well although it may take some time to get comfortable in the new position. The [Campy] drive train is silky smooth. The frame is stiff as advertised but not uncomfortable on rough roads. The biggest difference is on short uphill sections like highway overpasses. The additional power required really seems to propel the bike forward. I'm very happy with the final product.

Alain C. from Ma, 1/04: I just want to let you know that the bike [Mondonico Monza] arrived last Friday and it is absolutely beautiful! I was even able to go riding yesterday.

William C. from Va, 12/03: I just raced the Torelli cross bike for the first time. Like, an hour ago. I rode the bike for a little while on Friday for the first time -- very mellow ride, all paved, and I was encouraged but unready to judge. Today I can say it -- I love this bike! I had a blast. Lots of compliments on the bike just from appearance (and the 'cross crowd tends to be discerning), but it was incredible to ride. I am thrilled. Thanks for the bike, thanks for the technical help, thanks for everything. I'm very pleased to have made your acquaintance (calculated understatement, of course).

H. Park from S. Korea, 12/03: I bought Cervelo cycle in 10th, Dec. Most of all, thank you for helping to stay and enjoy in there. It arrived Korea well the day before yesterday.

Mark P. from Pa, 12/03: Hey, Guys. I just wanted to let you know that the Merckx SC is a dream come true!! I rode apx 35 miles today. Yes it is only 25 degrees! I just can't tell you how happy I am with the bike. My cycling life is now complete. Thank you again for everything, you guys are truly pros.

Roger C. from Fl, 12/03: I just got the [Quintana Roo] bike and opened the box! It came through wonderfully. ...I want to thank you for putting it together and for knowing how to ship things right. I will hopefully be out riding on it tomorrow!

Troy J. from NYC, 11/03: First of all, I should start out with the fact that I love the way the  [BiKyle track] bike handles. ...Last year was my first year riding on a velodrome with a track bike, I have ridden them for years in NYC as a bike messenger. I feel this bike is a great improvement to the xxx that I rode last season.

Phillip O. from Ga, 11/03: From what I've seen up to now, you guys are really GREAT to deal with!!!!!!! I was very appreciative of your reply yesterday, and I tried to place the order online in the manner you suggested, but the web page 'timed out' in the final I called in the order and got Kyle, who was also as nice as he could be! He took the order over the phone, and I am one happy guy! THANK YOU! First class service!!!!!!!!

Marc N. from Quebec, 11/03: I receive the bike [Bianchi Axis] last week. It's very great and I had just enough time to ride a hundred km before it start snowing! Thank you.

Sandro V. from Toronto, 11/03: Got the frame today. Wow. It looks amazing. What can i say? Thoroughly impressed with your service and totally thrilled with the bike (actually thrilled doesn't begin to define...). Thank you so very much. My dream of a celeste Bianchi is being fulfilled.

Ed W. from Pa, 10/03: Frankly, I was a bit skeptical...but, the word on the street was that Kyle was the real deal. I was kinda surprised that the fitting session consisted of more measurements than a custom suit and a lot of sitting around and chatting about bicycles. More like a bicycle therapy session than a fitting session. And Kyle can talk bikes. What wonderful analogies. Kyle has a wonderful way of describing a bicycle's negative traits as if they were positive but undesired traits. That being said, Kyle was able to zero in on my REAL needs and intentions and to pick out frames that would (he claimed) fit my needs as well as fit me. What could I do but trust him? So we concluded that the Look KG386 (I had not realized the frame's pedigree prior to selecting it) would meet most of my desired traits. Frankly I picked it because the frame would meet most of my requirements and it LOOKED cool.

Kyle also sold me into Campy. ... he recommended Campy Centaur. I stepped up to Chorus. Now I never expected to be worthy of Campy. I mean Campy is only used by "real" riders. I also never understood why everyone claims that Campy is real purty. I mean geeze - it's a derailleur, how purty can it be? Once I got it home and on the Park stand I understood. ... It's a shame to ride the stuff. It belongs in MOMA.

