UCI Regs
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In January 2000, UCI, the international governing body of bicycle racing adopted the following standards for bicycles used in competition. All of our Look, Pinarello, Felt, and Quintana Roo time trial and triathlon bicycles meet these standards.

The main points of the year 2000 rules are:

  1. Frames have to be of a double diamond lay-out
  2. Both wheels have to be the same size
  3. All tubes have to fit within a 80mm wide template, except near the joints where more room is allowed
  4. A credit card has to fit between the seat tube and the tire. Play it safe, if there is any trouble sliding a credit card through then move the wheel a millimeter further back. Though a 2.1mm gap should do it theoretically, a 3mm gap will enable a credit card to slip through without a problem.