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Vittoria Road Wheels


Model Type Height - rear, front Weight Per pair
Qurano 60 clincher 60 - 60 mm 1570 grams $2249.99
Qurano 46 clincher 46 - 42 1510 $2099.99
Qurano 30 clincher 30 - 28 1410 $1999.99
Qurano 84 tubular 84 - 84 1573 $2399.99
Qurano 60 tubular 60  60 1409 $2099.99
Qurano 46 tubular 46 - 42 1298 $1899.99


Qurano Graphine-Carbon ~     

From our very first test rides on Vittoria's Qurano Graphene-Carbon clincher wheels it was clear we had something extra special on our hands. Arguably cycling's finest tire maker, Vittoria surely should know what superior hoops are all about. Still, we were completely unprepared for the game-changing performance of their new Qurano wheels. Due to their light weight and lateral stiffness, acceleration and climbing are unsurpassed. Yet unlike so many competing wheels, stiffness in the corners remains rock solid. And braking performance, presumably due to Vittoria's exclusive 'Graphene Nano-Tech' technology, is on par with top aluminum wheels - even in the rain. And yes, we got wet to prove this!

Laboratory  tests confirm the addition of Vittoria's Graphene Nano-Tech compound results in a faster, stronger, more resilient carbon-composite material. All of Vittoria's Qurano clinchers and Race tubular wheels feature these Graphene-enhanced full-carbon rims. We truly believe that compounds like this are the future of carbon wheels. Thankfully, our road results were confirmed by several external labs. Regardless, it's from the saddle that truly counts. And our test riders are confident these wheels ride as well or better than any others available.


Graphene all-carbon clincher rims -

*Reduced heat build-up under braking force, especially important on long downhills

*Measurably increased spoke hole strength for longer term durability

*Significantly improved lateral stiffness for added security and efficiency in the corners



NEW - SwitchIT straight pull hubs -

Someday all hubs will be made this way! All our Vittoria wheels except the entry level Session feature Vittoria's industry-leading SwitchIT cassette system. Cassettes mount on a freewheel sleeve that is quickly removed by simply pulling it off by hand, no tools required. Imagine this - easily change cassettes from 9, 10, or 11 speed - Campagnolo, Shimano, or Sram - in less than 30 seconds! With a second cassette and body, simply pull one off and push on another. For the first time ever, one set of wheels works on all road bikes regardless of make or cog size!


Hub and spoke info: All Vittoria road wheels are built on a hub of Vittoria's exclusive design, developed and manufactured in Italy by Vittoria. Internal components are based on time tested parts. Spokes are straight pull whether round-section or bladed. This construction is both stronger and less prone to failure than traditional elbowed spokes. Rear hubs have an oversized drive-side flange with spokes laced in a 2:1 ratio for an optimal balance in spoke tension on each side of the wheel.

Spare SwitchIT cassette body ~

Each Qurano wheelset includes a SwitchIT cassette body in your choice of Campagnolo or Sram/Shimano spline. For use with alternate cassette sizes or another drivetrain simply order another body and mount your cassette. Then, slide the body with its cassette off or on the wheelset in seconds, no tools required!  .... $59.99



Qurano 30 ~     

Graphene-enhanced low profile full-carbon race and climbing wheels. Wide section rims with "Perfect Match" tire-bed for top security and performance. Available in both clincher and tubular editions .... $1999.99 per pair - clinchers

Tech specs: 16 bladed spokes x 28mm deep front, 21 bladed spokes x 30mm asymmetric rear, 17c wide inner bead diameter, 24.5 outer rim width, 1410 grams per pair with noticeably decreased weight in the outside rotation where it actually matters. Color is black with matte gray silk-screened logos. Includes Vittoria's high quality alloy/steel quick release skewers. 



Qurano 46 ~

Graphene-enhanced medium deep full-carbon race wheels. The wide section rim with "Perfect Match" tire-bed for top security and performance. Asymmetric 46mm medium deep rear rim to give more stiffness mated to 42mm front for added stability in cross winds. The Q-46 is an extremely durable wheel particularly well suited for heavier riders as well as strong sprinters. Available in both clincher and tubular editions .... $2099.99 per pair - clinchers



Qurano 60 ~

Graphene-enhanced full-carbon race wheels. Deep aero model in Qurano Series with 60mm deep front and rear rims. The Q60, is an especially fine choice for all riders in windy conditions due to its fine balance between aerodynamics and control. It's also a smart everyday choice for smaller riders who may have difficulty controlling the extra deep Q-84 aero wheels in gusting wind. Available in both clincher and tubular editions ....  $2249.99 per pair - clinchers



Qurano 84 ~

Available in tubular (glue-on) only, the Q-84 features 84mm extra deep carbon rims front and rear for the ultimate in aerodynamic advantage .... $2399.99 per pair tubulars





Elusion ~

1591 gram high performance alloy wheelset that is race-ready out of the box .... $599.99 / pair

Includes Vittoria's revolutionary SwitchIT sealed bearing alloy hubs for instant cassette changes regardless of make or model of drivetrain. 26mm deep front rim with 28mm asymmetric rear, 17c wide for extra tire cushion and corner grip. Bladed straight-pull stainless spokes - 16 hole 2:1 lacing pattern in front with 21 in back, brass nipples. Color is black with gray decals. Includes Vittoria's high quality alloy/steel quick release skewers. 



Session ~

1763 gram alloy wheelset for durable, dependable everyday use .... $299.99 / pair

17c wide alloy rims for extra tire grip and cushion mated to sealed bearing alloy hubs and round stainless spokes (20 hole front, 24 rear), brass nipples. Height is 26mm front and rear. Color is black with white decals. Includes Vittoria's high quality alloy/steel quick release skewers.