... The ride is too smooth. It feels like someone paved the dang asphalt bike path in glass.  ... Its nimble in that I can think and go. Not point and go, think and go. ... Yer mechanics are too anal. Way too anal. Yer mechanics spend way too much care building up a bike. ... The brakes have grease on em. They are too smooth. The bike is too stealth. That's right, the screaming "team" colors are hiding something. The bike is too stealth. I can jump out and motor ahead with out having to change grip, ratchet through gears, stand up, flop the bike, and generally tell everyone that I'm gonna make a move. Instead I quietly churn away. ... Anyone need a well worn Cannondale?

Julie S. from Ont, 10/03: Thanks for the great service you gave me on Saturday (we don't have that quality of service here in Ottawa).  Have forwarded your web site to a few riding friends. I will definitely stop by next time I am in the Philly area.

Terry G. from Va, 10/03 update: I can't thank you enough for the fit on my new [Look] bike. At 45 years old, after years of marathon running, Iím finally pain free! No more knee, hip, or tendon pain. No more painkillers! Man, what a difference. I can't be emphatic enough. I'm riding more than ever and all the pain is gone! I don't want to sound hysterical but wow, this bike is such a joy! I'm now going to start commuting to work, 20 miles each way. I honestly never thought I could think of such a thing. Thank you again.

Ron L. from Pa, 10/03: I picked up the [Torelli] Spada Time Trial bike today and just got back from a ride. One comment - WHY DIDN'T YOU TALK ME INTO THIS YEARS AGO!!! It took me about 20 minutes to get the hang of the balance points but once I got comfortable in the bars man can you fly! Thanks.

Terry G. from Va, 9/03: The [Look] bike is incredible! I can't believe the difference a professional fit and a quality frame can make. Wow! Tony did a fantastic job. His workmanship was exceptional and he was always available for questions. I've only put about five miles on the bike, weather is bad. I'll let you know more when I get more miles. Thank you all.

Ed S. from Pa, 9/03: My first race with my new Cervelo Dual and I took 1st place in my age group! I am looking forward to more races on this bike. It is fast and it feels great! ....Thanks for a great fit on a great bike. It not only helped me get an excellent bike split, it really helped me on the run - my legs felt fresh right off the bike.

Frank M. from Ca, 8/03: The [custom] Pinarello Prince SL is very cool! I am happy with the frame set. Next year, maybe a Dogma! Until then, regards and thanks again.

Rick R. from NY, 8/03: Recently, while visiting friends in Bryn Mawr, I visited the shop and wanted to say a "thanks" to Sid as he helped me in buying some bibs and other misc. items and wanted to let you know I'll be back to buy more. I'm from central New York (just north of Syracuse) and there are no shops up here that compare to yours. Thanks for the great service, guys!

Dave N. from Md, 8/03: Wanted to take a few moments and add to your list of praises for the fitting, bike build, and continued support. The Merlin Extralight you put together has been terrific. It seems to somehow get better as time progresses. Had the opportunity to take it on the road this summer and successfully completed the Indiana RAIN ride, 160 miles one day, and just got back from the RAMROD in Seattle, 155 miles in one day with more climbing than I need to see again for a while. The bike performed flawlessly, and I am convinced that my comfort both during and after the ride are directly attributed to Kyle's fitting. Thanks again.

Tony V. from Pa, 8/03: Just a quick note to say I love my new bike (Bianchi Eros). I picked the bike up Saturday with a host of assorted accessories. Special thanks to Walt (indoctrination and initial training), Woody (assembled my bike), and Tony (shoes) for making my experience very meaningful and satisfying. I did manage to ride for 17 miles on Sunday. Hopefully, I will be doing quite a bit more. Thanks again.

John S. from Ca, 7/03: Received [Mondonico Futtura Nemo] yesterday in perfect order. Frameset looks really nice. Paint is really nice! I checked the alignment (not that I don't trust you guys, but shipping damage isn't always obvious to the eye). This must be the best aligned frameset I've ever bought. Looking forward to building out the complete bicycle. So far so good (no snags with the headset, BB set, and cranks/chainrings). Many thanx for a job well done.

