S & S Couplers
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Packing S&S



Bikes with S & S Couplers ~ 


An S & S coupler is a precision lug that is installed in a bicycle frame when it's manufactured to allow it to separate and pack for easy transportation. With this system, a full size road or mountain bike will fit completely inside a single 26" x 26" x 10" case that travels as regular airline luggage.  We even build full size tandems that will fit complete, including the wheels, in the same case!



How will the bicycle ride?

bulletA bicycle manufactured with this system is strong yet lightweight (two S and S couplers add only 8 oz. total to a typical road bike) and it feels exactly the same as a bicycle built without S and S couplers. There is no added frame flex and the S and S coupler is absolutely silent!
bulletDestructive tests show that a coupling is stronger than a Reynolds 531 tube.
bulletNondestructive tests show that an S and S coupler is stiffer than a Reynolds 531 tube.
bulletThe key to the coupler's strength is the precision ground taper tooth design which eliminates all movement. When the nut is tightened with a spanner wrench (included), the teeth wedge together and lock to produce a rigid, zero clearance joint that remains tight. All components are precision CNC machined for a perfect fit.

Benefits of bikes with S and S Couplers:

bulletNo bike box hassle: Case checks as regular luggage then returns on the carousel.
bulletSaves money: Avoid airline oversize baggage fees.
bulletTransports easily: The case is easy to handle in airports, train stations, etc.
bulletStandard parts: Use standard bike parts and tires for world-wide availability.
bulletCompact: Bike fits in almost any car trunk. Ideal for private pilots, boaters, etc.
bulletUse public transportation: Take your bike on buses, taxis, trains and planes.
bulletMaintain training: Get those training miles in even when you're out of town.
bulletEnvironmentally friendly: Take transportation with you when you travel.
bulletEnjoyment: Cycling in a different area can put the spin back in your legs.
bulletReduce theft: Keep your bicycle locked inside your car and out of sight.
bulletFast assembly: 3 minute assembly or disassembly from the trunk of your car.


Features of bikes with S and S Couplers:

bulletStrong: Couplings are stronger than the actual frame tube! No added flex!
bulletLightweight: Adds only 8 oz. (226g) to a road bicycle. (1"x1 1/8" tube size)
bulletDurable: Rider reports 25,000 +  miles with absolutely no detectable wear.
bulletCNC machined: Beautifully machined to precise specifications.
bulletSilent: Couplings do not make annoying noises. They are absolutely silent.
bulletMountain, road, tandem, etc.: Bicycles are available in almost any style.
bulletReliable: No reported flex, noise or loosening!
bulletA no compromise bike: A professional quality bike that travels with ease!
bulletHigh performance: Undetectable even when sprinting or climbing!
bulletBeautiful: Elegant design. They can actually enhance the beauty of a frame.

How are they installed?

bulletSteel frames:

Stainless steel couplers are used. The lug halves of the coupling slip over the outside of the frame tube and are silver brazed in place. 

bulletTitanium frames:

Titanium S & S couplers are used. The titanium lugs press fit into the inside of the frame tube and are TIG welded in place. Titanium rings cover the weld. 


" As the head honcho here at Salsa, I travel a fair amount. In doing so I sorely miss my daily rides. Until I saw the Bicycle Torque Couplings from S and S Machine I hardly considered traveling with my bike. The various hinged, small wheeled, and other such compromised 'travel bikes' just never called out to me. This travel system is different. Why? Because after about 10 minutes of assembly time I've got a regular bike that feels absolutely normal. The thing even breaks down to a size that the airlines don't charge extra for. Check it out, this is one of the coolest things to hit cycling since the balloon tire!"    Ross Shafer, Salsa Cycles

"After riding my custom Merlin Titanium Mountain Bike equipped with S and S Bicycle Torque Couplings hundreds of miles, I can honestly say that it rides exactly like a Merlin should. It feels perfect and you can't even tell the couplings are there." Gwyn Jones, Merlin Metalworks