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  Cycling Shoes ~


Cycles BiKyle is renowned for our large selection of top quality shoes - over 200 pair in stock at all times. 

In stock: Sidi, Mavic, Vittoria, Shimano


Most importantly, we have the tools and expertise to fit your feet!

  1.     Brannock foot sizer   
  2.     Aline leg alignment gauge with custom footbeds
  3.     DMT, Mavic, and Peterson self-molding insoles
  4.     NECA and Swede-Pro cleat adjusters for all road and mountain pedals
  5.     Pronation adjusting wedges
  6.     A knowledgeable staff that has fit more than 10,000 pairs of cycling shoes


About Fit ~ 

Shoes are like bikes, the most important thing is the fit! There is only one way to really get a great fit - try on a bunch of top quality shoes, and with the help of an experienced professional, choose from those. If you are within a semi-reasonable driving distance, come to Cycles BiKyle and let your feet personally select your shoes. Or, if you have a great selection of shoes and some expert guidance in your area then put your feet in them there. And if you know the current make and model of shoe that fits you great then we will be happy to ship it to you ASAP. 

As an alternative to a personal shoe sizing, we can send you 3 pair of shoes of your selection to try on in the privacy of your own home. You can have 3 days to check them out; return the ones you don't want. If you return all three we can even send you a second batch of three. If you return all the shoes, then there is a $25. restocking fee. But as long as you purchase one pair of shoes, there is no fee for this sampling service other than the basic shipping charges. 

bulletWhen trying on shoes walk on a clean carpet and keep the shoes in "like new" condition"
bulletIf you use the shoes outside or scuff and mark the shoes then you will have to purchase them or pay a 30% damage fee
bulletSend back the original boxes and packaging with all shoe returns


Fitting tips ~

bulletLook for a snug fit that is just slightly tighter than your typical dress shoes
bulletA good rule of thumb is look for about 3/8" extra toe clearance on your longest toe then about 1/2" on your shorter foot
bulletIn regard to width, fill out the shoe but don't stretch noticeably over the sides
bulletDon't worry about slippage in the heel. When walking, the sole and floor are too stiff to give way so the heel naturally slips. But on the bike, proper pedaling action pushes your heel into the shoe.
bulletWith a mountain shoe you will have to do some walking or running, so we don't want the heel too sloppy. But a bit of movement should be just fine. 


Shoe Care ~

For tips on caring for your new cycling shoes click here: Shoe Care


For our extensive shoe selection click below:

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