Michael M. from Va, 07/03: The wheels arrived with no problem yesterday. They look great and I'm about to go out to test them now. Thanks for the help and for paying such close attention to detail on this order.

Gerard M. from Ont, 7/03: I would like to say that I'm very pleased with your service. I get a lot of bike stuff from mail order (local bike shops sxxk), and I'll make sure that BiKyle gets a lot of my business in the future.

Matt H. from Pa, 6/03: The new Look KG486 TT bike worked great. Only 6 of us Cat 3s broke the 18 minute mark in last Thursdayís stage one at Fitchburg. For a while I held on to 3rd position, but in the end got bumped to 5th. Had I trained a little more on that bike, and tweaked my fitting a little more, I could have shaved another 20 seconds, but thatís racing. In any case, that position kept me in 5th for the first three stages, and I wound up 10th in overall GC. Not bad for a race of Fitchburgís caliber.

Mike D. from Ia, 6/03: OK, now I've ridden the custom Merckx MX Leader about 150 miles - 3 rides. It is confusing to me exactly how it is different in size from the standard but it sure is more stable, feels better in the drops, and sprints better than even my Team SC. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it feels like weight distribution is different. Cornering is better. Now if it is just materials let me know. Bottom line, I hope the design of the custom Team SC that Kyle comes up with will be this good!

Leah F. from NJ, 6/03: EVERY time Mario goes out on his bike he just won't stop talking about how great it fits, how he doesn't have neck/back/hand etc. pain, how amazing it is that absolutely no adjustments to anything were necessary, how PERFECT it is. Kind of sickening but I guess I'll understand when I get mine!  :-)

Daniel R. from Mo, 6/03: Received the Bianchi Boron frame yesterday, very, very nice frame! I'm almost done with the build. Thanks.

Ryan G. from Pa, 5/03: Thought you be interested in a racing update. The aerobars that I purchased on Thursday last week worked to perfection as Devin and I rode through the rain to a 1st place victory at the Team Time Trial this weekend! That gives our racing team over 20 podium finishes (11 victories) already this season. We are flying on the new Torelli's and look professional in the matching team kit. We are currently winning the Elite Championship Series and the Cat 3 Championship Series. We are 3rd in the Cat 4 Series, 4th in 50+ Series, and 3rd place overall team in Pennsylvania. Obviously we are off to an excellent start and are the envy of our competition. Our organized dominance would not be possible without your contributions to our team. A very small thank you for your very large support.

Cris D. from Il, 5/03: My bike [Pegoretti Fina Estampa] came in yesterday! It's great! I love it.

John R. from NY, 5/03: I picked up my Pegoretti Fina Estampa this past Saturday and couldn't be happier. The [Cinelli Ram] handlebars are great and the bike is fantastic. I want to thank you for all your help with all my various questions over the past few months. You've been most helpful and the end result is exactly what I wanted.

Leo H. from Tx, 5/03: The parts and the frame [Bianchi EV-3] showed up yesterday. The frame, she is so sweet! Thanks for taking care of my order.

Dr. Steve K. from Fl, 5/03: I had a stress test for my 54th birthday - could not get my heart rate above 120 for one hour, resting pulse in 50's, thanks to biking all these years. If Kyle did not fit me perfectly some 15 years ago, I doubt I would have kept riding - thanks!

Nino M. from Pa, 5/03: The Pinarello Prince SL is awesome. Without a doubt the nicest bike I have ever ridden. I know equipment doesn't make the rider, but hey, I've got to be at least a little bit better on that sweet thing!

Paul E. from Ma, 4/03: The footbeds showed up Friday as expected - thanks for the shipping updates. Your customer service is fantastic.

