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Troubleshooting E-Orders ~ 


No responses from Cycles BiKyle ~

Caution - On a rare occasion we find that an order gets lost in the internet ozone before it ever gets to us. Our computer always responds immediately to your order with a generic  acknowledgement. If you don't get that notice within 10 minutes then surely, your order has not been received. Please place your order again.

And, we always respond with a personal acknowledgement within 24 hours (Sundays excluded). If after 24 hours, you have not heard from us with an inventory update and time of ship, then please email us right away. Your order probably never made it to us.


Foreign orders ~

Foreign addresses usually don't fit into our online forms. For orders placed outside of the United States our software will keep asking you to put in the State in which you live. Just put AL in that field and we will delete it on our end. Before we ship, we will email your complete shipping address for your confirmation.


Out of stock ~

If you place an order, our program may report that we are out of an item even though we aren't. If you get such a message, please email us to double check on the inventory status. We can get individual requests fixed overnight. Thank you.

Send us an E-Mail at