Selle Italia
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Selle Italia saddles ~


Official Selle Italia Test Center ~

Itching to try one of Selle Italia's premier saddles, but want to do a real world test ride first? Through the Cycles BiKyle official test center you can sample an SLR Kit Carbonio Flow, SLR-TT, SL-XC, Flite Gel Flow, or Max Flite Gel Flow for just $10 a day. And, the sampling fee is completely applied to any BiKyle saddle of comparable value that you purchase from Cycles BiKyle within 30 days. Can't beat that!


SLR Kit Carbonio, 2011 ~

The SLR Kit Carbonio matches the highest quality carbon rails to an ultralight base of 30% carbon to produce an incredibly light racing saddle, only 115 grams. The Lorica cover is considerably more durable than even the finest leather. Light EVA padding provides good comfort for regular riders. 13.1cm wide x 27.5cm long. Available in black or white and with or without center cutout .... $249.99    Add to CART


SLR TT, 2011 ~

The new SLR TT features a top quality leather cover mated with anti slip Lorica in the middle. Tubular titanium rails are extremely light yet flex for added shock absorption. Light EVA padding provides good comfort for regular riders. The shell is made of 30% carbon composite. 13.1cm wide x 27.5cm long. Weight is a mere 125 grams. Color is black. An excellent choice for high performance riders, both on and off road ..... $239.99    Add to CART


Max Flite Gel Flow, 2011 ~

The Max Flite Gel Flow uses the same basic shape as the original Flite but with a slightly larger base and more padding. By inserting the lightweight Vanox rails into wings located on each side, Selle Italia has created a rear suspension that provides additional shock absorption with no moving mechanical parts. Extra silicone gel with differentiated pads plus a soft tissue relief area reduces pressure where needed most. Shell is made of 10% carbon composite. Cover is premium leather. 15cm wide x 29cm long, 290 grams. Color is black .... $169.99    Add to CART


Flite ~ 

The most popular saddle of all time was completely redesigned in 2007. Not only does it look sharp, it's more comfortable than ever. Weight is 200 grams. 23cm long and 13cm wide. Titanium rails, triple density base, moderately firm cover. In black, red, or yellow .... $179.99   Add to CART


Flite Gel Flow ~ 

This version of the Flite saddle includes a softer gel upper plus a cutout in the front to relieve pressure on soft tissue. Titanium rails, triple density base, soft gel cover with front cutout. 13cm wide x 28cm long. Weight is 240 grams. In black or red .... $189.99      Add to CART



An extra durable and stylish SLR for both road and mountain use. The rugged "Lack" Lorica cover includes an anti-slip material in the center section which is especially valuable in wet conditions. Kevlar edges add to the durability. Base is 30% carbon with Vanox rails. 13.1cm wide x 27.5cm long. Weight is 160 grams. In gloss black or gloss white .... $159.99      Add to CART



Very popular extralight saddle with injection molded carbon base for shock absorption plus extralight Vanox rails, 145 grams. "XP" stands for extra padding which we've found just about right for riders that are on their bikes at least every other week. If you are frequently away from your bike for several weeks at a time then a more cushioned saddle may be a better choice. 13.5cm wide x 27.5cm long. Color is black .... $159.99    Add to CART



The XC is designed over a 10% carbon SLR base with an extra durable Lorica cover equally suited for off and on road riding. The injection molded carbon base is capped with a no-slip center section with patent-leather sides and Kevlar corners. Manganese rails keep the weight low, 230 grams. 13.1cm wide x 27.5cm long. In gloss black or gloss white, 230 grams .... $109.99    Add to CART


ProLink Light Gel ~

An excellent choice for riders that want a sleek road saddle yet desire more cushion than typical racing saddles. Especially well suited to heavier riders. Synthetic leather upper and dense foam over a nylon base, tubular Vanox rails. Includes co-molded elastomers for shock absorption. 27.7cm long, 14.4cm wide. Weight is 245 grams. Color is black .... $139.99    Add to CART