George P. from Pa, 4/03: I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoy my new Bianchi Campione. I was in Friday for my 30-day tune up. Woody was good enough to take care of it while I hung around the shop so I could get back on the road the next day. He also gave me a few riding tips. Each time out I feel more comfortable and learn a little more about the bike. I'm up to 80 miles a week - not that much by racing standards, but amazing for me. When I first started riding a hybrid a few years ago, I had gone about a half-mile before I considered calling 911 for some oxygen and a lift home. Now, seeing a hill coming after twenty miles of Chester County countryside, I just dig in, knowing I can make it to the top. I feel that I've got a bike that's well fitted to me and that I made a good choice dealing with someone with your expertise and experience. Though you deal with pro racers, you made me feel like an important customer and appreciate your advice and encouragement. A special thanks to Walt, who's been very helpful with instruction, guidance and all-around good customer service. So thanks again, and my best to the crew at BiKyle. See you over the summer.

Steve K. from Fl, 4/03: You recommended the new Assos bibs, they are superb. The best chamois ever, it disappears underneath you. Once again, you have recommended a product that is everything you say it is and more. Thanks again.

Dom S. from Pa, 4/03: I stopped by the shop on Saturday and I have my fitting appt with Kyle on Wednesday. Thanks for all of your help, your shop has been the most helpful and professional out of all of the places I checked out. It is much appreciated! Hopefully this weather will break and I can get out to the trails on my new bike.

Jason W. from NY, 04/03: Thank you. The Bianchi Pista bike arrived today and I just took it for its first spin (long day). It arrived in perfect condition and is setup perfectly. I really appreciate your help.

Lincoln R. from New Zealand, 3/03: The Merckx is safe and well and in my possession. ...In a world full of boring aluminum, this is one cool piece of lugged steel art. ...Thanks very much for all your help over the weeks. We got there!!

Paula K. from Pa, 2/03: You guys are terrific with the customer service! I will forever brag about your operation. Keep up the good work!

Melvin S. from Ha, 12/02:  Bike was packed expertly! Awesome. Great service. I know where I'm getting my next mountain bike! Thanks, again. 

Joe H. from Ca, 12/02: Thanks for your help. Even though, due to fit, the QR wetsuit purchase didn't work out, I have had a good experience overall with Cycles BiKyle - you've been very helpful from the start of my interactions with you. Thanks again, Joe

Ted F. from Singapore, 12/02: A footnote on the Rocky Mountain Oxygen - she's a dream and nice and dirty from a few trips onto singletrak, jungle style! These bikes never seem to solve the problem of the lungs in my mouth by the end of the ride thought. Thanks, this really worked out well.

Andy N. from Tn, 12/02: Got Pinarello Prince last night. Looks beautiful, was packed impeccably...not a scratch or grease blob anywhere. You all really know what you're doing. Unfortunately, it's raining like crazy right now. Had to take the bike for an initial spin through the den and hall. My wife wasn't home of course! Thanks.

Dave N. from Wi, 11/02: Thought you might want to see some pictures of the Pegoretti Luigino frameset you sold me built up with a Record 10 gruppo, Campy Record triple crankset, Eurus wheelset with Vittoria Open Corsa Evo KS, etc.  A very sweet riding bike, now that I have had it out for a few days of very happy and smooth riding.

Bob W. from Pa, 11/02: The bike [Torelli Scappa] is incredible! I put in about 70 miles this weekend with some pretty fast (c. 40 mph) downhills and a fast sprint (up to 28 mph) with a couple of guys I hooked up with. The bike handles extremely well, is really stable and is incredibly fast on the acceleration. I find myself quite comfortable on it even though I can certainly tell it's not a cushy steel frame. Can't wait to ride it when I'm not fighting gusty headwinds!

Pat J. from Oh, 11/02: The caps just arrived today. Thanks so much for your assistance and perseverance. I have to say I am completely impressed with your service. Not only was it easy to use your website initially, but you communicated with me the entire time. And just when I thought it was a done deal and I would have to look elsewhere, you came through again by taking the time to contact me! Wow! You kept me informed and stayed involved with me. Even though I wasn't even a customer ... yet. But after this experience, I am definitely going to return and definitely going to suggest your site and company to all of my teammates and training partners in the Cincy area and beyond. Keep up the GREAT work!

