Shoe Care
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Care for your Cycling Shoes

As recommended by Sidi Italia


bulletAlways grease cleat bolt and spike threads. Follow the enclosed mounting instructions. Make certain there is contact with all of the threads in the receptacle. If the screws do not make contact with all of the threads, failure of the receptacle may occur.


bulletAfter a few rides and/or cleat adjustments, remove the cleat screws one at a time, re-grease them and tighten snugly. Do not over-tighten.


bulletCheck the tension on cleat screws every two or three rides to assure proper tightness.


bulletAbrasions do occur. Check the stitching and repair as necessary. Use of a stitch protecting formula such as “Shoe-Goo” is highly recommended for MTB shoes.


bulletFor extra cleaning power, use saddle soap or a generic leather or vinyl cleaner to clean and protect the uppers. Otherwise, a damp cloth will typically suffice.


bulletIf your shoes become wet, remove the insoles and stuff shoes with fresh newspaper repeatedly until dry. DO NOT expose cycling shoes to direct or excessive heat.


bulletSome shoes have mechanical closures. These closures and buckles are moving parts that require lubrication for optimal performance. Regularly drip a high quality lubricant onto the pivot points. Without regular lubrication some pins may work loose and limit performance.