Andrew R. from Pa, 7/02: Since picking up my Quintana Roo Private Reserve this past Saturday I have ridden it about 150 miles, more than I have ridden in years! It's really great, what a joy to ride. I love it. Thanks again.

Neil R. from NY, 7/02: I picked up the Pegoretti Great Googoolie on Saturday and it rides terrifically. Just wanted to thank you again for your help in pulling this together...and of course, Kyle, Walter, Matt and the technicians in the back as well. Thanks again.

Ted B. from Il, 7/02: I can't thank you enough for the wonderful fit. My new Torelli Stiletto  rides like a dream. 

Scot H. from Tn, 6/02: Thank you very much. The Bianchi Pista bicycle is beautiful. It came in yesterday. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks again.

Steven K. from Tx, 6/02: I have finally gotten the Merckx Team SC built with full D/A and Campy Neutron wheels. I am very pleased with the frame and sizing. Your sizing was right on the money. Thanks again for the help with my many questions. I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone wanting to purchase a bike. The main reason I contacted you guys was for your expertise in sizing and I am very pleased with the product and service I received.

Steve B. from Pa, 6/02: I stopped into the shop and was made to feel very comfortable by Matt, Kyle, and the staff. Very helpful and supportive. And needless to say, I am extremely excited with my new goods. I was born and raised in the area (Ardmore), and lived in Bryn Mawr for a stint. And I've have been involved in multisport racing for many years. I am very aware of Kyle's reputation and consider myself very fortunate to have his support. Thanks again.

Chris M. from Pa, 5/02: Thank you again for all of your time and help when I purchased my Quintana Roo wetsuit from you a couple of months ago. I appreciate the patience and knowledge that your sales staff had.

Dave V. from Pa, 5/02:  Luvin it!!! Just wanted to let you know how great [my custom BiKyle frame] feels every time I'm out on it.Since that first day many years ago, it still feels like I'm sitting in it, instead of on it!

John R. from In, 5/02: THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP... I really appreciate your taking the time to give me a call and help problem solve on this one. In fact, your fine help confirms once again what I've been saying all along that Cycles BiKyle is by far the best bike shop I've found anywhere that I've lived. I guess that's why I'm still willing to drive the 12 hours from Indianapolis when I need work on my bike rather than trust any of the shops out here in Indianapolis. Anyway, thanks very much for the help and I'll look forward to dropping in and getting the chance to thank you in person the next time I get back to Philadelphia.  

Paul  H. from Pa, 4/02: I bought a Rocky Mountain Soul from you last month. I absolutely love the bike. I ended up 13th in the adventure race (the real reason I bought a mtn bike). Since I feel there is good karma from my bike purchase from your store, I would be interested in buying a new bike for triathlons. I am not sure which way I want to go... but I'll call. Thank you in advance.

Chris O. from Md, 2/02: I picked up the Pegoretti Fina Estampa I ordered from you this past Saturday. While I've only been able to put around 65 miles on it so far, the bike and fit are tremendous!! ... you guys did a tremendous job putting the bike together. I'll definitely recommend to other people looking for a pro shop to make the trip up to see Kyle for a fitting. I am amazed at the difference that a professional fitting me has made in just the the short period I've been able to get out on the bike. Thanks for all your help!

Jeff B. from Or, 2/02: Now that I have ridden my new Torelli bike a couple hundred miles, I am really liking it. The carbon forks and seat stays really suck up the bumps. Very smooth. And feels very light going up the hills. The biggest thing I have noticed, however, is that I can descend on curvy roads much faster. Just seems much more stable and tracks really well. All of a sudden, I can keep up with the gonzo downhillers; liking that! And the Record shifting is unbelievable. Tell Kyle and the boys thanks. I am very happy with the whole package. And I think I now have a few jealous riding buddies.

David R. from Mexico, 1/02: I am a previous (and still satisfied) customer of yours. I bought a bike around 1984-85. It was an Atala. I rode that bike hard for 12 years. I can't imagine how many miles I had on it but it never failed me. Regretfully, I had to sell it (with most of the original parts still on it) because I was moving out of the country. It was like selling an old friend and I still miss the great ride it gave. From day-one it was a dynamite fit. I hope to return to your shop and get into another ride. I can't even think of buying a bike that was not so well well fitted. When I came across your web page I thought I would write a quick thank you for the tens of thousands of miles I enjoyed on one of your bikes. Glad to read of your success. Thanks again and blessings.

Diana G. from Pa, 12/01: Thank you so much for your assistance finding the right mountain bike. I've been enjoying a lot of trail riding, even on Thanksgiving day. All my best to the staff at Kyles.

Tony R. from Tx, 12/01: Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Mondonico Diamond Extra. You fitted and built this bike for me in the spring of 1997 and as you can see [picture attached], I've taken good care of it and the bike in turn has given me thousands of miles of riding pleasure. I don't believe there is a bike out there that fits me so well and offers the sure footedness and smooth ride characteristics of this bike. So all I really want to say is thanks to you and your crew, and my best wishes that your business continues to thrive in 2002. 

Scott B. from Pa, 10/01: I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy the Mondonico. You are absolutely correct about fit; fit is everything. Even though this bike is probably a newer version of the DeRosa, in essence, the difference is remarkable. My speed on hill climbing has clearly increased. I had not realized how far behind the pedals I was before until I started to ride this one. Ö.the new technology, and the feel of this frame makes riding a dream. The service I received was very professional. I called Ryan; he phoned me back and he had a date to finish the bike, which was a few days past the estimated date. I said that I had hoped to go for a ride that Saturday, but I understood. I then received a call back saying that he would get right to the wheels and the bike would be ready. When I arrived, Walter was pleasant and professional. Then I had a couple of technical questions and Neil was absolutely a gentleman-mechanic. You have built a great organization with a very professional staff. As usual, it is wonderful to have time to speak with you, Kyle. Thank you for your friendship, and thank you for helping me get this bike; I'll be in soon for a checkup. JÖ is also happy at how pleased I was with her present to me, thanks from her as well.

Albert G. from Ma, 9/01: The bike runs great and looks terrific. I've about 250 miles on it. The shifting is as crisp as a Swiss watch. Thanks to all.

Patsy R. from Co, 8/01: I LOVE my new Mondonico frame! Just wanted to let you know that it feels real good, quick and responsive. Climbs well. And you can see me coming!!! Love the color, too. Thanks for all your help.

Leslie B. from Or, 8/01: Finally it has all come together!  Got my pedals on this past weekend and the computer squared away and I am so excited. I already told Kyle that the fit is amazing. I am so much more comfortable on this bike [Torelli Stiletto]. I can ride much longer, feel more efficient, and just love the feel. If I wasn't pregnant I would probably be going nuts riding all over the place, training and racing. I am grateful that I am still riding and hope to ride to the end of the pregnancy and get back to racing next summer. Thanks again for all your help.

Ray S. from Pa, 8/01: ...I love the Pinarello Prince. After back-to-back 40 milers (not as easy as they used to be), the bike tracks straight as can be, is very agile on cornering, climbs real well, and was free of any problems.

Michael C. from Md, 8/01: I took delivery of my Mondonico EL-OS from BiKyle in June, 2000. It is absolutely perfect. Size, weight, fit, components (Record 10) and accessories. You guys done good!

Bill N. from De, 8/01: Just wanted to say thanks for the help on the bike at the last minute before I went to the Tour. Had a great time. The Masi, as always, performed well. No problems. Took the team logo to the tops of Cor de Tourmalet, Luz Adiden, Hautecam and more!

Tom S. from Great Britain, 7/01: The Bianchi Cross bike (I've attached a photo) goes really well. I use it every day to get to work and have done a couple of hundred miles at weekends. Weighs under 21 pounds without the rack/fenders!

Eric W. from Pa, 7/01: Category I racer - Just wanted to thank you for the great bike. Fits well and is quick! Second ride on it and I got a 2nd place result, so it seems to work fine for me! Thanks.

Tom M. from NJ, 6/01: ...No longer being comfortable on the rural roads where we lived, I needed to ride the rail trails of which our area has many.  But would my Italian road bike with all the Campagnolo stuff survive the trails? No, of course not. So I went to Cycles BiKyle and they solved it for me by selling me a Pinarello cyclocross aluminum bike with all the components I am used to. It fits like a glove and I can ride on the rail trails at last! No need to buy a clumsy mountain bike, the cyclocross did the job with the simplicity of a thoroughbred road machine. Now I have what I always dreamed about, a great bike that is at home on the road as on the trail! For all you road riders out there, if you don't plan on racing, this is certainly a safer way to travel! Good job BiKyle. I only wish I had found out about you sooner!

Kevin K. from Pa, 2/01:  I purchased a Cervťlo P3 from you on January 29, and I'm writing to tell you that I love it. I can't believe that you could had the bike so "dialed in." It's sweet!

Peter C. from Vt, 11/00: Just wanted to give you some follow up on the season. Great Bike [De Rosa Merak]!!!!!  I have ridden almost 4000 miles and really enjoyed the bike. I hope to get a few more outside rides in but it's getting pretty cold in "the great white north".  No problems with the frame (or components for that matter), and I've been very comfortable all season. I did my one race for the year, up Mt Washington, and finished as the fastest Vermonter in my age group. Eight minutes faster than last year. I think I get some of the credit for that, not just the frame! Hopefully I'll be even faster next year.

John W. from Pa, 9/00: I JUST LOVE IT! It's [Torelli Countach] the first new bike I've had in 12 years. It is so light and handles so quick. I was used to C-Record and Delta bikes; the new Record is like night and day. I am really happy with the fit! I really feel much more comfortable on my new bike than my old bike. Thank you very much! 

Max B. from Pa, 7/00: I must say that my new Bianchi Veloce is beyond my expectations!!! I'm shocked at how well it fit right off the bench, although I heard that's how it works in your shop. ...Thanks for setting me up so well.

David M. from Pa, 6/00: I've had my De Rosa Giro almost one year and I have been very pleased. The ride is comfortable and secure. It climbs well and sticks like glue to the asphalt on  descents. I have also seen a marked difference in my conditioning since I was sized "BiKyle". The Campy Chorus group has also performed flawlessly. Thanks for the support.  Looking forward to a visit for a tune-up.

Vince A. from Pa, 6/00: ...the fit of my new K2 is excellent! I have now taken two off road rides and I am learning this bike's characteristics; it rides great. ... I will probably see K2 at Nationals (and I'll also let them know how pleased I am).

Peter C. from Vt, 5/00: I've finally gotten some miles on the De Rosa Merak. Still don't have the final stem and handlebar combo [that you recommended], but it's been superb. Very responsive on the hills and comfortable on long rides. I rode 85-90 last Thurs. to a meeting into a 20 mph headwind. The bike felt great the whole way but couldn't make the headwind go away. Any suggestions?

Jeremy S. from Oh, 3/00: Just a note to thank you for the time spent retro-fitting my Merckx. I have gone with all of your recommendations and am seeing immediate benefits most visibly in heart rate and climbing efficiency. Also, thank you for your restaurant suggestion. Very nice meal and a great family!!!

Jim B. from VA, 01/00: I would like to thank you for your terrific service in the design and delivery of my new touring bike and in the upgrade of my racing bike. I am very pleased with the fit and finish of the Bradley. Each time I ride it I am amazed at how comfortable and stable it feels. The fact that it fits me like a glove is testimony to your expertise and years of experience working with the top riders on their fits. I cannot tell you how great it is to now have a bike built specifically to meet my dimensions and riding style! ...My new and improved bikes have proven that the 7 hours, 350 mile round trip from Virginia to your shop has been more than worth it! Thanks again for the great service.

Chris H. from Pa, 6/99: Guys, just wanted to thank you and tell you my new bike is fantastic (I wish I was worthy of it given my current state of conditioning!). I took it out for my first ride yesterday and it was truly invigorating. The fit and feel of the bike is fantastic and Kyle, you were absolutely right, when I jump on the pedals, the bike is 10 feet ahead of me before I start! Anyway, just wanted to say great job and thanks.

Chris D. from NJ, 5/99: I want to compliment you all on the great job you did measuring and outfitting me for my new bike, the Bianchi Brava. As a beginner, it's the bike for me - light and easy to ride. My compliments to you all. You really know what you're doing. Thanks for helping choose the perfect bike for me.

Terry D. from NJ, 3/99: Well, you've done it again! Another great bike - and at a great price. Although I haven't been able to ride the Merlin for any distance longer than 30 miles, I can already foresee the endless possibilities for having fun - without pain. Well worth waiting 10 years for a new bike. What a neat bike to be able to own! As always, I appreciate your assistance, guidance and of course, your expertise in bike fitting. I'm fortunate to have been directed to your store back in 1988 and to have met you. Thanks for all you have done and give my special thanks to Gregg and Bryan and your other mechanics for their professional yet personal service. You guys are all great! Thanks for taking care of me.

Tony M. from NJ, 3/97: Thanks for the great Torelli bike! I appreciate all the help and expert advice you gave me. It was a big decision for me to make in in purchasing a new bike but speaking with the entire staff I realize that I made the right one. I'm trying to convince others in my area to come up to your shop to visit and possibly purchase a new bike. It's better than buying "off the rack".

Steve B. from Pa, 10/96: After about 100 miles on the Merlin the new seat position is making lots of sense. My average speed is up 1 mph (touring). It corners, climbs, and starts much better than the old bike. Thanks.

Barry C. from Ga, 5/96: Kyle, Just wanted to say thanks again for all the help I received from you and the other guys who patiently answered my questions during my many phone calls. I'm really enjoying my bike (Bianchi Eros). It's nice to have a comfortable ride that fits.

J. Gibbons from Pa, 3/96: The people you have in your shop are all true professionals and it shows throughout the entire bike process: purchasing, assembling, and instruction. If anyone asks me where I purchased my De Rosa, I know that I do not have any reservations about mentioning your name and your company. You have a customer and a reference for life.

R. Welsh from Pa, 7/95: In my profession and in yours, the only feedback one gets is often the negative - the complaints! So, I am writing to thank you for your service and to tell you that you were right on as to fit. My new bike is wonderful - stable, points where I want it to go, brakes well, and has a great ride. I have enough experience to realize that, for the first time, I am on a high quality ride.

Bruce D. from Pa, former Olympian and 7 time National Champion, 5/95: Thanks for all your help with my new bike. It is great. And, it is a thrill being back in the saddle again. Hats off to your staff for great service.

Jennifer S. from Pa, 6/95: I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the great job fitting me on my bike. I think I've put on more miles in the past week than in the past year!

Lou E. from NJ, 2/95: I can't begin to tell you how great it felt coming to your store last week. I felt I was buying a work of art (which it is). You are real pros. I wrote a detailed letter to Road Bike Action about you and your shop. Everyone should know how good you are.

Dan M. from Pa, 10/94: Please accept my thanks for great service and a great product. I've only had my bike a few short days and already, I'm completely convinced it is a perfect machine. So far, I've noticed the difference in the instant response to steering input and the efficient translation of muscle effort to forward motion. The bike is responsive, comfortable, and beautiful. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. I will certainly recommend your shop to anyone considering a quality bicycle.

Jeff J. from NY, 3/84: My bike now has 10,000 miles on it and is still going strong. ...a little worse for wear after crossing England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Caledonia, and now finally, New Zealand. Over some of the worst roads in the world it has taken me in comfort.